Backpack and curses spacing

I really liked the recent NIS fixes, specially the split chat, click through chatbox and F key customization. But I really didn’t like how you reduced the space between inventory (backpack) slots and also made prayer icons slimmer/smaller. I really liked it before. I liked how in old school layout you could have the menubar in 4×2 form and both backpack and curses in 4×7 format. Now if you stretch your backpack and curses out to match menubar’s 4×2 width backpack becomes 5×5 then 3 at bottom and curses becomes 6×4 and 4 at bottom.

I hope the ppl who work on NIS stuff looks at this and do something about it. I’ll really appreciate it if you revert only this thing back to what it was, thanks.The reason this was done was to give Runescape Gold players who use smaller screens the ability to make some of their windows a little bit smaller overall.