NHL 18 Closed Beta: Now It’s Time For Experience NHL 18

A new season of hockey is coming, we are excited to offers more latest news for all passionate ice hockey fans. As a matter of fact, fans are without means to quench their hockey desires, consequently, they can not wait to buy NHL 18 Coins from U4GM. According to perception, the NHL 18 will be released on September 5.

NHL 18

In NHL 18, gamers can too take part in an expansion mode, which is a branch of franchise mode called. New cities, creation of your own mascot, and drafting from multiple teams gives the full encompassing of being a brand new team. This gives a different, more realistic approach to going through a season with one team in virtual reality.

An arcade style version of the base game itself, 3 v 3 is an easy way to accelerate scoring and make the game even more free-flowing than it already is. No offsides, no icing, and less clogged ice leads to easier offense for players wanting a slightly unconventional game mode. Further information about NHL 18, pay attention us and you will see more latest news.

Starting July 25th through August 1st, the NHL 18 Closed Beta will be available to play on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for players who have registered with a code. This will be your only chance to experience NHL 18 before it hits stores September 15th, 2017. Do it all with the most co-op and competitive multiplayer options ever in an EA Sports NHL game. NHL is one of the most fun EA Sports gameplay.

MU Legend: Entire MU Continent Being Absorbed By The Pacific Ocean

More than 50,000 years ago, there was a technologically advanced civilization and culture called Naascal inhabiting the continent of MU. It was destroyed by a cataclysm, which resulted in the entire continent being absorbed by the Pacific Ocean. Of course, the Koreans significantly developed the vision presented and enriched it with elements of fantasy.

MU Legend

In MU Legend, an endless war was fought between Rugard, the god of light, and Sekneum, the God of Destruction. After being defeated by Akneria, the supreme Creator, Sekneum stole a human body to be able to return to the world. However, a great magician named Kundun returned Sekneum to his own body and locked him in it, thus ending the cycle and giving way to peace.

The peace lasted a thousand years, but it was not destined to last forever. Unable to resist the pull of dark power, Kundun succumbed to temptation, and awoke as lord of darkness. Now, his evil sweeps the world, shedding blood all over the earth. Welcome to U4GM, you will be experience unparalleled gaming world with various dangers and challenges, you will be ability to become a winner in the game by preparing more cheap MU Legend Zen and MU Legend Power Leveling.

The end is near, and Icarus, the last sage, goes to Kethotum to stop Kundun and put an end to its havoc. The wise travels accompanied by the valiant Knights of Devias, who are struggling to save the world from utter destruction along with their daring leader. For more information about MU Legend, recommend you now view website.

Albion Online – Beginner’s Guide

Friends in search of adventures, approach. Begin your journey in the land of Albion. But no question of heading for the first without having previously prepared his trip. So for all the apprentice heroes, read these few lines and prepare to dive into the world of Albion.


Character Creation

The creation of the character has absolutely no impact on the evolution of your part: the choice is purely cosmetic. With this ready it is during this screen that is designated the place of appearance of your character. If you want to be competitive or play with your friends, this is an important point.

Creation in itself is purely visual. You can choose the type of physics of your character, his haircut, his beard as well as the complexion of his skin or his hair. Despite being very careful since you will play this character for many hours, then make sure that this one you like and corresponds to you.

As for the place of appearance, there are 10 places of departure: five on small isolated islands and five located directly on the main continent of the game. If those located on the islands are ideal for beginners who want to take their time And play quietly, it is not the case for players wanting to be more competitive. Indeed, to leave these places, you will have to pay a sum to a ferryman who will take you and your business to the mainland.

Where it is necessary to be careful, it is that it is not possible to manually adjust the point of appearance. You must therefore agree with your guild or friends beforehand in order to create a character who will arrive at the same place of appearance as your comrades. If this is not the case, delete the character and create it again, and repeat the procedure until it falls to the right place of appearance.

Following the creation of the character will take place a short tutorial that we invite you to follow in order to make your first guns properly. If you have started on an island, it is possible to leave the island free of charge if you are naked as a worm, otherwise you will have to spend some of your precious money.

Choose Your Destiny

In Albion, the progression is based on a system of reputation. Each action you make gets a greater or lesser amount of fame. It is this fame that makes you progress on the board of destiny, the skill and ability tree of the game. If each point of renown makes you progress as an adventurer (which allows you to unlock more frames more Performing), these points are also distributed in more specialized branches.

Indeed, each action will orient you more on the panel. For example cutting wood will allow you to specialize in this area. This will enable you to master more advanced cutting tools and thus tackle scarce and hard-to-find resources. In the same way, occire monsters with a dagger allows you to specialize in his mastery and thus unlock more weapons of this kind.

The more difficult the action, the greater the amount of fame gained. In other words, cutting scarce wood resources is more renowned than wood of lower quality. Likewise killing powerful monsters gives you more points than weak monsters.

So it is your actions that make who you are on this panel and it is important to specialize in Albion if you want to progress. It is not conceivable to advance all the fields at the same time if you really want to make your place in this world. The higher the increments of progressions, the more time is needed to progress in the field, hence the need to opt for specialization.

For a lone player, it is best to tackle the leather harvest. Indeed, this specialization offers many benefits. Not only does hunting allow you to increase your weapon-related fame points, but in addition the harvest allows you to increase your leather specializations. It is also possible that certain game animals may “fall” on farm animals, which can either be used for breeding or sold.


Choosing Your Equipment

In Albion, you are what you wear. Your gear is what sets you in combat and that’s the clothes you can wear depend on your actions.

It is possible to equip many objects on your character, starting with armor. Your armor will usually define your defensive skills and your resistance. If you want to specialize in tanking, you will want to choose a plate armor. If you want to focus on damage, you will generally want to focus on leather armor. If you have a vocation to stay away from the melee and attack with spells, then the armor of cloth is made for you.

But what will really define your style of play will be your weapon and here the possibilities are many. From classic sword to heavy axe through the quarterstaff, the possibilities are enormous, especially since you can then mix with your armor. First of all, try to find the style of play that best suits you, keeping in mind the notion of archetype.

In summary, we can say:

Tank: plate armor, shield, sword, hammer, maces and axes, etc.
DPS (damage per second): leather armor, bow, daggers, torches, staffs, etc.
Sorcerer: cloth armor, staff corresponding to your desires (dps, control, care), books, etc.

An Immense And Complex World

The world of Albion is large and divided into multiple zones. These areas are grouped under different criteria: color, tier and biome. The color is particularly important since it is the witness of the level of dangerousness of these. The colors range from blue to black.

In blue zones, the player vs player (or PvP) is prohibited and you have no risk of making bad encounters. If you die in these areas, you will keep your equipment and get up after a few moments. Then come the yellow areas where PvP is possible but must be activated beforehand. If you do not activate PvP, you will not be able to attack an opponent. However, if he has activated his PvP mode he can attack you, but you will benefit from a defense bonus against him. If you die, you will not lose anything, as in blue areas. Red zones are danger zones and PvP is activated at any time. However, groups of 10 players or more are shown on the map and you know which areas to avoid. If you die in red zone, you will lose all your equipment, back to square one. Finally, the black areas are merciless, nothing is indicated, and you will not know if you are about to fall on it by a large group of players or not. Needless to say, death here does not pardon either.

We advise you to venture into this kind of areas to benefit from a good mount in order to be able to distance your opponent in case of attack. If your opponent uses the same frame as you, he will not be able to catch you up and if your mount is better then no chance of having any worry whatsoever.

On the map, the zones are also indicated with a corresponding tier. This tier party indicates the level of quality of resources you will be able to find there and the level of the enemies that you will be able to meet there. The higher the tier of the zone, the more difficult the opponents will be. Be careful where you put your feet.

Finally, each zone is distributed according to a biome. This biome is the indicator of the resources you can find on the area and how much you will find. Each zone can contain only three different resource types, often with a primary resource. This resource will be found in quantity and especially to tiers higher than the others.

Resources And Tiers

The resources in Albion Online are paramount and fall into five categories: wood, stone, hide, ore and fiber. Each of these categories contains 8 tiers of scarcity. From Tier 4, each resource can also be enchanted in three different types (they will be called T4.1, T4.2, T4.3 etc.).

To harvest these resources, one must have the tool corresponding to the resource that one wants to exploit. This tool can harvest the resource of its tier + 1. In other words, a level 2 ax can harvest 1, 2 and 3 of wood. Nevertheless, from level 4, things change slightly since enchanted resources require the use of a tier-party tool. To harvest enchanted tier-party timber 4 requires at least one tier ax 4. This same ax will be able to harvest level 5 wood as long as the wood is not enchanted.

For collectors, it is important to use an outfit of the same type as the resource in question. Not only do these outfits allow you to harvest more, but they also have skills that are specific to them and help players in their task. When harvesting resources, it is important not to get too far from the mount, which allows you to get a port advantage when you are not far from it. This bonus is displayed as a slightly colored area circle surrounding your frame. If you leave the circle, the frame disappears with the bonus and you will have to call it up again.

These resources will then have to be refined for use. It should be noted that the resources of lower tier parties are still important because they are often needed during the refinement of superior resources. During the refinement of a resource, it is possible to recover some of the resources used randomly, in this way, with a little luck, you can produce more than expected.

Becoming An Islander

To acquire an island in Albion, you have to go to the corresponding seller. If the cost of the island is only 6,500 pieces of silver, you must still have a premium account in order to buy it: to conserve the island and maintain it thereafter, Premium is no longer necessary. It is possible to be premium on all types of Albion purchase and it is also possible to buy the premium with gambling money at a fluctuating course determined by the players, as the rest of the economy .

Nevertheless, the choice of position of the island is very important. The city in which you choose to create your island is your only access point to your island. So be careful to create your island in the place that suits you best for your activity or to connect you with your guild for example. Thereafter, it is possible to remove the island, but only by returning to its city of creation. It is not possible to own several islands. It is nevertheless possible to make you free to your island provided to be totally naked.

On its island, there are:

  • Fields: these allow to feed the farms, but also the employees working on your island. They also make it possible to make food consumable afterwards and that will increase PV, power, harvesting capacity and weight or even decrease cooldown.
  • Livestock: These animals are useful either to make food or to create mounts. It is also possible to create a kennel allowing to create more wild mounts.
  • Crops: these will be used to grow plants that will be used in alchemy.

Initially, it is not possible to build many buildings, then by purchasing improvements, space is created in order to create a real second economy.

It is advisable for the lone players to have a breeding to produce the frames that can sell very expensive. To provide for the needs of future mounts, it is also advisable to have at least one field to produce food for the animals. In this way, it is possible to produce and sell frames, real profit for a single player or guild.

A Flourishing Economy

Economics is a primordial mechanics in Albion. This is entirely governed by the players, and it then appears a real offer and demand. Everything is buyer and everything is salable in Albion Online. Indeed, it is possible to propose each resource, each material, each tool, weapon or armor to the sale. The selling price will depend not only on the quality of the equipment sold, but also on the supply and demand. In other words, a scarce resource in a region will be sold expensive, whereas a common resource will see its price fall. You will be able to sell your wood stock a fortune in some cities while on the contrary this one will not be worth anything in others.

Consequently, many mechanics can result from a system like this one. It is possible, for example, to speculate. Go to an area where the resources of a certain type are inexpensive to resell them in an area where they are rarer, in order to sell them more expensive. But in the same way, it is possible to engage in brigandage while waiting for harvesters or speculators to leave a city to sell their goods in another. Kill them and get the resources and therefore the money.

Real estate also has an important place in the game. Each city offers construction points that it is possible to buy, and then build on the site. These constructions are those that allow you to subsequently refine resources and produce tools and other equipment. These buildings are also subject to market rules since it is possible to put a tax for the players who use it. Thus, the owner of the building earns money each time a player uses it. Whenever you use a building controlled by another player, pay attention to the tax charged by it, some have tendencies to practice ridiculously expensive rates, do not be ripped off.

You can find all our Albion Online game guides on UpAlbion. To join the adventure of Albion, go to the official site of the game and to buy a Starter Pack!

Albion Online released on July 17 on Android, PC, Mac and Linux.

ESO DLC Horns Of The Reach: The Falkreath Dungeon

In August with Horns of the Reach the first DLC released after the release of TESO: Morrowind. In an official preview, developer Zenimax has now taken a look at the dungeon Falkreath, which will wait for buyers of the DLC.

About two weeks ago, there was a general preview of the first paid DLC Horns of the Reach for TESO: Morrowind, now developer Zenimax on the official site of The Elder Scrolls Online takes a closer look at one of the two new dungeons: Falkreath. The 4-player challenge is to save the named city, which is besieged by the hordes of the Dreadhorn Clan. In the following you will learn everything about Falkreath.

TESO: Morrowind: The background of Falkreath

The enigmatic forces that have been attacking the Jerall mountains for months have ultimately attacked a larger city. Falkreath’s lines of defense are under fire from the Dreadhorn Clan, an unusual combination of man and beast, and without your help, the invaders threaten to burn the city down to the ground walls.

The location of the latest dungeon is the city of Falkreath, which you may have already explored in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but since TESO plays 1,000 years before this time, you will experience the southern Nord city at its prime!

While you are on the way to Falkreath, you may recognize some of the surroundings and buildings of Skyrim, such as the winding forest roads, the high mountain and even the Shriekwind Bastion that surpasses the city.

“When building Falkreath, we started with the actual height map and town layout from Skyrim,” says Dungeon lead designer Mike Finnigan. “We wanted it to feel like the city from the original game, but also feel like a Falkreath at its zenith of power, rather than the smaller township it was in Skyrim.”

The Falkreath of The Elder Scrolls Online is a lot bigger than you will remember, and is protected by giant stone walls. When you arrive, you will find a besieged city. Of course Falkreath does not exist without his protector. Jarl Skjoralmor’s daughter, Eerika, has raised a courageous defense, but the high walls of the city can not stop the invaders forever – and without help it will soon fall. This unique battlefield with its very specific starting position offered the team new possibilities for unique gameplay elements.

“In Falkreath Hold, the siege element allowed us to leverage environmental effects to give the players new experiences,” explains Finnigan. As you move through the city, you will inevitably have to avoid fires from the relentless siege engines of the Dreadhorn Clan and quickly find that the environment plays a very special role while you try to push the intruders back. “We want players to feel like they are actually part of a siege.”

TESO: Morrowind: That’s What Awaits You At Falkreath

While defending their Falkreath, you will meet new enemies, both from the barbaric Reachmen and the fearsome Minotaurs. You may have encountered Minotaurs on the Gold Coast, but be warned: these are even more dangerous than those encountered in the Imperial province, and it may surprise you how hard they strike!

Of course, no dungeon is complete, without one taking it with a few challenging leaders – and Falkreath Hold has quite a few of them. In Falkreath Hold you will meet the war-hearted and powerful beasts, undead monstrosities, and Domihaus the Bloody-Horned, an angry Minotaur chieftain.

“When building Falkreath Hold, we wanted to give players easy-to-discern mechanics that they haven’t seen before,” Finnigan says. “This way, when they approach a new boss, they can think back to what they have seen in the dungeon beforehand that might help them with the coming fight.”

Just like the dungeon itself, the cramped and dangerous environment can be friendships as well as foes when you get to do with Domihaus. Without betraying too much, we can say that you should always keep an eye on the ground if you do not want to end up in a bath of fire. However, the limited range of movement can also work for you when you try to protect yourself from the monster’s attacks. In the defense of Falkreath Hold, the way you move through the city and its unique challenges will contribute to victory or defeat.

TESO: Morrowind: The Rewards of Falkreath

Anyone who remains intransigent in the defense of Falkreath can get a lot of new rewards: three unique armor sets, a mask set, furnishings, collectibles and much more.

You will receive the first three armor sets from the many bosses of the dungeon. There are light, medium, and heavy items, such as the powerful Ironblood set. This heavy armor, which gives you the chance to transform your blood (temporarily) into pure iron, gives you Major Protection in exchange for Movement Speed. This allows you to insert a lot in the middle of the fight, but you lose your ability to move.

Are you a healer from the bottom of your heart? The Draugr’s Rest light set creates a healing circle for you and your allies each time you deal damage with a heavy attack. This allows you to heal and at the same time keep your resources flexible!

But maybe you are interested in the Domihaus monster mask from the Veteran difficulty dungeon? If you complete this challenge and are lucky enough to find the Domihaus shoulders in a Undaunted chest, you will have the chance to create a ring of fire or molten earth around you for ten seconds Flame or Physical Damage over time. And even better, if you stand in the center of the ring, you gain 200 Spell or Weapon Damage.

As with all dungeons, you can unlock a unique mounted trophy for the wall if you complete the normal difficulty level and get a bust if you complete the Veteran version. In addition, when you complete the Veteran difficulty level for Falkreath Hold, you will unlock the “Dreadhorn Shaman” skin, a unique collectible skin in your collection that will give your character pale tattoos in the Nirncrux style. This new appearance is unique in that you can combine it with the unique head cover, the reward from the other dungeon of “Horns of the Reach,” namely the Bloodroot Forge.

Finally, when you complete the dungeon for the first time, you will be able to buy the “Hakkvild’s High Hall” home with gold. This new Nord-styled manor offers a perfect view of the city you have just saved. If you have not finished the dungeon, you can buy it in the Crown Store with crowns.

More about The Elder Scrolls Online is also available on the official site as well as on our ESO news page for TESO: Morrowind.

FFXIV The Patch 4.05 Adds The Allagan Tomestones Of Creation

Final Fantasy XIV the latest content was updated again, main content and the latest update is patch 4.05, until now, the full notes for the latest patch for Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood, 4.05, are now available. The patch primarily introduced a new special instance, and a high-difficulty version of the Omega: Deltascape raid, what’s more, a few new things also was added.

Final Fantasy XIV

The patch adds the Allagan Tomestones of Creation, a new kind of currency you can trade for the most powerful in-game items. There’s also a bunch of new items to check out, including new mounts, minions and furnishings. At the same time, you also require significant currency such as Final Fantasy XIV Gil, and FFXIV Power Leveling.

Main added content is Omega: Deltascape (Savage). Previously, for some core players, they have been anticipating this day since Stormblood launched. However, FFXIV: Stormblood, as the latest expansion for the game, and it have been launched for about one months. Consequently, gamers eagerness to know more new content especially for the full patch note content.

Above mentioned a new special instance, and a high-difficulty version of the Omega: Deltascape raid, in this article, we haven’t give any details, but, don’t worry everything. We have been posted details for the full patch notes, see more at here. One of Final Fantasy 14’s bosses gets a surprise interruption from something bigger, badder, and exponentially more cool in the game’s newest raid.

The Elder Scrolls Online – New PvP Event Midyear Mayhem

If you have never been enthusiastic about PvP in MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online, perhaps a new event from ZeniMax will force you to reconsider your opinion. The summer event Midyear Mayhem puts a lot of booty on it.

eso 14

You can earn unique awards, such as the Laurel Wreath collectible hat, double Alliance Points, rare items for crafting and much more. Bonuses will operate in all PvP modes, so you only need to join hundreds of players in Cyrodiil’s massive battles and compete in the dynamic battles of Battlegrounds in Morrowind.

The fun begins on July 20 and ends at the end of the month. To participate, just take the free Midyear Mayhem ticket from the in-game store and start the fight.

The Adventure Begins For The Game Albion Online

The “Albion Online” server is open. Sandbox Interactive emphasizes that the first adventurers have already arrived on the shores of the Royal Continent. Now that “Albion Online” is officially launched, everyone starts with a blank page and its story to write.

Legendary Starters and Founders, Veteran Starters and Founders as well as Epic Starters and Founders can play.


The player is invited to write his own story in the vast open world of Albion, a MMORPG sandbox in which he can decide his identity. No need to choose a class, it can also go from the knight to the magician simply by changing his armor and his weapons. Because it is his equipment that determines what he is. The vast world, open to exploration, consists of different unique biomes where each player’s actions will have consequences. It is an economy entirely run by the players.

The world of “Albion Online” is full of opportunities to compete with its fauna, its inhabitants and other adventurers. Dungeons, Hellgates or take over territories, the playground is huge. Players will find a little respite on their own island, where they can quietly build their home, grow their crops and raise their animals. In Albion, everyone counts.

All information and news are available on the official website of Albion Online or UpAlbion.

Family Drama Will Add A Lot Fun To Madden NFL 18

We all know that Madden NFL 18 has launched a new story mode recently, which was welcomed by a lot of Madden 18 fans, they think the story mode will make Madden 18 more interesting, but do you know Which Feature is interesting or not in Madden NFL 18 Longshot mode? Today I will come to introduce one of the interesting features, called Family Drama.


While it is possible to understand some of the background of the family drama in order to exercise the role and be familiar with the player’s fight, but may also potentially stifle the story after each game, the player is treated as a similar scene, home character conflicts with some family members.

But please attention, if you want to enjoy Madden NFL 18 new story mode with your family, you need to buy a lot player cards with Madden NFL 18 coins, so you should know where to buy safe Madden NFL 18 coins in advance to avoid missing your favorite player cards.

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MU Legend: PvP Is A Fascinating System In MMORPG

MU Legend is the continuation of the popular in the early’s 3D MMORPG, MU Online. In MU Legend, you will find a spectacular hack and slash gameplay, content for party and solo players, and unique classes. What content is planned to be introduced on the Global OBT of the international version? Will GvG, a new class, a new dungeon or something else like that? More content and details can be found at U4GM with ease, reference to here.

MU Legend

MU Legend is a prequel MU Online and you can learn about how the Great Sage lkarus failed to prevent the resurrection of Kundun and therefore sent the heroes to the past. During the trip, they lost their memory and forgot about their skills, and therefore they will have to work hard to achieve their goal and destroy the followers of Kundun.

PvP is a fascinating system in MMORPG, but not every player wants to see this option, so we are developing various options for creating an active and competitive PvP-atmosphere. For example, players can easily access some kinds of PvP content, thanks to matches in the 1-in-1 arena with AI characters, improve PvP skills in group battles 3n3 and enjoy large-scale PvP battles in guild competitions, as well as in air battlefields. Our goal is to give players as much activity as possible.

U4GM is a great website that is accepted by many players around the world. It has its advantages in any aspects, more and more gamers are following the new opportunities that U4GM can offer, and they managed to buy cheapest MU Legend Zen & MU Legend Power Leveling.

MU Legend: Emphasizer Is A Class That Is Endowed With Mental Magical Abilities

MU Legend is the sequel to the game MU Online. You will have to run for classes such as Dark Lord, Whisperer, Dark Wizard, Warmage and Summoner. You can also compete with a huge number of opponents, the explorer of scenic locations. And if you want to get more acquainted with this game, then we advise you view more at U4GM. You can find guides, videos and reviews on the MU Legend.

MU Legend

Guild content will be expanded. Each member of the guild will have access to special dungeons with unique bosses, with lots of monsters and prey. Guilds can enter the war for territories in the world of Mu Legend and fight for the right to possess them.

In the Open Beta of the Korean version of the game will be available a new class – Emphasizer. Emphasizer is a magical class that is endowed with mental magical abilities that help it neutralize and manipulate opponents. It is also said that some of his attacks can have physical damage.

In addition, the developers intend to introduce into the game raiding bosses and the army of the underworld, which from time to time invade the open world. It is for their destruction that class bonds with Emphasizer will be needed. In MU Legend, players have to destroy a huge number of monsters during their exciting adventures. You can run for classes such as Dark Lord, Whisperer, Blader and War Mage.

In addition to PvE-battles, the heroes will have the opportunity to take part in the bloody PvP-battles. Previously, Webzen shared more new information on the MMORPG MU Legend. MU Legend is indeed impressive and charming gameplay, that’s why gamers insist on buying MU Legend Zen & MU Legend Power Leveling.