Sports Video Game Power Rankings 2015

FIFA 15 ranks second in Sports Video Game Power Rankings 2015

Here is a list of Sports Game Power Rankings, which was launched by Some of the leading writers and personalities in sports video game. We can easily find out the top 5 video games, some game you have already tried and others you haven’t played before even never heard, like FIFA 15 and MLB 14: The Show. If sports video games have a season, the time between the holidays and March is its off-season. In that spirit, it’s a good time to recap where gaming’s…

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ranking, top 10

A ranking of top 10 hottest transfer footballers

If you are a football fan, you would interested in the latest football transfer gossip, which becomes a popular topic in the world of football. We help you to have a easier life by providing you with a ranking of the 10 hottest transfer footballers, hoping bring some happiness for you. Whether it is the Bundesliga, Eredivisie, La Liga, Ligue 1, Premier League, Serie A, alternative European leagues or non-European leagues, this slideshow will be inclusive. These 10 players will be subjectively ranked via a…

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FIFA Women’s World Cup

FIFA Women’s World Cup tickets: special discount for you

There are now less than 100 days to go until FIFA Women’s World Cup, which makes football fans feel excited and the countdown have already began. Here comes a good news that is giving the first 100 shoppers a 15 per cent discount to buy a ticket in online store. Is there an international Women’s team jersey you have had your eye on? Have you been eager to get your feet on the adidas Conext15 – the Official Match Ball of the FIFA Women’s…

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FIFA 15, Team of the Week

Changes of FIFA 15 Team of the Week February 28

FIFA 15 TOTW package have been released by EA Sports, which includes some top performers who has great performance in the real world. This week’s formation is 3-4-3, which is a classical formation in the football world. We can guess that there are some guys who will lose a lot of FIFA 15 Coins, because this week’s footballers are so talented and strong. Arjen Robben has a great 93 card, with a significant increase to his shooting stat (+7) and David Silva’s IF card has…

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FIFA, compensation, clubs

FIFA says no to compensation for clubs

“We will not compensate clubs”, announced by the world governing body FIFA on Wednesday, despite the 2022 World Cup is moved to November-December, which have troubled European football clubs for a long time and make them angry a lot. On Tuesday, Karl-Heinze Rummenigge, the chairman of the European Clubs’ Association, said his organization’s members wanted financial compensation following the proposed change. This was to cover the costs that Europe’s clubs and leagues will spend on rescheduling their championships, many of which run between August and…

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Suarez, MOTM card

Suarez moves to MOTM card on FIFA 15 FUT

EA has released some new MOTM card on FIFA 15 FUT, including Luis Suarez, a striker, who has fantastic performance for Barcelona Vs Man City last week, many players will spend some FIFA 15 Coins to buy him as a member of ultimate team, he deserves. It should be live inside packs right now, as of midnight on Wednesday February 25 and confirmed by EA’s Twitter account for FIFA which you can see below. Suarez already had an amazing card in the game but now…

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FIFA 15, transfer market

Problems with FIFA 15 transfer market

There are some issues on FIFA Ultimate Team Transfer Market yesterday, which makes a lot of FIFA fans unhappy. They can’t buy their favorite footballer and even play the FIFA 15. they want to vent their dismay, but have no choice, just feel disappointed. There is a huge EA outage at the moment and the server is down for a while, and because the server is down many games are suffering such as FIFA 15 (FUT). Other games include Battlefield and Madden according to Product…

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Manchester United, Robin van Persie

Manchester United star’s status and return: Robin van Persie

Robin van Persie is a well-know footballer, who’s reputation has been injury-prone on Friday after his injury. Although he is a great striker of Manchester United, he lost the chance to join the FA Cup against Preston North End on Monday because of injury. The Dutch international appeared to have finally put his injury concerns behind him during his first season with the Red Devils but picked up several knocks in the 2013-14 campaign, and this season has been no different. He suffered an ankle…

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MOTM Toure, FIFA 15

FIFA 15: MOTM Toure returns to FUT packs

Here comes a good news for FIFA Ultimate Team mode fans, who missed the chance to get MOTM Toure packs on FIFA 15, EA Sports will give players another chance to get the special card, Do you have enough FIFA 15 Coins for the MOTM Toure cards? Even better, any other player who received a MOTM card during the African Cup of Nations tournament will be available too, along with some other in-form African players selected by EA. It’s part of the Team of the…

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FIFA 15 Coins,

FIFA 15 Coins: Safe, Fast and Guaranteed

FIFA 15 is one of the most popular football video game in the world, which have millions of fans already. We can build our dream team in the game and become a great football manager. However it’s not free actually, buying footballers cost a set number of FIFA 15 Coins. Do not worry about that, we can help. As we all know, there are so many FIFA 15 Coins stores that you can’t decide to choose which one. Congratulations! must be your wisest choise!…

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