Still not customisable enough

Quite a fan of the new interface system however just a few finer details i wanted to talk about.

We are capable of putting the range ability tab in an area of its own, but we can’t break up the (Defence/HP Abilities) or (Magic Abilitiies/Combat Spells/Teleports/Other Spells) etc.

I think it would be nicer if we could drag, for example, a tab for defence wherever we want, and a tab for HP abilities wherever we want also.This would make it just that little bit more simpler and likeable.

Also, is there an option to turn the ‘snapping’ thing off when we are moving interfaces closely to each other? Its like a pair of magnets connecting when they get too close. Kinda annoying if you’re trying ot perfect your interface.

Thanks for reading Feel free to post your feedback here also / agreement.