Runescape 3 of Divination and Podcast

What is it like to train Divination, and is it similar to the method of training any existing skills? What are the characters and factions involved with Divination? What impact does this mysterious energy have on the story of RuneScape? If you are intrigued to find out the answers to these and many other questions, then this podcast is a must listen! Mods Osborne, Hew, Krista and Ana share a few tips for training the new skill and talk a bit about the skill following Divination as well.


Divination was announced just a few months ago from a monumental castle. Since then we’ve seen a lot of divine questions and imaginative speculations about the new skill. This week we are pleased to bring you Mod Osborne – the RuneScape Walking Lore Bible – and his guests to tell you everything they can about Divination!

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Next podcast will feature some interesting guests, including Mod Osborne and some of the other content developers, talking about their support of different gods and factions in Gielinor.