FIFA 15 ranks second in Sports Video Game Power Rankings 2015

Sports Video Game Power Rankings 2015

Here is a list of Sports Game Power Rankings, which was launched by Some of the leading writers and personalities in sports video game. We can easily find out the top 5 video games, some game you have already tried and others you haven’t played before even never heard, like FIFA 15 and MLB 14: The Show.

If sports video games have a season, the time between the holidays and March is its off-season. In that spirit, it’s a good time to recap where gaming’s major franchises sit after a year in which everyone was on the two newest consoles, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Like power rankings of teams in a real-world sport, ours are unapologetically subjective, including in the candidates we’re considering. Sports video gaming is dominated by “sim” games; that is, titles that reflect what’s going on in the real world of their sport, through league licensing and broadcast packages. Games that don’t do that are something else altogether, and we’ll deal with them another time. With that in mind, here are the top performers coming into 2015.

1 NBA 2K15 

2K Sports’ basketball franchise doesn’t just simulate basketball games, it simulates a basketball life. In no other video game can you do anything like.

Sports Video Game Power Rankings 2015

Take a non-roster invitee through a multi-year storyline, involving shady agents, maniac coaches, jealous teammates, scheming general managers, and high school mentors, from a 10-day contract to the hall of fame.

As a general manager, confront the (sometimes unreasonable) expectation of your team’s owner, while keeping individual players happy and cracking the whip on the coaching staff, over a decade or more.

Pit 30 of the greatest teams in NBA history against one another in an 82-game season, with full playoffs, to settle which one really was the greatest team of all time.

Gamble virtual — and valuable — in-game currency in pickup basketball games against people across the world.

NBA 2K15 has been the class of sports video gaming for a long time and puts the most effort into delivering a rich sports fantasy, both on the court and off.

2 FIFA 15

Electronic Arts’ flagship soccer franchise has transformed from an afterthought into a juggernaut over the past six years, helped in large part by rising interest in — and televised coverage of — the Barclays Premier League in the U.S. Some may argue that FIFA 15 didn’t do enough in its debut on the new consoles, but it already was doing plenty before that.

Sports Video Game Power Rankings 2015

The addition of special Premier League broadcast presentation — and the inclusion of all BPL stadia — enhance its already-strong career modes. Many FIFA 15 fans would spend most of their pocket money to buy FIFA 15 Coins, which is a kind game currency in game. And there are simply an astonishing number of ways to lose yourself in the game, from managing a big-time club or taking a smaller, lower league club to glory, to playing as single superstar, to live online matches as one of 22 individual players. FIFA remains the gold standard for many.

3 Madden 15

It can be fashionable to hate Madden. An exclusive deal between EA Sports and the NFL has made it the only professional football video game for the past 10 years.

Sports Video Game Power Rankings 2015

While no one will purport that it offers a perfect NFL experience, its latest incarnation is good. Really, really good. Steady improvements in decidedly un-sexy things like blocking and kicking don’t make for the best marketing material in the world, but they sure do make a football game a lot smoother and more enjoyable.

The muscle of the new console generation has been particularly good to Madden, which suffered at the end of the Xbox 360 and PS3 eras as the development team maxed out the performance they could squeeze out of the aging machines. Above all, the NFL is the undisputed king of sports leagues, and Madden remains a top seller and one of the most-played games online, among all genres.

4 MLB 14: The Show

Also the only game in town for its league, baseball fans must have a PlayStation 4 if they want to get their hands on this stunningly beautiful experience.

Sports Video Game Power Rankings 2015

MLB 14 The Show also offers a myriad of ways to play, from the engrossing Road to the Show career mode to more traditional franchise management.

MLB 14 The Show also has endlessly customizable difficulty and gameplay options to make sure every fan enjoys what he’s really good at and isn’t victimized by the weaker areas of his game. Each game still brings out the strategic beauty of baseball, and playing with timely hitting, baserunning and pitching changes are crucial to

5 Pro Evolution Soccer 15

You may not be playing it. Next to FIFA, you may have even forgotten about Konami’s soccer series, which once was king of the hill.

Sports Video Game Power Rankings 2015

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 put the series back on the map with the best-looking player movement of any game on this list and astonishingly smart computer-controlled opponents.

While PES’ November arrival date put it at an extreme disadvantage in its rivalry with FIFA, there is no doubt that PES has returned as a legitimate player in the business. Yes, it lacks the licensing of nearly all of Germany’s, North America’s and, critically, England’s domestic clubs, but what’s happening on the pitch is arguably better than anything found elsewhere.

A ranking of top 10 hottest transfer footballers

ranking, top 10

If you are a football fan, you would interested in the latest football transfer gossip, which becomes a popular topic in the world of football. We help you to have a easier life by providing you with a ranking of the 10 hottest transfer footballers, hoping bring some happiness for you.

Whether it is the Bundesliga, Eredivisie, La Liga, Ligue 1, Premier League, Serie A, alternative European leagues or non-European leagues, this slideshow will be inclusive.

These 10 players will be subjectively ranked via a combination of various standards(Datas come from

Current playing ability.


Projected transfer value.

Projected transfer resell value.

Social media buzz.

10. Henrikh Mkhitaryan (Borussia Dortmund)

Armenian Borussia Dortmund attacking midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan, 26, could move to Juventus due to the influence of his agent Mino Raiola, per David Amoyal at

ranking, top 10

Often shifted out wide, Mkhitaryan’s ability has not been properly utilised by Borussia Dortmund. Mkhitaryan is to Borussia Dortmund what Shinji Kagawa was to Manchester United.

Mkhitaryan has yet to score or create a goal in 23 combined Bundesliga and UEFA Champions League games this season.

9. Axel Witsel (FC Zenit)

FC Zenit are prepared to sell Belgian defensive midfielder Axel Witsel, 26, for €30/£22 million plus, per Duncan Castles at ONE World Sports.

ranking, top 10

Witsel carries a big reputation, but his tackling is hit-and-miss; he tends to concede cheap free-kicks rather than be a prolific ball-winner.

He conceded more fouls per game (2.4) than made tackles (1.2) in the UEFA Champions League group stage.

However, when he is on the ball, he is a fluid passer and looks to control the tempo of play.

8. Jackson Martinez (Porto) 

Arsenal centre-forward Olivier Giroud, 28, has revealed that he plays with a chip on his shoulder.

ranking, top 10

The Gunners’ rumoured transfer interest in Porto centre-forward Jackson Martinez, 28, motivates Giroud.

“[Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger] has said good things about [Martinez who] has said he would like to come here,” Giroud said, per L’Equipe (h/t ESPN). “I learned that before the Middlesbrough game. It gave me added motivation. I was very happy to score those two goals.”

Maybe Wenger needs to talk up Martinez every week because Giroud’s shooting is so inconsistent. He was awful in a 3-1 defeat to Monaco, during which all six of his shots failed to hit the target.

Martinez, who has scored 17 goals in 22 Primeira Liga games and five goals in six UEFA Champions League games this season, would be an excellent signing—if he was five years younger.

7. Jese Rodriguez (Real Madrid)

Real Madrid forward Jese Rodriguez, 21, is likely to be loaned out next season, per El Confidencial (h/t Jose Luis Guerrero at AS).

ranking, top 10

Jese has stagnated at Real Madrid, not just because of knee surgery, but Real Madrid have not utilised him correctly.

He needs to be given 15-25 minute cameos every game, in which he can use his incisive speed to make something happen.

How can he make an impact if he is given a symbolic one-minute cameo in a 2-0 win over Elche?

6. Duvan Zapata (Napoli)

Napoli centre-forward Duvan Zapata, 23, is willing to bide his time despite being pigeon-holed as an impact sub, according to his agent. Fernando Schena.

ranking, top 10

“Duvan is very happy with what he’s doing at Napoli…he still has three years on his contract, so it’s down to the club to make a decision,” Schena said, per TuttoMercatoWeb (h/t Football Italia). “Targets? That’s simple, to score more and give Benitez a headache in selecting the starting striker.”

Sure, Zapata is mercurial and at times runs blind, but he provides more of a threat than Gonzalo Higuain.

Zapata has scored five goals in Serie A this season, but he has only started 30.8 percent of the games he has been involved in.

If given an extended starting run, Zapata has the potential to match Higuain’s productivity.

5. Danny Ings (Burnley)

Burnley manager Sean Dyche believes English forward Danny Ings, 22, should shun a proposed move to Real Sociedad.

ranking, top 10

“The middle of La Liga is no use for a young player [like Ings],” Dyche said, per Sky Sports’ Goals on Sunday. “I think he’s better than that. I think he’s top end of the Premier League [quality].”

Ings has scored nine goals and created four goals with limited assistance in 23 Premier League games for Burnley this season. He is key to Burnley avoiding relegation.

Provided that David Moyes continues managing Real Sociedad, it would be a smoother transition for Ings than playing for a coach who doesn’t speak English.

4. Loris Karius (Mainz)

Mainz goalkeeper Loris Karius, 21, is viewed by Napoli as a potential long-term No. 1, per David Amoyal at

ranking, top 10

If Napoli were serious about signing Karius, they would have completed this deal in the recent January transfer window before he extended his contract at Mainz until 2018.

Karius is one of the best young goalkeepers in the world. He is currently fifth in the Bundesliga for saves (75).

3. Paulo Dybala (Palermo)

Palermo president Maurizio Zamparini is unwavering in his belief that he will sell Argentinian deep-lying forward Paulo Dybala, 21, for a significant amount of money in the summer transfer window.

ranking, top 10

“Big clubs have already called me [about Dybala], both from England and also Paris Saint-Germain in France. … We’re going to make a great profit on him,” Zamparini said, per Tuttosport (h/t Ben Gladwell at ESPN FC). “[Post-Dybala], next year’s going to be good for Palermo to be self-sufficient without the need for selling players.”

Dybala can dribble past players, he drops into midfield to create chances and he is a match-winner. He has scored 12 goals and registered seven assists in 23 Serie A games this season.

Granted, Franco Vazquez is a better all-around player—and deserves more credit for helping Dybala rise from prospect to star—but Dybala is five years younger.

Major European clubs will be banking on Dybala’s upside, but they also need to keep in mind that prior to this season, he was on course to be a bust.

2. David de Gea (Manchester United)

Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal is not on speaking terms with goalkeeper David de Gea, 24, which could play a part in him leaving the club, per Manu Sainz at AS.

ranking, top 10

You presume the relationship must be at least cordial, considering De Gea has started 26 Premier League games this season.

If there is tension between the two, why hasn’t De Gea been replaced by Victor Valdes?

The media cannot represent Van Gaal as this my-way-or-the-highway type of manager, speculate about him playing a part in De Gea’s supposed discontent, yet glance over the goalkeeper being a guaranteed starter week in, week out.

The only problem the two will have is if De Gea starts showing signs he is unwilling to commit his future to Manchester United.

1. Kevin De Bruyne (Wolfsburg)

Wolfsburg attacking midfielder Kevin De Bruyne, 23, is content with the club right now, but he has very high standards.

ranking, top 10

“I feel very much at home with Wolfsburg in this very moment…[but] Wolfsburg is not yet like Bayern Munich,” De Bruyne said, per David Wright at the Daily Express. “My biggest ambition is to come out for a big European club. One I can win trophies with. As [many] trophies as possible.”

Translation: If Wolfsburg want to keep me, they need to continue building a world-class squad around me that can topple Bayern Munich.

FIFA Women’s World Cup tickets: special discount for you

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Changes of FIFA 15 Team of the Week February 28

FIFA 15, Team of the Week

FIFA 15 TOTW package have been released by EA Sports, which includes some top performers who has great performance in the real world. This week’s formation is 3-4-3, which is a classical formation in the football world. We can guess that there are some guys who will lose a lot of FIFA 15 Coins, because this week’s footballers are so talented and strong.

Arjen Robben has a great 93 card, with a significant increase to his shooting stat (+7) and David Silva’s IF card has also seen a significant bump to shooting (+8), passing (+6) and pace (+3). With two silvers in the lineup, though, and three cards below 80, this week’s selection is poor overall.

FIFA 15, Team of the Week

The cards will be available in packs from 6pm tonight, so expect the transfer market to flood with unwanted cards around this time.

Here is the full Team of the Week:


Kossi Agassa – Stade Reims – 79


RB – Roberto Rosales – Malaga CF – 74

CB – Rolando – R.S.C. Anderlecht – 80

CB – Skrtel – Liverpool – 82


RW – Antonio Candreva – Lazio – 84

CM – Andrea Pirlo – Juventus – 85

CDM – Adrien Rabiot – Paris Saint-Germain – 74

LM – David Silva – Manchester City – 90


RW – Arjen Robben – Bayern Munich – 93

ST – Antoinne Griezmann – Atletico Madrid – 86

LM – Kris Commons – Celtic – 77


GK – Marwin Hitz – FC Augsburg – 74

LB – Fabian Schonheim – 1. FC Union Berlin – 71

CAM – Alexander Gerndt – BSC Young Boys – 73

ST – Ivan Santini – KV Kortrijk – 72

ST – Marc Janko – Sydney FC – 74

CM – Jed Wallace – Portsmouth – 64

ST – Reuben Reid – Plymouth Argyle – 64

FIFA says no to compensation for clubs

FIFA, compensation, clubs

“We will not compensate clubs”, announced by the world governing body FIFA on Wednesday, despite the 2022 World Cup is moved to November-December, which have troubled European football clubs for a long time and make them angry a lot.

On Tuesday, Karl-Heinze Rummenigge, the chairman of the European Clubs’ Association, said his organization’s members wanted financial compensation following the proposed change.

This was to cover the costs that Europe’s clubs and leagues will spend on rescheduling their championships, many of which run between August and May.

But FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valcke dashed those hopes when speaking in Qatar, the country that will host the 2022 finals.

FIFA, compensation, clubs

“There will be no compensation. I mean, they have seven years to reorganize football around the world for this World Cup,” the Frenchman told reporters.

“It is happening once and we are doing nothing that destroys football,” he added.

With concerns for both players and fans given the Qatari heat in June-July, a FIFA task force announced on Tuesday that the tournament should be played at the end of the year.

Average temperatures in Qatar are around 25 degrees Celsius towards the end of the year, roughly 15 degrees lower than the traditional World Cup months.

Valcke also said the duration of the competition would be reduced from 32 to 28 days.

FIFA is expected to ratify the proposals when its Executive Committee meets in Zurich on 19-20 March.

European clubs had been hoping for the tournament to be played at the start of 2022.

“UEFA and its National Associations had initially preferred for the 2022 FIFA World Cup to be held in January,” the European governing body said in a statement.
“However, once the FIFA Task Force recommended to stage the competition from late November to late December 2022, UEFA suggested an option could be for the final to be played on December 23.”

The English Premier League, whose chief executive Richard Scudamore said he was “very disappointed” by the switch, would prefer the final to be played earlier in order to maintain its traditional Christmas calendar, with matches having been played on December 26 for many decades.

FIFA, compensation, clubs

Meanwhile, Valcke suggested that the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations, which normally takes place between January and February, will kick off in June because of the delay to the 2022 World Cup.

The Confederation of African Football has yet to comment on the matter, having previously stated it will only readjust its calendar once FIFA has confirmed the dates for the Qatar tournament.

In an unexpected move, FIFA announced that the 2021 Confederations Cup will not be held in Qatar.

The tournament is often described as a World Cup warm-up given that it allows the host nation to fine tune its facilities and conduct a test run some 12 months before the main event.

Valcke said the climate rules out Qatar and added that the tournament, which pits the World Cup holders against the hosts and champions of FIFA’s six confederations, will be played “in an Asian country,” which has still to be determined.

What do you think of the 2022 World Cup held in Qatar, come to and share your opinions with us!

Suarez moves to MOTM card on FIFA 15 FUT

Suarez, MOTM card

EA has released some new MOTM card on FIFA 15 FUT, including Luis Suarez, a striker, who has fantastic performance for Barcelona Vs Man City last week, many players will spend some FIFA 15 Coins to buy him as a member of ultimate team, he deserves.

It should be live inside packs right now, as of midnight on Wednesday February 25 and confirmed by EA’s Twitter account for FIFA which you can see below.

Suarez already had an amazing card in the game but now at last he moves into the 90s. Check out the image below to see an exact look at how his new card compares to his default 89 in FUT.

Suarez, MOTM card

The bump up to 90 dribble and 90 shooting should make him incredible when playing and now all eyes are on the first player to get MOTM Suarez in a pack.

As far as we’re aware, nobody has received him yet but then again the Suarez packs on FIFA 15 have only been live for around one hour.

Take a look at the stats and let us know what you think about the upgrade. Let us know if you are the first to get Suarez in a pack in the game.

Are you satisfied with the member of this MOTM card, which you like best?

Problems with FIFA 15 transfer market

FIFA 15, transfer market

There are some issues on FIFA Ultimate Team Transfer Market yesterday, which makes a lot of FIFA fans unhappy. They can’t buy their favorite footballer and even play the FIFA 15. they want to vent their dismay, but have no choice, just feel disappointed.

There is a huge EA outage at the moment and the server is down for a while, and because the server is down many games are suffering such as FIFA 15 (FUT). Other games include Battlefield and Madden according to Product Reviews.

FUT 15 will not be accessible via Companion and Web apps, there has not been any rough time this will come back online. In the meantime EA will continue to access the state of the Transfer Market.

FIFA 15, transfer market

You can still access the Transfer Market via the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4. This has been classed as a very important maintenance. Time will tell.

Gamers are not happy, one FIFA player said they purchased 2 million FIFA 15 Coins not so long ago and now they cannot get onto FIFA.

Manchester United star’s status and return: Robin van Persie

Manchester United, Robin van Persie

Robin van Persie is a well-know footballer, who’s reputation has been injury-prone on Friday after his injury. Although he is a great striker of Manchester United, he lost the chance to join the FA Cup against Preston North End on Monday because of injury.

The Dutch international appeared to have finally put his injury concerns behind him during his first season with the Red Devils but picked up several knocks in the 2013-14 campaign, and this season has been no different.

He suffered an ankle injury early in January against Southampton that forced him to withdraw from the FIFA Ballon d’Or Gala, the latest setback in what has been a 2014-15 season filled with ups and downs for the 31-year-old.

Manchester United, Robin van Persie

Van Persie has found his way to the net with some consistency but has also fallen short of expectations at times, as have the Red Devils.

United have tremendous depth in the attacking department, but star forward Radamel Falcao has struggled with health and form himself, while James Wilson is still young and raw. Van Gaal should find a way to deal with Van Persie’s absence, but losing the experienced veteran is still a big blow for the club.

Robin van Persie’s absent is not really a good news to Manchester United, there still no footballer can replace Robin van Persie, which troubles Manchester United most.

FIFA 15: MOTM Toure returns to FUT packs

MOTM Toure, FIFA 15

Here comes a good news for FIFA Ultimate Team mode fans, who missed the chance to get MOTM Toure packs on FIFA 15, EA Sports will give players another chance to get the special card, Do you have enough FIFA 15 Coins for the MOTM Toure cards?

Even better, any other player who received a MOTM card during the African Cup of Nations tournament will be available too, along with some other in-form African players selected by EA.

It’s part of the Team of the Tournament for FIFA 15 which is now live in the game. Players include MOTM Toure with an 87 rating, but also a card for his brother too Kolo Toure, with a decent 80 rating.

MOTM Toure, FIFA 15

With the MOTM cards coming back, you can get MOTM Wilfried Bony as well in case you missed that last time. The full lineup can be seen below thanks to EA’s image.

We’ve added a video below which shows that it is possible to get these special cards as long as your luck is in. This video appears to be proof of the 1st owner of MOTM Yaya Toure in fact, which is rather nice for the player.

Do you want to pick out any of these special cards and what price of MOTM Yaya Toure card you can accept.

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