What’s wrong with runescapes

One sentence..

Its too hard for beginners.

Let me explain.

In 2005 when I joined, everything was simple. You clicked to run, you clicked to fight, you clicked to fish. There were a set of managalbe skils that you needed to advance in the game which made sense.

It was easy for a noob to sink their teeth into and hit the ground running.

Now when a beginner logs in, he has to go through a 4 hour tutorial that never really explains how to Runescape Gold play (ESPECIALLY combat).

Noobs just aren’t sticking around. Without new players the economy will continue to tank because there is noone to purchase the lower tier equipment.

Runescape is too big for new players. Hell! It’s getting too big for ME! I used to know everything about this game.

Well Mist, how can we fix it?

Let me tell you… Stop. Stop making Runescape BIGGER and instead make it BETTER. Finish the Map (Priffindiffas), finish the companion skill to Div, wrwap up the remaining Quests and stop.

Rethink ALL past updates. ESPECIALLY ones that devalue the core of the game… Honing Skills.


Lode Stones – I love lode stones, they make getting around very easy but they completely removed the primary reason to train Magic at low levels. The only reason people start to train mage is because they get tierd of runnig to Draynor and Fally

Agilty: Why even have it anymore? It serves zero purpose ohter than a grindfest. The rewards are all shortcuts that noone uses anymore and a couple of other “rewards” that just don’t make sense.

EoC – Some love it, others hate it… But its a huge obstical for noobs! And probably one of the biggest reasons new players don’t stick around.

There are tons of other examples.

I love Runescape. I want it to be here for a LONG time to come…. But making it BIGGER isn’t what you should be doing. BETTER… That’s the way forward.Lode Stone Fix: The stone should only be unlocked if you have the magic level to cast the corresponding Tele Spell.

Agility: Remove the skill. Or give it a purpose. One or the other.

EoC: Conservation. (See The QFC Link in my signature)

Quests: If you keep creating quests (I LOVE Runescapse Quests), at least create a NOOB Quest Road map. A suggested order for noobs to pursue. A logical path through the 290+ quests.

The REST of Runescape: Fix it. spend a year or two standardizing it. Example: Right Click Options… Some things have them… Some things don’t… And for GUTHIX SAKE, get rid of the LEFT CLICK menu in the backpack!!!! Its annoying and the ONLY annoying LEFT CLICK menu in the game!