FIFA 15 attacking headers tips & tricks

Winning The Arial Duel
The very first thing that you’re going to need to do in-order to be the king of headers on FIFA 14, is to make sure you win them Arial dues every single time. This is easier said than done, but we know the best tips and tricks to make this happen.

When your player crosses it, what you’ll need to do is start moving your attacking player into the defender that’s going up for the jump with you. You can either run into him from distance, or you can simply hold the sprint button down and carefully nudge him out of the way at close distance.

You should notice that the opposition player is now out of the duel and you have a free header at goal to try and score past the goalkeeper.


Generating Power To Beat The Keepers
There are two different methods to use, it’s entirely up to you on which one works best for you personally. The first technique is just simply holding the shoot button in to just slightly over halfway. We can’t give an exact judgement of how long to hold it in for, because it depends on how far out from goal you are. You’ll just have to practice for a little while and get use to how long you should hold the gauge in for depending on distance out from the opponents goal.

The second method is by far the best one to use! What you need to get in your head to understand where we are coming from is imagine that you’re holding an elastic band pulling it back and then letting go and seeing it fly over the other side of the room. That’s exactly the best example of how this next method works.

All you have to do is when the cross comes flying in from the wing, you must pull the left-trigger to the opposite side. So if the goal is to your left and that’s where you’d usually aim the left-trigger, instead aim for the right and just before contact aim it towards the goal to see the power header come off. It’s all about your timing and positioning, but if you nail it, there’s not a chance for any keeper to save it and that includes ?ech, Neuer and Casillas.

Sign OP Players With Great Jump Stats

There’s a saying (you’ve got to be in it to win it) and that couldn’t be more true with heading the ball into the back of the net. A player can have the best heading stats in the world, 99 out of 100 in-fact, but if he’s not that blessed with climbing and his jump is poor, then he’s never gonna compete with other OP players. Make sure the first thing you look at is the jumping stats, this is where you’ll get up higher than your opponent and then have a greater chance of winning the Arial duels.

You can check out the stats on the Career Mode easily in your squad which is at the main menu when you load up your career. To check that players stats in Ultimate Team you need to start a match and then pause the game and go to substitutes. From there you can scroll down and check out all of your players that have the best statistics and search for jump.

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FIFA 15: 5 Outrageous Rumours That Won’t Happen

The hype surrounding the release of FIFA 15 is still sky-high after EA Sports teased us with the first glimpses of gameplay at E3. EA are often criticised for introducing too little from one instalment of FIFA to another, barely making the new game different enough to warrant fans making a new purchase. However, with FIFA 15 EA claims to have introduced a plethora of new features to convince fans that we wouldn’t yet again be seeing a marginally different copy of the previous year’s game, just with Lionel Messi in a different pose on the cover. The introduction of exciting new visual features such as the living pitch, an overhauled crowd and player emotional intelligence means that FIFA 15 will be suitably gorgeous to mark the franchise’s jump to next-gen.

However, even with all the new additions announced at E3, speculation is still rife as to other new elements we will see making their debut in FIFA 15. These rumours range from the plausible to the downright ridiculous. Thankfully nobody has suggested that a biting function should be added for Suarez, though some of these rumours are almost as off-the-wall.


Here are the 5 FIFA 15 rumours that surely won’t happen:

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Tips on Save WildStar Cash & Earn Cheap Mount

Mounts become available at Level 15. Vendors sell them for 11 Gold, which is a pretty steep price, but if you want upgrade at Level 25, you’ll need to purchase the next-best hoverboard for a painful 25 Gold.


Save yourself some cash. There’s another resource you can spend to unlock a mount at Level 25 — Renown.Renown is earned by completing dungeons with a team of players. Some vendors allow you to spend renown to unlock new amps, upgrades, or even mounts.

The first mount vendors that will trade in renown appear at Level 25. The mounts cost 5,000 Renown, which can be earned after completing 2-3 dungeons.Spending renown instead of gold will seriously help save money this early in your WildStar career.

Renown Mount Vendor Locations:Go to these vendors to save cash when purchasing mount.
Agent Tetch:
Location: Illium
Mount: Rosie Hoverboard
Mount Cost: 5,000 Renown

Sergeant Syrrus
Location: Thayd
Mount: Rosie Hoverboard
Mount Cost: 5,000 Renown

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