Albion Online: Fragment, Refining As Well As Transmutation Overhaul

We might be underestimate PvE in our game, in particular, for those who play in big guilds. Even if we have a lot in store, and it can contribute to make fighting the monsters of Albion more exciting, regarding the next content update, including a small first step forward: Essences. Albion Online is so fun and more and more players decide to buy cheap albion gold online.


Starting from Tier 4, Faction mobs will have a chance to drop magical Essences. These blue jewels are mainly used in refining, but can also be used to create Runes. It is important to note that hide mobs and critters will not drop Essences. If you want to farm Essences, you will have to venture into the camps and dungeons of the five Factions.

Transmutation Changes

We are unhappy with the way transmutation works in Albion Online. This is why we are introducing the following changes in the next patch, First of all, Transmutator buildings are being retired. Instead, transmutation can now be done at refining buildings. As existing Transmutators have become non-functional, they can be demolished to recover their resources.

Secondly, transmutating to higher Tiers of a resource will require a specific amount of the previous tier, and no ridiculous amount of silver anymore. Increasing the enchantment level of a resource will continue to cost a high amount of silver, and serve its purpose as an uncapped high silver sink. Are you excited for cheap albion online gold?

Runes, Souls and Relics

The current Artifact Fragment system is not very player-friendly and slightly overcomplicated. Old Artifact Fragments are being converted to Runes (Gateway), Souls (Hellgate) and Relics (Raid). The Magic, Nature and Valor aspect of Fragments will be removed from the game and will no longer be relevant when melding an Artifact.

Naturally, it is possible to transmute to a higher level. This is where Essences come to play, Essences can be transmuted into Runes, Runes into Souls, and Souls into Relics. With the introduction of Essences, Journeyman Fragments (Tier 3) are no longer needed in the transmutation progress and will vanish into thin air once the update hits. For more Albion Online latest news, and you need to access as soon as possible.