Runescape 3 Money for Making More

And there you have it, a pretty much guaranteed way to double your money in Runescape. If you don’t have enough money for this to really be effective. Yes, this actually works and is extremely easy to do. Obviously, this strategy is only really worth it once you have a moderately large amount of money, 50k or so is okay but 200k and over is ideal. The general idea is to merchant feathers.


Head to the chicken coops at the ranch north-east of Lumbridge castle. Be sure to be carrying around a large amount of money (The more money you carry, the more money you will make).

Once at the chicken coup say “buying feathers”. For this strategy to work you will be buying and selling feathers. Because the chicken coop is often full of newbies who want to get their combat lvl up on chickens, most of them do not know the true value of feathers. At first, feathers may seem useless but they’re actually in high demand because they’re useful in fishing and fletching. Once you find a potential buyer, offer to buy their feathers at 2-3 gp each. You can go a tiny bit higher but do not go higher than 5 gp per feather. Keep buying them until you have used all your Runescape Gold.

Assuming you have now used all your gold on feathers, it is time to sell them. Go to world one and find a crowded area, preferably a bank. Here you will find a lot of people (mostly members) willing to buy feathers at 10gp each for fletching (which happens to be a members only skill). You should have bought your feathers at no more than 5gp each, so you should be at the very least doubling your money. If you bought 50k worth of feathers you should now have 100k in your pockets.

Runescape 3 of Divination and Podcast

What is it like to train Divination, and is it similar to the method of training any existing skills? What are the characters and factions involved with Divination? What impact does this mysterious energy have on the story of RuneScape? If you are intrigued to find out the answers to these and many other questions, then this podcast is a must listen! Mods Osborne, Hew, Krista and Ana share a few tips for training the new skill and talk a bit about the skill following Divination as well.


Divination was announced just a few months ago from a monumental castle. Since then we’ve seen a lot of divine questions and imaginative speculations about the new skill. This week we are pleased to bring you Mod Osborne – the RuneScape Walking Lore Bible – and his guests to tell you everything they can about Divination!

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Next podcast will feature some interesting guests, including Mod Osborne and some of the other content developers, talking about their support of different gods and factions in Gielinor.

RS Game Design of Pyramid Philosophy

Core loop is the heart of the game . When you ask the players what is ” play ” , they will usually tell you that the core of the game loop . Core loop is repeated players in the game play , the basic things that are part of the game prototype . If you give it to someone else show to others , the other most likely answer you: “I understand , I understand your game .”


While the core loop allows others to understand the game , but not enough to make a successful game . Sometimes , the core circulation may be very perfect , very interesting , allowing the player to its sheer fun and keep playing. But that is almost non-existent. More often , you need to retain the game as support. Free games usually have a special retention game mechanics , usually combined with real-time processes , such as the different periods of multiple cross- circulation or encourage players to return to the game at a time timing mechanism . These players can create a feeling and fun elements and it is possible to perform , since most server-based FPS game has some elements of the game logic . These mechanisms profit principle is very easy to understand , which allows players to spend money to bypass the delay . However, the profitability of the delay as the main strategy is wrong. They are just the main ones retained mechanisms. Joyrs is the best site offer cheap Runescape 3 Gold.

So, I proposed a ” free game design pyramid ” concept. In the bottom of the pyramid is the core loop is retained middle game , the top is a super fan of the game . In order to create a successful free games, you have to ensure that the core game between circulation and retained a close symbiotic relationship . Super fan game is optional, may not appear in your minimum viable product , but if there is , can promote the game’s profit.

Runescape The Principles for Game Design

Do not just focus on the game’s “victory” dimension. Games are emotional events, people are not willing to win away games. If the learner prematurely lose the game, it will have the experience of disappointment or frustration. They might quit the game, so pay attention to the learning results. If possible, the learner must be grouped to create a game. Grouping than the single player mode, but also help to promote better learning (related investigations have to prove this conclusion). Try to make the game’s current cognitive activity and cognitive activity learners match. The higher the degree of their match, the more conducive to their learning.


Designing learning games to meet the needs of specific guidance object (although this practice is obvious, but often overlooked). The learning games embedded in courses using the following structure: the establishment of the game, and they will tell the learner to learn, and then allow them to experience the game, when the game ends, learners are required to explain the game’s learning level. Keeping rules, scoring, and upgrade the system simplicity. Complex puzzle game is easy for beginners and crazy. Enable learners to adapt the rules before you start and play. If the game does look very complicated or difficult to start, it would have to provide a non-scoring, with upgrades and win or lose regardless of the outcome of the tutorial rounds, training bout. Or make a short video explaining how to play the game.

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Let the game has replayability. Adding a number of courses of study type game better. This means that players can use another strategy or approach once again experience the game, not just repeat the same thing. Make the game interactive, focusing on player activity. Negative gameplay is not more than the class guidance. To determine the criteria to measure in advance. In the design of the game before, you should determine how to measure the effectiveness of the game.

Runescape of Green Dragons

Avoid the Rangers, they hit you through spots. Safe places of interest with Cannon: any type of Dragon, everywhere where you find suitable. Cash flow depends on the place where you do, I recommend Green Dragons of money and Ponca inside, if this is your first time. You must browse through until you reach the centre and get off at the safety keep. Flesh crawlers are located on the 2nd floor, so that his work is not much. Once in the 2 floor, go in the very southeast corner. You descended the scale (brought from the DUSTY, if you have 70 agile processes is much faster, wear 1 Filly tab) get Dusty key: Go past the minor demons outside the cage.


And instead of turning, go Giants. Make Hill, a left when you get inside the Castle, killing prison guard. Pick up the key, talk to the man in his cell. Once spots go through the next! The Naps do not attack you, and then don’t worry. It is a bank inside, and multiple secure locations and cheap Runescape 3 Gold in the game. And it gives you the key to Dusty. Follow from here. Go through the doors with guards, rollerblade, passing the minor demons that you can form the thus. You want within the lesser demon cage, and use your key on the dusty door. Once inside, pour on the Dragons, and go to this spot. You must run level past 44 zombies, and then here we are.

If you look quickly for XP, use bronze knives. The monks in Bergville are also good, not food wasted because they heal you. Run until you see 2 guards, go through the door. Go to the East by the door on the other. Now, run only. You have arrived; it should look like the Giants this. Hill (items: Brass Key) inside safe place, good, if needed please. Speed – 4 Cash – 4Requirements for experimentation: must have done the following quests: Restless Ghost, priest at risk and rs gold in the game. And have not finished creating of Frankenstein. Warning: Priest in danger gives XP please. Go in the sewers, navigate Scorpions passed, followed by giant rats and skeletons, ghosts, several skeletons, by shaking through a Web site, and then from venomous Spiders. Il ya 4 points of recurrence for Moss Giants, most often never occupied.

RS Lost City for do the quest

Head to the dungeon as described in the guide (if you are using ranged make your equipment now), and have your friends kill zombies until they get a bronze axe. Have them give it to you, then move on to the area where the Dramen Tree. Drink your Saradomin Brew, and chop at the tree. Run to the safespot shown in the picture above and use wind strike or your bow on the spirit until you hit for 10 Life Points. Now wait 10 seconds, and then have your friend who has the rings of recoil cast Weaken on the spirit. Make sure he/she has auto retaliate off!


Give the 4 rings of recoil, the runes for the spell ‘Weaken’ and a full inventory of food to your friend with high Constitution. Give a full inventory of food to your other friend, and fill up your own inventory with food.

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Now the spirit should be attacking your friend. Every time the spirit hits some damage on your friend, it will take a small amount of damage itself. Now you have to wait for it to kill itself by hurting you: When a ring of recoil shatters (they shatter after 40 damage), put on a new one. When your friend asks for it, drop food at his feet so he can pick it up to heal itself. Should your friends hit any damage at all on it, you have to start over again. Once it dies, you will be able to chop the tree. Now homeport out and continue with the rest of the quest.

RS Character Team of Showcase

A challenge was issued to RuneScape’s character artists: create new outfits to showcase your skill, content the likes of which RuneScape has never laid eyes upon. The challenge was met; indeed, I present the initial two of four creations today!


But I need not explain these fantastic new items when you can hear straight from the horse’s mouth! Mod Ante, one of the talented artists behind these fine new designs, explains

By sheer fortune, Halloween is almost upon us and is a most fitting time to adorn yourself with either of these unique ghoulish outfits. Don’t forget, two more outfits from the character team showcase will soon follow these two magnificent creations.

The Deathless Regent and Ravenskull outfits are available now so please do visit my store and take a look at all the fantastic items available. If you would like more RuneCoins, you can redeem Bonds in-game.

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A truly special treat arrives in my stores for you today – the Deathless Regent and Ravenskull, two fine new outfits with a story behind their conception…

RS Best for Goblin Diplomacy Guide

They are saying concerning something when you see them. You can learn the reason why they quarrel with each other is that which color of armor is the most suitable for Goblins. And it is your opportunity to tell them the best shade as you can recommend orange is the best shade. And you will be informed to browse the pet crates to find the shield. You need to color them when you discover the shield.


After that you have to obtain some items for more steps, if you have actually already had them, simply avoid this action.

Yellow Dye: You would have to go southern of Rimmington in the field to accumulate 2 onions. Five pieces are had to make this dye.
Red Dye: In order to accumulate red dye, you need to go to Varrock to gather 3 red berries. Or you could go to Port Sarim to get a Red Dye which will set you back 5 pieces to make the dye.
Orange Dye: it is really simple to make Orange Dye. As long as you utilize Yellow Dye and the Red Dye, it will turn orange.
Blue Dye: you could visit the park located in Falador to get Woad leaves which will certainly be utilized to get heaven dye. And make sure you have 5 coins to make the blue dye. Simply miss this step if you have actually woad fallen leaves or can utilize rs gold to get for on your own.
It is time to head over to Aggie the Sorcerer situated in Draynor Community. Ask her to make the Dyes which you require the Dyes to make it as well as five gold points for each and every dye. As soon as you make a yellow dye, a red dye a blue dye, you need mix the yellow dye and red dye to make the Orange Dye.
Use the orange dye and a goblin mail to make an orange shield. Use use the blue dye and a goblin mail to make a blue shield.
Get all the shield and going to Goblin Village and provide them to one of the Generals. And tell them you have an orange armor. They will try the orange shield on and it is ideal for their skin tone and you will be suggested to give the blue shield.
When you try it on, they will ask you attempt the brown armor for Grubfoot, and you will find they all concur it is the best shade to put on.
Now you finish the Goblin Diplomacy journey. And you could obtain the benefits for you.

If you want to finish all missions in Runescape, it is suggested you get runescape account, to sign up with members as members can obtain all access to finishing all quest. Additionally, you are able to educate all capabilities that you may need capabilities requirements to begin some tough pursuit. You can market runescape accounts to make a fair quantity of cash if you could train high level abilities.

RuneScape improve your Woodcutting skill

Only a Crystal Tree is active at a given time, and until another tree becomes. To find the active tree, you should go to one of the known crystal tree locations. If you do not see active tree, right-click on the idle tree and choose the option Observer. You will then get a clue. If you need help finding a tree crystal location, you can go talk to Wilfred, north of Falador. By right clicking on any tree crystal inactive and selecting the Observer option, you will receive a clue to the location of the currently active tree.


Crystal trees are seven different locations. Tree crystal is considered “active” when crystal formations appear around him. These are the courses that you have to cut, if they have a level 94 Woodcutting, for one of the best rates XP Woodcutting the game.

By cutting the crystal formations, you have a chance to receive a crystal geode . These objects are similar to bird nests and may contain precious gems, or even a fragment of triskele crystal . If you completed the quest Roving Elves , you will also have a chance to discover a seed crystal .

While older trees are the ideal method to collect valuable logs, trees crystal are perfect to help you improve your skill Woodcutting. Like the ivy, they do not provide resources, but you do get an excellent rate XP Woodcutting and earn Runescape 3 Gold.

Runescape Castle Wars

Improved gaming experience: In addition to the updated interface showing you the status of your fortress and your score, we other improvements in terms of gaming experience.


System with two types of tickets: Tickets Castle Wars is now available in two versions: the gold and silver tickets tickets. Silver tickets will allow you to gain valuable objects, such as pieces of ballista, potions or chinchompas. You can get this type of tickets whatever the outcome of the game, meaning that you never leave empty-handed playing Castle Wars. If they win or draw, you will receive gold tickets to exchange against excellent armor for use in the mini game.

Armor Wars improved citadels:Speaking of armor, we have major improvements to armor Castle Wars.You can get these armor through your golden ticket. To give you an example, valuable ornamental armor now equals equipment Nex. They are also armor “hybrid”,ideal for those who like to vary combat styles and use the Magic, Combat Melee and Ranged.

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The minigame Castle Wars, whose popularity continues unabated, now enjoys a graphical overhaul. It gives a much more impressive elements to the environment aspect, and brings a lot of improvements and changes in the battle arena and the gaming experience has never been so much fun to besiege the citadel of your enemies, which is more in a more grandiose scenery before!

Our graphics team has surpassed: each citadels is incredibly impressive and contains traps based on a specific theme. The tunnels beneath the arena are illuminated a gloomy light that gives them a sinister aspect. However, we wanted to stay true to the style that you know. You to defend the walls or you’re undercover mission, you will not feel out of place.