My NBA 2K17: Having The Rarest And Best Cards Is The Key To Victory

My NBA 2K17 is a game won by comparing the stats on your players’ cards to those on your opponent’s cards. Since this is a deck building game where having the rarest and best cards is the key to victory. Clearly, gaining more score cards is not easy thing and unless you are very active in the game, you won’t achieve much.

My NBA 2K17

What that in mind, how to get more cards? We summary a guide that will get you there fast, mainly, buy card packs, the Blacktop challenge, play seasons, go to the top tiers ASAP, the auction house and be active. Today, we just only talk about the three ways among of above mentioned, respectively, buy card packs, the blacktop challenge, play seasons.

Buy Card Packs
The same 10,000 RP you can spend on getting an epic could be spent on buying a big player pack from the store which could give you two epic players or you can spend real life money and get the foil packs which have better rewards. At U4GM, you will get anything that you are expecting for, including My NBA 2K17 rp.

The Blacktop Challenge
The Blacktop Challenge rewards you upon its completion with a ton of picks – up to 100+ cards at a time. This means that your chances of getting very rare cards based on your tier improve and it’s better to play the Blacktop Challenge instead of the regular Quick Games if you have the time.

Play Seasons
A quick way to get ultra rare, epic or legendary cards in My NBA 2K17 is to play seasons and win them or rank as high as possible. You need a very good team in order to both be in a good tier that rewards you with top cards and also be able to defeat the others. Play seasons only when you have a ton of energy cards available and start them early in the morning, so you can log in often to recharge your players with energy and keep them in top form.

Above mentioned three ways are common methods for gaining the rarest and best cards, of course, there are others ways to acquire those score cards, like be active, the auction house, go to the top tiers ASAP and so forth. If you are longing to know more, recommend you go to website.

Morrowind Is Successful Back To The Elder Scrolls Online

The saga of the Elder Scrolls makes its return to the island of Vvarendell, a land known to fans of the franchise, who had already explored it in the Morrowind chapter, released in 2002. This time, we discover landscapes of And its secrets 700 years ago. Nostalgic to the biggest fans of the franchise, but also to reach a new audience eager to confront a medieval fantasy universe of great wealth.

The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO) is part of the universe of the Elder Scrolls (TES) series, which has enjoyed tremendous success since its inception in the 1990s. TESO was released in a first version in 2014, To a buy-to-play version in 2015. In the continuity of the universe created in The Elders Scrolls, the game was enriched with various extensions before breaking the separations between the cards and the players in order to create a single And even explorable world: One Tamriel, in 2016.


At the beginning of June 2017, the MMORPG set out to conquer new countries with the Morrowind chapter, in the form of an extension for the elders of the saga or a complete formula for the new ones. A name known to fans of the first saga, since TES was already taking the adventurers on the island of Vvarrendell that is found in TESO: Morrowind. A return that offers all the same its lot of discoveries since one pushes the ground 700 before the facts that had taken place in the first episode. The opportunity to discover the past of the kingdom of Vivec, including the country landscapes of this fictional and ancestral universe.

An Open World Of Great Wealth

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind plunges us into a fantastic medieval universe that is both mysterious and mythical, where different species come together. Based on exploration and the open world, the game allows the player to choose his destiny by following either the main plot or the numerous secondary quests of his choice.

From an opulent narration, one lets oneself discover the universe of Vvarendell as well as the evil that tortures King Vivec. Under the themes of political corruption, class struggle, the universe of TESO: Morrowind shows itself at once funny and dramatic, light and epic all in a successful French dubbing.

The charm of the story is brilliantly underlined by a magnificent soundtrack in total adequacy with the epic adventure that one lives. The almost magical decors replace the arid lands of the Morrowind of 2002, well before the eruption of the volcano – for connoisseurs, which gives way to beautiful green scenery, with many exotic plants.

However, this extension is not a total success, especially as regards the technical aspect. The game is indeed the weight of the years and the visuals are struggling to hold the comparison today – even in front of other MMORPGs. The Morrowind universe is nonetheless charming and the game is still very coherent with the atmosphere and the plastic of the saga, which should please the followers.


Become A RPG Only

The saga had long been the fashion of the MMORPG, but it seems that it is trying to redirect itself towards a more solitary model of the RPG. Although we can interact with the other players, the adventure can still be solo. Interactions with other players are rather limited: some epic battles on a large scale, the creation of guilds and some team fights, one of the novelties of this extension. But nothing really captivating.

It’s a return to the roots for the license that takes up the idea of solitary progression which should delight the fans of the first hour.

Extensive Customization

In terms of gameplay, the title follows the basics of the TESO saga with a third or first person combat system, a totally free exploration of landscapes and homes. But above all, the possibility of personalizing his character at will. This is a striking point for a neophyte. Indeed, the game itself begins only after a step – long enough – of personalization of its character. Size of the arms, eyebrows, wrinkling of eyes and the like, the thing is pushed to the maximum. Fortunately, there is a function to let things happen randomly.

Spells and attacks are also customizable in terms of shortcuts and choices according to skill points to be assigned. Through exploration and quests, it is possible to fight many enemies on the way, to experience and control new attacks. Artificial intelligence, however, is not the strong point of the game.

Bar of life of the two speakers, attacks without expectations and possibility of flight, the level of the monsters is proportional to the character which gives a real pleasure to the confrontations and the search for experience. We note however the lack of reaction of the characters against the blows.

A New Class And A New Mode Of Combat

A class makes its appearance: that of the Warden. A good idea on paper but unfortunately very similar to the invoker already present in the cast of the game. Close to nature and spells turned towards the cold, its spells are nothing innovative and remind those who already found in The Elder Scrolls Online.

The other novelty is the ability to compete by team in arenas dedicated to this. Three teams of four players compete in an environment to promote the action and the attack, all for a period of about fifteen minutes. Choosing between Capturing the Flag or Deathmatch, the goal is to win medals to his team, as well as other rewards. A fun mode a few tens of minutes, but that is only a small extra for the game.

The Advantages:

A successful return to Morrowind
A new class: the guardian
Arena fights, sympathetic
The richness of the game universe
Medieval and fantastic decorations are very successful
The incredible soundtrack
Excellent lifespan (30h and more)

The Disadvantages:

Graphics lacking finishing
Rather an RPG than an MMO
Dialogues too passive
Choice without impact on history


The Elder Scrolls Online plunges us once again into a world of great richness and beauty through a fantastic medieval universe. Despite his return to the known land, the title returns to its solo RPG aspect online and leaves a bit of the MMO side, a change of direction that will surely seduce the followers of the franchise who had not appreciated the MMORPG at the time of its exit. Spanning 700 years before the Morrowind events, the Morrowind expansion will have the merit of disorienting the fans while seducing a new audience. Only regret: visually, the game has evolved very little and now accuses the weight of years…

The First Story Mode in Madden 18 Was Released Called Longshot

Almost a year, and Madden FL 18 is almost here. When we wait patiently for this year’s version of the game, today the word is like Madden NFL 18 announces the first story mode. The new features of the game add a whole new element that offers a unique new gameplay.



This pattern is called “Longshot” and features Mahershala Ali, J.R.Lemon and Scott Porter. This story is salvation, where you have the opportunity to influence the forgotten NFL potential customers Devin Wade’s journey. The story graduated along Devin along his high school, he tried the last shot and heard his name in the NFL draft. Oscar-winning actor Mahershala Ali played Devin’s father, the actors were some of the legendary interpretation of the NFL. View the trailer in the video below and explain it after jumping.

Although Madden players has different evaluation for Longshot, some think this is a very good game mode, to the original boring rules of the game to add storyline, make the game more interesting, but there are players that this will let the game lost game the core content, they still like a single game plot.

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You Can Jump Straight Into The Fun By Buying Mu Legend Zen

If you are looking to make the most out of your precious game time, you require enough Mu Legend Zen & Mu Legend Power Leveling. When you purchase Mu Legend Zen, you can skip grinding boring delves and jump straight into the fun with the new gear that you bought.

Mu Legend

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Albion Online: What Are The Guardians And How To Find Them

They are beautiful, they are strong, impressive and they are several, discover the Guardians present in Albion Online

The Guardians come straight from the ancestral times of Albion, gigantic creatures, they are 5 and all have a specificity. But who are they, how to fight them? Follow the guide:


What are the Guardians?

They are the true protectors of Albion, created and become stronger than any other form of life thanks to the ancient magic and power of the earth of which they are now the defenders.

Resource node: like other creatures they turn into a resource node after their death, which will still allow you to harvest 2,560 resources of Tier 6!

Where to find them? They appear randomly in the red and black zones over the vast Tier 6 resource territories. Once being defeated, their reappearance takes between 12 and 48 hours. Sharpen your hunting skills and stalk them!

Fight them: Each Guardian requires a different raid organization but it is advisable to go in groups of 10 people. The damage worn will be minimized if come too many, likewise, it will be necessary to be fast and organized because after 15 minutes of combat, the fury wins them and they then become very powerful.

Portraits of the Guardians of Albion

The Old White (Hide): White and massive mammoth linked spiritually to all the mammoths of the Steppes of the past and the future. He is considered the easiest Guardian and never walks without his horde of hidden mobs.

Old White.fw

The Ancient Ent (Wood): This is the spirit of large and massive trees that can be found in Tier 6 Tree Groves of the Forest biome. With its evastating Piercing Roots,, you will need to be well coordinated to survive.

Ancient Ent.fw

The Rock Giant (Rock): Residing in Tier 6 Rock Outcrops of the Highlands biome, the Rock Giant is the only Guardian who can fight from a distance.

Rock Giant.fw

The Enormous Dryad (Fiber): Do not rely on its appearance, the Enormous Dryad does not like much to be disturbed! Find it in the marshes of Tier 6 Fiber Meadows.

Enormous Dryad.fw

Ore Colossus (Ore): It is found in the Tier 6 Ore Veins of the mountains. Although he does not have a auto-attack, he has a devastating Punch and a Crystal Swarm skill that can sweep a game in the blink of an eye.

Ore Colossus.fw

Mu Legend: U4GM Offer You A Guide For Launching The Korean Version

Speaking of the first closed beta of Mu Legend, apparently. It was a massive success, with great community engagement and the collection of precious game-related data. According to commented from Richard Moon, Head of Global Business at Webzen. It will help both existing and new gamers to enjoy the Mu Legend experience to its fullest.

Mu Legend

Now, you can imagine your future guild to the community. On the eve of the open beta testing of the new MMORPG Mu Legend, the developers give us the opportunity to present our future guild to the entire international community. To do this, go to the official website to get more latest information.

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The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind In Test

In 2002 “The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind” mixed PC and Xbox. Now, 15 years later, the “Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind” is back on the volcano island of Vvardenfell. The add-on is surprising, even if Morrowind in Elder scrolls titles is not a rime. “Morrowind” offers not only veteranan hours of new playing fun, but also invites beginners into the world without any major problems.

The reason is that you do not have to play the basic game (as) with other add-ons to play “Morrowind”. If you are on other extensions with a level-1 character without a chance and must first level decently, one can “Morrowind” right from the beginning also as a beginner.


When you make your character, you can make do with dozens of customization options, create elegant or unusual characters. Then it is already going with the title, when our figure with his ship before Vvardenfell capsizes. What makes the beginners happy and veterans not too annoying: Here is an extremely detailed tutorial. This is entertaining, and when it comes to control, combat and skills, it will not be so boring.

Great Fantasy Story

The legendary warrior poet and guardian of Vvardenfell, Vivec, suffers from a mysterious illness. In the role of the hero, therefore, we must overrun our armor, and seek refuge through volcanic ash and majestic cities, to save the guardians of the island from a deadly threat. If we can not do this, a gigantic rock threatens to wipe out all life on Vvardenfell, as does the threatening volcano of the island.

Even warriors with fast gameplay will need a good twelve hours to fight through “Morrowind” – and only through the main quests. The add-on is therefore not small. In doing so, the secondary tasks make a good mood: anyone who has a nose full of battles can do almost anything – sit with a book in the library, become a gardener or try to be a judge in the jurisprudence. The freedoms in the gameplay increase “Morrowind” compared to other “Elder Scrolls” titles once again tremendously.


New Hero Comes

“Morrowind” introduces the new class Wardens to the four classes Dragon Knight, Night Blade, Templar and Wizard. This is a mix of abilities, which can be expanded as druids, frostmakers or rangers. Particularly interesting is the way of the “animal whisperer”, with which one can call itself a war bear into the fight. What is striking however: The current “Morrowind” world is mainly populated by the new class.

In graphics and sound, the whole work was done. The world is presented in typical “Elder Scrolls”, but details look sharper and more elaborate than in the main game. Musically it is very atmospheric and the language output sounds great. Those who know the original “Morrowind” will also be happy about the surroundings. Since the original title will be played several hundred years in the future by the current add-on, the cities and streets that can be visited in the old title are being built here.

Conclusion: Innovations

“Morrowind” introduces some innovations, but remains true to the proven concept. One of the great new features is the “Battleground” mode, in which PvP battles take place in locked arenas. Three teams with four players match “Deathmatch”, “Capture the Flag” or “Domination”. However, whoever is new to “Morrowind” will get a decent look at the helmet. Fun is the new arena fight anyway.

Apart from that, there is again a lot of fun in a huge world of rolling games, where fans of the genre never get bored. While veterans find strong challenges here, especially the beginners-friendly design of the game is worth mentioning. Overall, “Morrowind” looks like a completely separate game and by no means as a cheap add-on. And in this we will still be able to plunge for hours.

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Mu Legend Will Make Gamers Experience The Pinnacle Of 3D Gaming

Mu Legend will make gamers experience the pinnacle of 3D gaming. Arguably, Mu Legend is the most anticipated gameplay. As the successor of Mu Online, Mu Legend shows too much different aspects such as rifts or level systems. If you have more information what need to know, welcome to visit here to get more latest news.

Mu Legend

In Mu Legend, at the beginning there is a tutorial in which your chosen class has already reached a high level and has many skills. This gives you an insight into the final character of each character. After the tutorial, however, everything is reset to zero and you begin to level and equipe the character. Various skills are available to you, which can be specialized on single-target or surface damage depending on the game.

It can be said that Mu Legend has had a long development path, originally, Mu Legend was called Mu 2, and its development started way back in 2009. Based on Unreal Engine 3, Mu Legend aims to bring one of the most popular global action MMOs into the current generation of gaming. Even if Mu Legend was made using the now outdated Unreal Engine 3, but it’s also a very pretty action MMORPG.

There are five classes, and all are gender locked character classes. The males get Dark Lord, Blader and the War Mage. The females get Whisperer and the Emphasizer. Mu Legend allows for a lot of customization in the progression of your character. While character creation is somewhat limited, you’ll level up in two different ways as you play allowing you to tweak the stats and playstyle of your character.

Resource From:

Albion Online Guide On Building Efficient Miner

Since we always offer some guides on creating powerful and attractive characters in Albion Online, we’ll tell you some tips to build an useful armory who provides the needed materials for new equipment without others’ help: solo-gatherers.


As the official notes show, solo-gathering has an obvious advantage compared to gathering in a group – time management. As a solo-gatherer, you are free to start your gathering whenever you feel like it and you won’t need to wait for a whole group of gatherers and guards to be ready to head out. The possible reward of sneaking into an area by yourself is more than worth the risk as long as you know what you are doing.

This guide is referred from a top Albion gatherers, Buldozer, who shared how to create an efficient ore-mining build. This special build make him can survive almost any ganks by up to five players while effectively solo-gathering. Before you start a similar build, keep the right mindset: you are a gatherer and not a combatant, so your focus has to be on avoiding and outsmarting your opponents instead of taking them head on, and so it is no surprise that his build focuses on dodging any combat in the first place by stacking mobility and defense.



Weapon of Choice: Bloodletter

The Bloodletter offers two dash abilities that are great for quickly moving away from your aggressors in case you get de-mounted. When using one of them, always click outside of your area circle to ensure you cover the maximum distance.

Sunder Armor – An attack dealing physical damage, and reducing the target’s armor and magic resist for a short amount of time. Stacks up to 3 times.

Dash – Dash towards the targeted area.

Lunging Stabs – Dashes to a ground target location, dealing physical damage to any enemy in the way. The amount of damage depends on the enemy’s remaining health.

Passive: Life Leech – Every normal attack, you restore health.

Offhand: Mistcaller – Reduces the cooldown times on your skills. You will be able to use all of your abilities more frequently with the Mistcaller, which increases your overall mobility; On top of that, it also allows you to outrange your opponents much faster, giving you time to mount up or hide.


Helmet: Miner Cap

Motivating Worker’s Song – Removes any movement-impairing effects, and makes you immune to movement-impairing effects, for 6 seconds. Doesn’t make you immune to forced movement effects, like knockbacks. Motivation Worker’s Song will not only allow you to remove their crowd control but will make you immune, allowing you to use your skills to get some distance between you and the people chasing you.

Passive: Mining Skills – Increases your gathering yield for Ore.


Chest: Miner Garb

Wind Shield – Your gathering speed is increased, and a wind shield surrounds you, for a short amount of time. Every time you receive damage, enemies around you will be knocked back. Additionally, your armor and magic resist are increased. Wind Shield is one of your strongest counters against melee attackers. The best thing about it? It knocks away all enemies close to you, even if only one of them is attacking you. Wind Shield also triggers if you are hit by a ranged attack. You can use Wind Shield before you jump on your mount. The knockback effect will stay, making escaping from your enemies easier.

Passive: Mining Skills – Increases your gathering yield for Ore.

Boots: Miner Workboots

Flee – Increases your movement speed by 120%, and your max load by 200%, for a short amount of time. After activation, you can’t cast spells or attack for 12 seconds. Flee is an important skill and your life saver if you are caught off-guard. The huge boost to your weight capacity allows you to outrun your opponent, even while being overloaded. Keep in mind, that you cannot use any skills for 12 seconds after using Flee, always use your dashes before you use it, their cooldowns will recover in the meantime.

Passive: Mining Skills – Increases your gathering yield for Ore.

Cape: Miner Backpack

Reduces the weight of Ore by 50%. As you want to be able to gather as many resources as possible without overloading yourself, the gatherer backpacks are a must-have. It will save you the risk of going out twice for the same amount of resources!


Mount: Armored Horse

Armored Horses are ideal for travel throughout the more dangerous parts of Albion, as they are relatively fast and safe.

The only option for a solo-gatherer in terms of mounts, is the Armored Horse. While an Ox would greatly increase your weight capacity, as a solo-gatherer it will be of little to no help to you once you are under attack. A Tier 7 Armored Horse is the optimal choice between benefit and costs, but you might want to consider using a Tier 5 Armored Horse if you are running low on silver.

Food and Potions

Pie and Omelette – Improves your gathering yield, and your load capacity and reduces your cooldown times. The Pie is a solid option for gatherers. The faster you can fill your inventory, the faster you can get your resources to a safe place. In addition, the Pie will increase the total amount or resources you can gather from rare nodes. However, the Pie won’t help you at all in a combat situation. To increase your chances of surviving, always have an Omelette ready. If you are chased you can quickly eat it to increase your mobility by lowering your cooldowns, but keep an eye on your weight. You cannot use the Omelette if you would end up overloaded by losing the Pie’s buff.

Resistance Potion – Improves your resistance, and your crowd control resistance for a short amount of time. Like the Motivating Miner’s Song, the Resistance Potion is there to help you to fight against any kind of crowd control. The value of not being caught in a place while multiple people are attacking you outweighs the missing healing.

Always keep communication and good reputation with other solo-gatherers nearby especially when solo-gathering. Use Shift + Left click to quickly stash your items into a chest. There are some things you can shared with them: hostile players, nodes or rare resources you cannot gather.

It should be noted that don’t stay in one area for too long as the longer you remain in the same area, the more likely a hostile scout might spot you. If you die you will not only lose your gathered resources but your gear as well. Remember that always have your mouse on your mount while gathering would help to keep alive.

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The Combat In Mu Legend Is Really Slick

Mu Legend is literally the Korean version of Diablo 3. The combat is really slick. That looks like some pretty crazy end game content. To be honest, Mu Legend features gameplay that not only caters to the millions of Mu fans from the past decade, but is also easy for newcomers to pick up and enjoy.


Mu Legend empowers gamers huge right, since it’s a gameplay with an action-driven and fast-paced gameplay experience, including its best hack ‘n’ slash tradition. Compared to most current hack ‘n’ slash games, Mu Legend has too much different. Directly from the start, all classes in Mu Legend possess powerful area of effect skills right, making levelling a truly thrilling and satisfying experience for players of all levels.

In Mu Legend, you can see there is a 5th class but is not yet playable. Each class seems to have 2 different races and weapons to choose, but the creation options are a bit limited. There is a handy guide offering basic tips on which path each class can go, and I highly recommend you visit here.

Similar to Mu Online, there is no dedicated healing class in Mu Legend, pretty much similar to the Diablo games. In all honesty, combat in MU Legend isn’t as comfortable as in Diablo, but the massive maps and content pretty much made up for it. A wealth of information and cheap Mu Legend Zen for sale, U4GM is enough professional.