RS attracted me to keep playing

RS, the full name “Runescape”, this game, I have to say is a God for, first of all it is a page tour , although the picture is not very good ! However, the contents of which attracted me !

First, it has a huge worldview , a popular masterpiece as any of the world ! Rich story , powerful trading system , playability, unusual flexibility are strong , the key is that it is just a page tour !
Started playing this game , all start with the basics , in addition to their own day mining, logging and farming , quit everything else, because I want to accumulate material for their own , make a lot of props and household items , create your own stuff ! Many people ask me , a man playing online games interesting? Yes, a lot of people playing online games is meaningless , but RS is different, I am a person play is also very happy, very happy , because the equipment does not depend on your luck props in the game inside, but on our own hands ! I can rely on their own hands to create the items I wanted , through labor to get what she wants ! Very cultured independent ability and patience !

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