Constant freezing

On RS 3 Gold, from the second I enter my name and pass and press “Log-in” it constantly freezes, it will stop for a few seconds then freeze again, it takes me 5 minutes to select a world, I’m trying to give RS3 a shot but I can’t even play the game, my settings are as low as possible and I tried changing my display mode, and once a log in, I literally can’t change around any of my interfaces or walk around or do anything. Help please??

It’s not even lag though, it’s just a freeze, it’ll freeze for a few seconds, then run flawless for a couple seconds, then freeze again, when RS3 first came out I logged onto it and had no problem, now when I go on it does this, I have tried using both display modes and it still does it, I have turned on Maximum CPU usage, I have no clue why it does this

Which display mode are you running RS in? OpenGL or DirectX?

I personally use OpenGL and am also on the lowest possible graphics settings. I have also allocated “Maximum” to my CPU usage. You might want to also try closing all other programs to minimize the potential graphical lag you experience on RS Gold.

Check if your graphics card drivers and Java versions are up-to-date. That’s all I can think of that would be the cause of your lag, based on your description.

What’s wrong with runescapes

One sentence..

Its too hard for beginners.

Let me explain.

In 2005 when I joined, everything was simple. You clicked to run, you clicked to fight, you clicked to fish. There were a set of managalbe skils that you needed to advance in the game which made sense.

It was easy for a noob to sink their teeth into and hit the ground running.

Now when a beginner logs in, he has to go through a 4 hour tutorial that never really explains how to Runescape Gold play (ESPECIALLY combat).

Noobs just aren’t sticking around. Without new players the economy will continue to tank because there is noone to purchase the lower tier equipment.

Runescape is too big for new players. Hell! It’s getting too big for ME! I used to know everything about this game.

Well Mist, how can we fix it?

Let me tell you… Stop. Stop making Runescape BIGGER and instead make it BETTER. Finish the Map (Priffindiffas), finish the companion skill to Div, wrwap up the remaining Quests and stop.

Rethink ALL past updates. ESPECIALLY ones that devalue the core of the game… Honing Skills.


Lode Stones – I love lode stones, they make getting around very easy but they completely removed the primary reason to train Magic at low levels. The only reason people start to train mage is because they get tierd of runnig to Draynor and Fally

Agilty: Why even have it anymore? It serves zero purpose ohter than a grindfest. The rewards are all shortcuts that noone uses anymore and a couple of other “rewards” that just don’t make sense.

EoC – Some love it, others hate it… But its a huge obstical for noobs! And probably one of the biggest reasons new players don’t stick around.

There are tons of other examples.

I love Runescape. I want it to be here for a LONG time to come…. But making it BIGGER isn’t what you should be doing. BETTER… That’s the way forward.Lode Stone Fix: The stone should only be unlocked if you have the magic level to cast the corresponding Tele Spell.

Agility: Remove the skill. Or give it a purpose. One or the other.

EoC: Conservation. (See The QFC Link in my signature)

Quests: If you keep creating quests (I LOVE Runescapse Quests), at least create a NOOB Quest Road map. A suggested order for noobs to pursue. A logical path through the 290+ quests.

The REST of Runescape: Fix it. spend a year or two standardizing it. Example: Right Click Options… Some things have them… Some things don’t… And for GUTHIX SAKE, get rid of the LEFT CLICK menu in the backpack!!!! Its annoying and the ONLY annoying LEFT CLICK menu in the game!

Backpack and curses spacing

I really liked the recent NIS fixes, specially the split chat, click through chatbox and F key customization. But I really didn’t like how you reduced the space between inventory (backpack) slots and also made prayer icons slimmer/smaller. I really liked it before. I liked how in old school layout you could have the menubar in 4×2 form and both backpack and curses in 4×7 format. Now if you stretch your backpack and curses out to match menubar’s 4×2 width backpack becomes 5×5 then 3 at bottom and curses becomes 6×4 and 4 at bottom.

I hope the ppl who work on NIS stuff looks at this and do something about it. I’ll really appreciate it if you revert only this thing back to what it was, thanks.The reason this was done was to give Runescape Gold players who use smaller screens the ability to make some of their windows a little bit smaller overall.

New loan duration runescape option

My friend, Tsukimi, came up with this idea and I agree it’d be a pretty nice implementation. I often find myself wanting to loan items to friends for long periods of time, much longer than the 24-hour maximum, and it’s quite bothersome to have to meet them in-game to trade them everyday just so they can benefit from an item I wouldn’t be using for the time being, regardless. Our suggestion is that they add a new lending option that would be labeled as ‘Indefinite.’

It would work in almost the same manner as the current ‘Until logout’ option, however, the lent item would not automatically be recalled upon logging out.

You would still be able to collect it at any time from a bank, however, upon recollection, there would be a 15-minute delay and a 15-minute warning message would be given to the player with the loaned item. This is to prevent Runescape Items players from instantly recalling an armor piece or weapon from a player during combat and grants them sufficient time to exit and reach a safe area.

They could also include a 10- and 5-minute warning, but they’re not as vital as the 15-minute one.

In addition to this, they should also place a warning message upon accepting a loaned item with this option selected in a trade, reminding players that the other player may recall it at any given time. There’s already a warning message when borrowing with the ‘Until logout’ option, so it shouldn’t be difficult to add.

If the player borrowing the item selects to destroy it, it should return to the lender’s bank collection box instantly. Again, this is also a feature of the already-present ‘Until logout’ duration.

Of course, since this is the entire reason for this suggestion, the loan would last indefinitely until the item is collected at a bank by its lender.

Abyssal demons are a migraine

So Slayer has always been my favorite skill since it was added years ago. I often play this game, and then take a 6-12 month break, due to having a busy life/job. I just came back to RS 3 Gold weeks ago. I just took up slayer again this evening. I returned to finish my very old abyssal demon task to find they have been changed, and in a very negative way. Previously, and for years since they have been part of the game, they would seldom teleport around the player himself.

This was entertaining, because it was one of the 1st creatures in runescape to add something to combating it. I noticed earlier that now they teleport the player around them self, while also teleporting around the player, at a rate of at least 2 teleports per second. This is very distracting, and hard to follow without full focus. It is very obnoxious, and in no more than 10 minutes has given me a headache.

Whoever came up with this less than genius idea, did not consider the health issues it could conflict with. People who get motion sickness easily, or suffer from epilepsy could be easily effected in a detrimental manner. Just suffering a headache from this creature, is enough to make me not want to play the game this evening. Please consider returning their combat behavior to how it was for almost 7 years.

Also, stop trying to be so creative, and change things that don’t need to be changed.

Still not customisable enough

Quite a fan of the new interface system however just a few finer details i wanted to talk about.

We are capable of putting the range ability tab in an area of its own, but we can’t break up the (Defence/HP Abilities) or (Magic Abilitiies/Combat Spells/Teleports/Other Spells) etc.

I think it would be nicer if we could drag, for example, a tab for defence wherever we want, and a tab for HP abilities wherever we want also.This would make it just that little bit more simpler and likeable.

Also, is there an option to turn the ‘snapping’ thing off when we are moving interfaces closely to each other? Its like a pair of magnets connecting when they get too close. Kinda annoying if you’re trying ot perfect your interface.

Thanks for reading Feel free to post your feedback here also / agreement.

Where is the software mode

I started playing Runescape a few years ago. As long as I can remember I played on software mode (graphics) and I could always play on high detail without any problem.

Now I am playing again for a few weeks after leaving rs for a while. I noticed that software mode is removed I coulnd’t come up with a single reason why that would be removed. (might have missed an update about it).

But I don’t think you would just remove it without having anything compensating it. If I runescape gold play in openGL I just lagg my balls off doesn’t matter if I play high or low.

For DirectX I also lagg not that hard, but it’s anoying and it’s also in high, low, fixed doesn’t matter.

I don’t see any good reason to remove the sofware mode. And I don’t see a reason why you would Jagex.

It hasn’t been deleted or anything, but they’re no longer fully supporting it.

You can get into software mode by holding down the S key whilst you’re loading up the game. Also, you can check out this thread for more info about the change: Display Mode Changes

Saradomin has won

As many have pointed out this is an unfair fight.
Jadex, you have done a horrible job at representing the other gods in game.
Saradomin? yah lets just make several quest lines featuring him, his followers, and his way of thinking and limit all other gods as the player will always be a saradomist, which is why they can use the prayer skill. Then lets start a war with saradomin and zamorak, a god we have limited to strictly evil in game and only ever fleshed out in books. ITS GOING TO BE SOOOOOO FAIR.

Im sorry but in no way will any of the other gods win, jadex has made this game just for saradomin and it shows. “Oh they will get quest later on”. im sorry but its too late. the war has started, the winner is already at the finish line. No reason to even do the event any more. Lore wise zamorak is stronger in power and ability, hell compared to most gods saradomins pretty weak.
Saradomin has won so bow down to the smurf and eat your mushrooms.
What about the later battles.

It’ll be laughable when whatever event comes next has a matchup with gods like Zaros against X, or Bandos against Y. Haha, that’ll be like no contest. Judging by the popularity (and lack of popularity/attention) to certain gods, it won’t be any surprise, or question who is going to win in a situation with Gods like that.

That’s news to me, thanks for bringing that to my attention.

As for the the view of gods and perfection, you’re right. Why should any of them be perfect?

The problem is there is currently a rather unbalanced view of each god (not to be confused with perfection), whether it’s the amount of existing content focused on certain gods (sometime with archaic views on others), or something new that is dealing with a Runescape Gold that already has a large degree of attention.

You could say that latest quest has been making people think, but obviously not very much when you see support still wide as ever. Hell, I think some people were even reinvigorated by it.