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FIFA 15 helps Avicii to break UK Top 10

Avicii’s new single ‘The Nights’ breaks the UK Top 10 through FIFA 15 played on playstation, without the support of radio and video, just FIFA 15 alone. Supporting of FIFA 15 gamers is a huge driving force to break the Top 10.

The songs success is purely down to FIFA gamers, PlayStation fanatics and Avicii’s core fans. The UK impact date for ‘The Nights’ is 23rd Feb.

Initially EA Sports announced that Avicii was debuting a brand new track called “The Nights” exclusively on FIFA 15. After subtly releasing ‘The Nights’ on iTunes it rapidly climbed the top 200 to #16 – with very little radio love, the fans are reacting and the stats speak for themselves”.

It already boasts well over an incredible 28.5 million streams via Spotify and The Nights from Avicii new album ‘Stories’ is due later this year.

If you take a look at the UK charts you can see ‘The Nights’ is currently sitting at Number 8, even the YouTube video is doing well since being published with it being watched more than 12.2 million times.

Avicii, FIFA 15, break

The major success also comes when The Nights was featured on FIFA‘s 2015 official soundtrack among Fatboy Slim, Madeon, A-Trak, Dirty South, Tensnake and more. The game was released in September 2014 and Avicci’s last album ‘True’ sold over 5 million copies worldwide. Avicii’s ‘Wake Me Up’ was the fastest selling record of 2013, charting at #1 in 84 territories.

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Platform Comparison: PS4 vs Xbox One vs PC

Platform Comparison, FIFA 15

We can play FIFA 15 throughout the year on our favorite platform, while some games go out of the trend, Which sports games never have. And the question is which edition is the best. PS4? Xbox One, or PC?

Platform Comparison, FIFA 15

We can’t make any bold claims unless there is strong proof to our words. You can find a bunch of videos below that run FIFA 15 on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC comparing the graphics, game play style as well as overall visual appeal.

Before we conclude anything, a lot of factors should be taken into consideration because the winner is not only about the best looking game but also the one that offers most frame rates. Most gamers obviously know that PC could surpass everything else in this regard because of the superior hardware rig but the other versions are now equally competitive because of the next gen hardware on the consoles.

Frame Rate Test Results

Frame rates always matter and if you wish to enjoy a sports game as FIFA 15 at its best, it should render the best frames in every situation, be it a crowded scenario when all players are on screen or when you are near the goal post with the opponent team surrounding it, the frames shouldn’t drop which is mandatory for a satisfying experience.

It is great to know that both consoles offered a solid 60 FPS throughout the game without any drop at all except for the goal celebrations which doesn’t count as you are not actually playing it. However, visually the Xbox One looked bit superior.

Platform Comparison, FIFA 15

Comparing with PC Edition

The same engine has been used by EA for FIFA 15 on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. But, the game looks different on each one of these platforms. If you are looking for the best color and contrast ratio, the Xbox One edition is surely the best of the console counterparts. However, in terms of smooth edges, better player faces and anti-aliasing, the PC version easily wins the fight. The frames per second were good on all platforms which means you don’t have to worry about losing a kick or a goal shot because of lag.

At the beginning, playstation 4 is a good platform to play the FIFA 15 because of it’s great hardware, then Xbox One catch up. Now Xbox One is the best choice to play FIFA 15 on.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team of this Week

Ultimate Team, this week

The regular Team of the Week package has released by EA Sports, which is loved by many players on the Ultimate Team mode. FIFA 15 players can have more choice now, they can choose a range of footballers to improve it’s performance.

Ultimate Team, this week

The biggest star included this week is Neymar, the Barcelona player who has been recently finding his rhythm in an attack formation that also features Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez.

The attacking line also includes Klose, who is continuing a good run despite his age, and McCormack.

The midfield that gamers can try to recreate is made up of four players: Feret, Sneijder, Kuyt and Pizzaro; and there are also three defenders coming to Ultimate Team: Clman, Moretti and Lustig.

The goalkeeper selected by EA Sports is Diego Alves from Atletico Madrid, who will be tested tonight by Neymar when his team meets Barcelona.

As always, the Team of the Week package also includes the seven substitutes that the laws of football mandate, but most players who buy it will probably not even notice their presence.
FIFA 15 is implementing winter transfers at the moment

Ultimate Team, this week

Currently, EA Sports is focused on making sure that all the transfers that take place in the real world during the January window are also reflected in the football sim, with updates delivered almost daily.

Most of the activity will take place towards the end of the week and that means it might take a little while for all the changes to be introduced.

The development team will also continue to deliver extra content, including tutorial videos for the community and more tournaments featuring players from major European teams.

There are some issues like crossing and pace for some players on FIFA 15. So EA Sports was asked to add some new title updates, but we don’t know whether EA would do that.

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A chart of UK video game industry in 2014

a chart , UK game industry

We get a chart of top selling games in UK end of last year, It’s no doubt that FIFA 15 is the top one, as you can see. We can also know the top Publishers and Platforms. We can get a lot of messages about UK video game industry from the chart.

Overall it was something of a mixed bag as software unit sales dropped 13% year-on-year (partially off-set by higher average prices that saw revenue fall only 7%), while great sales of new-gen hardware saw unit sales rise 21% and revenue 48%. Overall in terms of units (software+accessories+hardware) sales dropped 6%, while revenue increased by 12%. DualShock 4 was the most sold accessory in 2014 followed by the Xbox One controller.

Top selling games in the UK (2014):

1. FIFA 15 / EA Sports
2. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare / Activision
3. Grand Theft Auto V / Rockstar
4. Destiny / Activision
5. Watch Dogs / Ubisoft
6. Minecraft: Xbox Edition / Microsoft
7. FIFA 14 / EA Sports
8. Far Cry 4 / Ubisoft
9. Call of Duty: Ghosts / Activision
10. Assassin’s Creed: Unity / Ubisoft
11. Minecraft: PlayStation Edition / Sony
12. Titanfall / EA Games
13. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag / Ubisoft
14. The Lego Movie Videogame / Warner Bros.
15. Battlefield 4 / EA Games
16. Lego Marvel Super Heroes / Warner Bros.
17. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor / Warner Bros.
18. Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham / Warner Bros.
19. Driveclub / Sony
20. Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare / EA Games

Top Publishers (revenue share):
1. EA (23.2%)
2. Activision Blizzard (16.8%)
3. Ubisoft (13.9%)
4. Take-Two (8.1%)
5. Nintendo (7.3%)
6. Warner Bros. (6.3%)
7. Sony (5.9%)
8. Microsoft (5.5%)
9. Square Enix (2.3%)
10. Bethesda (2.2%)

Top Platforms (software revenue share):
1. PS4 (29.1%)
2. Xbox One (24.1%)
3. Xbox 360 (20.3%)
4. PS3 (12.3%)
5. Nintendo 3DS (5.5%)
6. PC (3.1%)
7. Wii U (3.0%)
8. Wii (1.2%)
9. PS Vita (0.9%)
10. DS (0.6%)

3.3 Billion Goals: scored by FIFA 15 Players

Since FIFA 15 was launched, 3.3 billion goals have been scored already, claimed by Electronic Arts. As we know most matches are played on Saturday, so it’s really a busy time that day. Because most players have a free time and some new interesting game would come out.

More than 113 million single player hours were logged into Dragon Age: Inquisition, which recently received a new major patch and which offers fans the option of downloading the tavern songs for free.

3.3 Billion, FIFA 15 Players

More than 10 million families were created in The Sims 4 and Electronic Arts also says that the Vault that’s part of the EA Access service on the Xbox One has been very successful, with more than 41 million sessions initiated by users.

More stats are associated with SimCity, Madden NFL 14, NBA 2K15 and more.
Electronic Arts needs to make Battlefield: Hardline a success

Last year was a solid one for the publisher but this year might be a challenge early on as the company needs to make sure that Battlefield: Hardline is a success when it arrives in March.

The first-person shooter was delayed after a first beta showed problems with the core mechanics and it will be interesting to see whether the community embraces the experience or not.

A new beta is supposed to be offered soon, with sources offered that it might be opened as soon as February 3.

3.3 Billion, FIFA 15 Players

Later in the year Electronic Arts will deliver its usual slew of sports simulation titles, with Madden and FIFA leading the line.

A game named new Star Wars will be a highlight for the publisher in 2015. It’s a new game created by DICE, which can be one of the most popular new  games.

Shooting skills is important on FIFA 15

shooting skills, imprve, FIFA 15

We have already played FIFA 15 for about four months, how about your shooting skills now? Improving the level of the matches is the goal of EA development team always by delivering a tutorial in the game, which can help players to shoot better and make higher grades.

The developers list all the situations that a player can get into, from goalkeeper one-on-ones to long range shots, and explain how various types of shots can be used to make sure that the ball ends up in the net.

EA Sports also advises players to take a closer look at the ratings of the players they plan on fielding, something which many do not necessarily do before a match.

Most of the information in the video will be old news for seasoned players and veterans of the FIFA series, but it’s nice to see the team trying to make sure that as many people as possible know the basics.shooting skills, imprve, FIFA 15

The studio is making the effort of putting together the videos because it needs as many good players as possible when it comes to multiplayer so that FIFA 15 can remain relevant in the long term.
EA Sports will continue to offer more game content

The development team was busy last week implementing the transfers that took place in the real world during the January window.

A number of them are already live in FIFA 15 and the company says that it will continue to make more changes to rosters up until and a little after the end of the month in order to make sure that the simulation reflects the real world as well as it can.

The player community has also been asking for a new patch to better balance the core gameplay, with most of the players saying that runs through defensive lines need to be less powerful and the crossing system needs to be improved.

We don’t know whether EA Sports have a plan for some changes.

Do you know who is Gary Busey

Gary Busey is a small sect of people in the game world, where is deep in the dark. We know many people who always appears on TV and magazines. but there are some person hide in dark and not many of us know them, such as Gary Busey.

Gary Busey , FIFA 15,

Posted on imgur by user geraldauss, the Under Siege star looks a little worse for wear. The eyes look a little too angry and the teeth are not as prominent as on the actor’s actual grill. When you look at the shot below and then the shot above though, it all makes a little too much sense. Created in the Be A Pro segment of FIFA 15, there’s something hauntingly terrifying about this strange genetic amalgamation.gary busey fifa 1

The world is no stranger to celebrities of film and television making their way into gaming media. Last year’s Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare featured Kevin Spacey in a prominent and well acted role, backed up in upcoming DLC by John Malkovich himself. This appearance isn’t a licensed one to generate some extra cash though. It’s simply the creation of one person who loved Gary Busey so much, they wanted to have him running around on a grassy field with a bunch of highly-paid soccer stars in FIFA 15.

Good idea or bad idea? We don’t honestly know FIFA

Gary Busey , FIFA 15,

What are you favorite fan recreations of popular celebrities? What about the star turn in a game which gives you a little faith back in the whole idea of cross-media appearances. Let us know in the comments down below.

Do you know who is Gary Busey? Do you like him now?