Mu Legend Players Will Enjoy A Great Variety Of Features

From originally to now, Mu Legend is always bringing an extremely action-driven as well as fast-paced gameplay experienced. It’s completely different from most current action RPG games, right from the start, all classes in Mu Legend possess powerful area-of-effect skills. Undoubtedly, gamers have chance to enjoy a truly thrilling and satisfying gameplay experience, let’s embark on adventure journey with Mu Legend Zen.


By offering deep and sophisticated character and skill customizations, as we know, Mu Legend continue to evolve the gameplay experience of gamers. In the meantime, Mu Legend naturally enables its players to have unparalleled freedom of customization in its vast range of PvE and PvP content. Details contents and more latest news:

PvP enthusiasts can prove their mettle in a huge selection of PvP modes. Players can show off their skills in duels, group battles in Altar of Spirits or, most challenging of all, in guild competitions. All PvP modes come with standalone content and detailed ladder systems, so players are encouraged to take on the world.

PvE-driven players will enjoy a great variety of features, which will accompany them throughout their journey. From procedural solo & group dungeons to legacy MU content such as Blood Castle & the Endless Tower, players will be spoiled for choice when it comes to hunting for the greatest gear. Most gamers utilizes Mu Legend Power Leveling to boost their power in-game.

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Mu Legend The Fifth Class Emphasizer And New Changes

On March 23, MMORPG Mu Legend gameplay, the first start open beta in South Korea was released. You can progress your character in 3 different aspects to gain power: the traditional character level, Soul Level, which provides additional stats and passive skills, and Account Level, which offers permanent boosts for all characters. 


Mu Legend has four unique character classes, in addition, the fifth class is Emphasizer. As a strong AOE attacker, Emphasizer can also soak damage for her teammates. In MU Legend, monsters’ DPS will increase exponentially as players level up.

Unlike previous version, gamers can expect more gameplay for widerness maps. For instance, newly added wilderness bosses for 20 players, random monsters with rare equipment, and monster invasion. The social interaction will be improved in the upcoming version.

In addition, Mu Legend made a series of changes, including new dungeons, a new system, and a guild system. Meanwhile, Mu Legend has fantastic visuals effect and stunning graphics. Those who are interested in getting more news about Mu Legend, recommend go to here:

FFXIV A Realm Reborn: A Brand-new Rebirth

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A Realm Reborn flourishes with a brand-new graphics engine, revised gameplay, and the ability to handle a much heavier server load than ever before. Gorgeous new MMORPG is now a bustling world, it has been succeed in attracting the attention of gamers from all over the world. More importantly, A markedly improved UI makes it simpler to track the action onscreen, and only minor frame rate drops mar the overall experience.

The wealth of content from prior releases is only scratching the surface, with patches 2.1 and 2.2 adding a plethora of adjustments to current content as well as additional quests for the main storyline. The main quest line is extended and provides a hearty amount of endgame play for those currently at the level cap. More updated new content, why not to visit here:

Housing is an interesting new addition that’s quite a bit of a gil sink, but it’s a rewarding system that you and your guild members will want to invest in when the money is rolling in. Much like in real life, it can take time to find an affordable plot of land to build your house on, but once it’s completed and bonuses to experience points and attributes start rolling in for you and your free company (that is, guild).

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Albion Online: The Galahad Report

Because an encrypted report brings a light and a rather effective reading on a balance sheet, the developers of Albion Online deliver us a clear and humorous visual on the after Galahad!

On March 13, Sandbox Interactive delivered its biggest update so far, called Galahad, which has made many changes, improvements, and new content. Lately the developers have brought us a look at their future work leads, and now they offer us the opportunity to see in figures all that has been accomplished so far after the update.

Remember that the server is global so all these figures concern the entire Albion Online community of all countries.

This ranges from the number of founders on the game to the number of (so cute) rabbits killed. Let’s see what the numbers give after a month of intense play after the Wipe upgrade.

We can see at a glance that no less than 212,815 Founders have / will contribute to the evolution of Albion Online, who have played since Galahad the equivalent of 320 years!


This confirms that the game has rather good hours in front of him as for his community and the fact that he is able to make valuable returns for the developers. All these founders bring each hour of play their stone to the building and allow to make the time of the beta adjustments necessary to the overall balance of the game.

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Mu Legend Focuses On Dynamic Fights And Characters Creation

Mu Legend, on the mythic continent, players assume the roles of heroes seeking fortune, adventures, and some monsters to hunt for in this legendary realm. Mu Legend put more weight on dynamic combat resembling typical hack-and-slash mechanics. As an MMO, the game offers extensive social features, letting you communicate with friends, form teams, and create clans. More tricks, guides, and entirely tips, welcome to


Mu Legend is a Korean MMORPG which is a direct continuation of Mu Online from 2003, an inside studio of Webzen is responsible for the development of the game. The game can take gamers to the mythical continent of MU in search of adventure, treasure as well as fame. In Mu Legend, gamers can allowed to create their own characters first, and then set off to perform tasks and kill monsters.

The gameplay resembles Diablo series and focuses on dynamic fights with large groups of enemies. In the meantime, the game focuses primarily on battling hordes of monsters. The game starts with creating a character, then we go into the world to seek quests to complete, treasures to find, and enemies to kill.

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MU Legend will most likely launch with four classes – Dark Lord, Whisperer, Blader, and War Mage – with the fifth class (Emphasizer) and the sixth class coming sometime later down the line. Are you now searching for cheap Mu Legend Zen? U4GM is you wisest choice.