Wise Up on Choosing the Right FUT 15 Chemistry Style

It’s not easy to choose the right FUT 15 chemistry style. Here are some tips

If you have a team with low budgets, it means you should pay more attention to this factor as adjustment since the prices of these cards may range from 150 coins to 10k coins. Just remember that a more expensive chemistry style sometimes doesn’t mean it is a better style. For example, Hunter, Shadow and Hawk are the most expensive cards. However, their cheapest Basic style can be the best choice.

Generally speaking, defensive styles are applied to defenders (Sentinel, Guardian, Gladiator, Backbone and Anchor); attacking styles are applied to forwards (Sniper, Deadeye, Hawk, Marksman and Finisher) and the other styles to the midfielders (Artist, Architect, Powerhouse, Maestro e Engine). While the five goalkeepers styles may only be applied to these players. It is a good practice to apply chemistry styles according to player’s position.


Players who play in the same position but in different formations may have different needs. Just taking central backs as an example. If they play in a 4xx formation, they should run very fast. However, to the central CB of a 5xx formation, the defending and the heading is something much more important. So analyzing the roles of each player in the team is important.

4).Playing Style
There are no one plays FIFA in the same way, whether better or worse. Some like to use the wings to attack or by the middle. Others prefer to play in counter attacks or keep the ball. When choosing a FUT 15 chemistry style, players had better carefully analyzing the roles of each player according to playing style.

5).Players’ Attributes

It is impossible to apply a chemistry style without knowing the players’ attributes and work rates.Players can boost the lower stats to get a more balanced player or o boost the higher stats to make the player even better than their opponents. But it is not easy.

Usually, players tend to choose the second option because most of the times the higher attributes are also the most important ones according to the player’s position. For example: Messi has a low defending stat because he doesn’t need it to play well on his position. It is natural that players try to improve his attacking attributes. But sometimes it can be different. When a player plays in a position and in a formation which the importance of the various attributes is not so uneven, it may be better to try to balance the player.Hope this tips can help you get better performance in FIFA 15,enjoy your game!

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There are some noticeable improvements in FIFA 15

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FIFA 15 is a beautiful game which can put you through all the feels. The unabashed delirium of a late comeback winner. Shrieks of terror at seeing your keeper hare 40 yards off his line – what are you doing Fabianski?! Or the rampant delight at witnessing certain players, for argument’s sake, lets call our hypothetical star Stephan Gercard, fall face flat after miscontrolling a four-yard pass. That’s EA Canada’s primary brief this year: it wants you to ‘feel the game’.

Of course,FIFA 15 is not just a re-hash of last year’s version, but instead brings some much needed changes to the table.

There are other elements of the game which have improved significantly too, aside from just those listed on the box. Some of these in fact are much more important to play, and so it is odd that EA did not choose to highlight them as well, but nonetheless, here they are: First of all there are more tactical options available to you now during a match. When you are taking a free kick or throw in, you can now switch to the receiver of the ball to better position them. You then simply call for the play and the rest is magic. This can make some of these set pieces a lot easier to master and perfect. You can also tell your teammates where to position themselves in the box for a corner; a feature introduced in the World Cup game and one which also makes set pieces more adaptable, useful and meaningful.

One noticeable improvement with FIFA 15 is the ease in which you can navigate through the team management screen. Now when you are selecting formations, set pieces, team captain and so forth, pretty much everything is under one screen and just a tab slider away from the next. So it will be very rare for you to have to make changes in another screen, like having to select set piece takers, and then go back into another screen, etc. It’s far easier, quicker and quite frankly tidier then FIFA 14, so for someone that hates clutter; this is a little god send to say the least.

What’s even more noticeable now is how the speed and direction that the player is running in drastically affects their connection with the ball. By diving into the Instant Replay function you can easily identify authentic spin and dip when it has been applied to the ball – it looks absolutely amazing in slow motion and demonstrates the care that has been taken to ensure the football itself acts how it’s meant to.

FIFA 15 tips to win perfect chemistry

As we know,you can change your formation and player positions after the game starts and chemistry isn’t affected. Also to check player chemistry before you purchase for your team use the tools. If you follow these simple steps you will have a successful squad. whatever, if you want to buy FIFA 15 coins online, please remember to buy FIFA 15 coins from our online shop fifa15-coins.com.

Fifa 15 The chemistry is extremely important for the success of any team. And there are two kinds of chemistry: each player’s individual chemistry and the chemistry of the team. Both influence the performance of the players on the pitch. The chemistry takes a fundamental role in the team’s performance. It evaluates the health of every relation in a club. In other words, the chemistry is a factor that helps the game play by interacting with the familiarity of the players with the club’s formation, position, the relation with the other players and the manager. Now, I will show you tips to win perfect chemistry in FIFA 15.

1.Pick your star players
To begin with, select two or three footballers you really like and you can base your team around them. Three different players with three different nationalities and leagues.

2.Pick a League or Nationality
Chemistry works by linking players together in the same league or players that share the same nationality. If you can get both of these together you are doing great! You must remember though that the maximum chemistry s single player can have is 9, when a player is playing with 9 chemistry you are getting the absolute best out of him. So by this logic you can actually still achieve a squad in which every player has 9 chemistry if they all play in the same league but have different nationalities. For every player, your manager shares his nationality you will gain +1 chemistry, which could potentially build a +11 nationality bonus. Ideally you want to get your hands on a manager that matches your desired formation, or at least a similar formation to gain some of the formation chemistry.

3.Decide on a formation for your team
Pick a formation that you like to play. My suggestion is to go with the cheaper formations, such as the 3-4-1-2, 3-4-3 or the 4-5-1. I suggest the 3-4-1-2 because you can buy them all day with less fifa 15 coins. To make this a success you need to have a decent trio of CB’s and a strong Midfield. A strong midfield can make or break a team. They hold up the offensive attack or help you push the ball up the pitch to get a counter attack going yourself.

4.Build your team
Now that you know how chemistry works and you have decided on a league/nationality and a formation, it’s time to build the team. Before I create a new team, I like to use certain tools to make sure that: I can afford the team. Each player will have 9 chemistry and the players I use have decent attributes. Find good players that are in the correct positions and place them into the squad builder. Make sure the chemistry is good and you can afford the team. Once you have done this, you can begin to buy players and place them into your squad.

FIFA 15tips to win in games


FIFA 15 fan,welfare is coming! here together in this comprehensive guide our best tips and tricks to become the Messi of the joystick!

Here are 11 tips to win in FIFA 15. Eleven tips that will be very useful to make a difference. For example, how do you use the offside or how to ask your attackers to put pressure on the opponent. Read carefully in order to challenge the best players.

How to shield his defense for not conceding goals?

FIFA experts, frequent football, know how to organize and manage a team defense. Here he is giving some basic tips as to attitudes on the ground that the instructions before and during the game to give players.

How to manage your football club in FIFA 15

Manage a club in FIFA Ultimate Team, it is almost a full time job. To mount a successful team, you need management skills, solid knowledge, a good dose of common sense, but more importantly a lot of time to spend. Here are some tips to get by the best!

A new mod for FIFA 15 on PC allows users to completely change the gameplay. The mod is for players who think FIFA 15 is boring or who find that the AI ??(Artificial Intelligence) is rather disappointing.

The Golden Team of FIFA 15! Our selection of the best footballers

What would be the perfect team for FIFA 15? Here are 11 ideal, the perfect selection, based on the role players and the values ??given by FIFA 15.

FIFA 15: Follow the latest news about the game

You can follow our latest news on FIFA 15 in our news section. As a bonus, here below is a small selection of unusual news:

All the goals from Diego Costa recreated in the game
The pellets goalkeepers are the buzz on the net
EA will distribute cards to those who do not follow the rules
Ibra, Messi, Hazard, Robben and Vidal are the kings in Europe on FIFA 15

Don’t hesitate and collente them! more

Application of clever tricks to buy your perfect package

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EA announced many packs available recently. Will you buy every pack once it is out or just select some? What affects your decisions to buy one pack? How to pay less and get perfect pack? In this article, we will talk about these issues and how to buy packs worthwhile.

When you see packs available, the first decision you should make is whether it is worthwhile to make the purchase. Usually you can pay with FIFA 15 coins or FIFA points and hope to get profit. no pain no gain, isn’t it? Only when you purchase you will know what you will get.

fifa 15

Best Time to Buy Packs

Talking about the best time to buy packs, it must be the Happy Hours. Misunderstood by many FIFA 15 players, the Happy hour is not just an hour, but it may also be longer like a full day or even a week. During Happy Hours, there will be all kinds of packs. With the same chance to get good packs, packs are much cheaper than usual.Besides, there is a special Happy Hours announced as ‘2x Chances’ in which the chances of getting good packs are higher. It means that the chances of getting an IF card during this period are two times higher than usual. However, these special Happy Hours are very rare. They only happen two or three times in a year. So if you see this kind of Happy Hours, don’t hesitate and go purchase.

Tricks to get packs with less pay

There are three ways to buy packs: buying packs on the store, subscribing the Season Ticket / EA Access or buying the Ultimate Edition.The packs purchased on the store are more expensive than the ones that Ultimate Edition offers while this special edition only gives one pack per week.

As to the Season Ticket, subscribers only get one pack per week but it is also true that Season Ticket holders pay 20% less to buy packs on the store with real money (FIFA Points). So for those who buy many packs, subscribe to Season Ticket may be something very useful.
Buy FIFA 15 packs to get unexpected players is a kind of amazing gifts in FIFA 15.

Robben-the most expensive black player in FUT 15

As you know,there is a assembles about the best players from international and club competition around the world each week from FIFA Ultimate Team.Can you believe that Robben was chosen in the week team again?And his stats improved again. As for the current market price, the Robben would be the most expensive player in the transfer market.

Robben, has won the champion of Premier League, La Liga,Bundesliga, Eredivisie. He was representative of Netherlands played 3 World Cup, 3 European Cup, and scored goal for three consecutive times. He is the best assists in Dutch teams, and the second shooter in Dutch’s World Cup history.

Technical Features: long-range attacks, wing assault, cut inside on the right ,beat an opponent consecutively,long pass

Most of players are concerned why Robben won the second black card, because last week’s 2016 European Championship qualifier in Amsterdam Arena, Dutch won Latvia with 6:0. The Robben sent assists for Van Persie to break the deadlock, then scored again, helping the team win the game easily.

Are you impressed by his charisma?If you want buy the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team black cards or fifa15 coins,fifa15-coins.com would glad to provide you the cheapest and safetest Coins with instant delivery. Online service can help you solve problems quickly,too.

Companion for windows phone in FIFA15

Do you know about windows phone?A companion for FIFA 15,it’s a cost-free app that allows you to make the most of your management skills when you’re from your console, whether Xbox or PlayStation. To utilize the FIFA Ultimate Group features you must have a FIFA Ultimate Crew Club in FIFA 15.

The FIFA 15 Companion mobile app requires you to have an Origin account attached to FIFA 15 and permits you to manage your Ultimate Team anytime, anywhere! You can manage your FIFA Greatest Team Squads by optimising Chemistry, Formations, and Athletes, as well as discover and bid on players in the FUT Move Market. If you’re looking to spend some of the money earned within the game you can Purchase packs from the FUT Store, or you can raise cash by selling players on your Transfer list. Essentially, it allows you to do all the back-room stuff you need to do to manage your squad, so that when you’re in front of your console you can get on with the fun stuff and play the game.

The EA SPORTS FIFA 15 Companion is available in Italian, German, French, Spanish and English and Dutch. Before you can start using the app you need to have a FIFA 15 team up and running. To do this create your club in FIFA 15 for Xbox One, Xbox 360,PlayStation4 and PlayStation3, or PC, create your FUT Security Question, then log in to the app to access the FIFA Ultimate Team features! We’ve been checking out FIFA 15 Companion on our Nokia Lumia 635, so we know it works on Windows Phone devices with 512MB of RAM, as well as on our Lumia 735 with 1GB of RAM and found the app offers the same great functionality on both phones.

FIFA 15 Companion is a free 9MB download from the Windows Phone Store.

5 things demands fixed right now in fifa15

At this moment,the visuals are sharper than the quite sharpest pin and Ultimate Team stays as obsessive as ever. However,you will still find some things that depart our knuckles white while we crush the controller in frustration. These are no longer news,for example,why is the commentator saying the same over and over again? Why can all the strikers struck the ball harder making use of their heads than their ft?

Every single goalkeeper is currently as good as Tim Howard, only nine times out of twenty
The latest keepers have been made more sensible, in a whole lot as they change their kind of save and run out more, simply to either alter their mind and backtrack or endeavor a leaping punch. However, they’re now ridiculously hard to beat. Flame 20 possible goal of your years their way, in a row, and they’ll accomplish inhuman will save you. Yet they will then randomly let in the daisy cutter from a unusual angle or mess up a basic punch. In other words, they’ve all become Robert Green. The search for the perfect FIFA goalie continues.

Latency troubles. Sorry, what did you say?
The last thing you would like in a quick-paced sport is everything cold and reducing, but that is exactly what took place on the discharge of FIFA 15, leading to uproar from end users experiencing lag issues when playing on the web. However, a week ago the FIFA 15 1.02 update went stay, featuring a latency checker for Ultimate Crew, allowing you to perspective connection energy before getting caught into on-line play. Ideally that’ll set at least a few of those frustrating delay issues to sleep.

Commentators have the same quips over and over
Regardless of whether you enjoy or loathe Martin Tyler and Alan Smith’s chat, there’s no denying the new powerful dialogue easily becomes strenuous. As part of the mar towards best realism, the pair talk about mentions of history World Mug, recent team-certain struggles, sadnesses at Liverpool’s lack of silverware… but incredibly all this appears to do is make it a lot more obvious when they’re reiterating the same viewing for the 5th game in a row.

Headers remain too powerful
Headers have a bit more to them, making them trickier to master. In spite of this, if the opposing team includes a Fellaini in the box as well as a cross is whipped together with which his fluffy brain connects, 9 times away from ten the ball’s starting the back of your net with the speed of light. It is as if the ball’s been punched by Superman, instead of the skull of a Belgian by using a perm.

One of the biggest shifts in the most recent FIFA will come in the form of tactical defending, which to us translates as ‘really hard defending’. Unless you’re in exactly the appropriate spot you won’t dispossess your opponent, allowing them to run through on goal with alarming regularity. You can also devote five minutes going after a gamer without a hope of nudging them off of the ball, which can be good only because the FIFA 15 refs can’t await a reason to transmit you off of.Know more about fifa15,click here.

FUT 15 Winning Tips:What Matters to FIFA 15 Chemistry

In order to build a FIFA 15 dream squad, you need to pay attention to many aspects such as formations, players and team chemistry. Here we will discuss the importance of team chemistry with three chemistry influencing factors: players’ position, players’ relation and club loyalty.

fifa 15 tips  

Arrangement of players is the first key point. Usually you will put a player in his natural position, like using Messi as CF, but you can try to put him in a different position such as ST and then check that which position is better, the natural one or the new position. I know maybe you will reply with “nonsense” or “ridiculous view”, but who knows. Maybe you will find a better choice. With the use of FIFA 15 concept squad feature, you can test your team and select the best. Note that all adjustments you made are all based on players’ ratings and skills.

After dealing with players’ position, you should focus on players’ relation. Usually you may choose best partners as partners, such as Messi and Neymar. But it always spends lots of FIFA 15 coins with less affectivity.At this moment, you can focus on the chemistry links which are divided into Dead Link, Weak, Strong, Hyper. Each player’s attributes are affected and what really counts for the individual chemistry is the summation of the intensities of the connections that a specific player has.

Select players from the same club as possible as you can. Loyalty here is designed to further reward UT players for opening packs or keeping a player for an extended amount of games. After 10 matches of playing with the same player, or using a player pulled from a pack, the player will receive a bonus to his Individual Chemistry. He only needs one of these two things to get the bonus.

If you have lots of FIFA 15 coins, you can trade superstars and win games easily. Feel free to contact fifa15-coins for cheap FIFA 15 coins and other versions coins. Fast delivery guaranteed with 2% discount coupon code available. Enjoy your day!

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