Runescape eoc is a bit overkill

SO far, im enjoying this eoc system with the fact you can attack without spending runes-ammunition etc. and the fact exp for a certain combat skill can be obtained 3 times quicker than usual (some hate this, most likely the ones that already got 99 in everything…).
However, i have noticed that going into a pvp situation (castle wars, soul wars etc) it kinda… well, it sucks :

In my opinion it sucks due to the fact that instead of waiting on a turn to turn basis (depending on your weapon speed), im finding myself bashing the hotbar constantly and i really dont find this enjoyable at all, its more of a “whoever has the most money into their gear wins”.. if anything, eoc in pvp is more action packed play than taking your time and lets be completely honest here, runescape really isn’t a fast paced Runescape Gold game whatsoever, in fact, far from it :L!

I also noticed how this eoc has turned some weapons obsolete and rendered some ranged weapons pointless. for example, i was using various types of bows for some training (including the zaryte bow) and found that the usual bashing of the hotkeys were sending out attacks a lot quicker than what the bow can actually fire itself… and this applies for magic spells too (melee weapons are ok).
My main point here is to ask if anyone else feels like the eoc is a bit too much and that combat has turned more into punching your hotkeys than taking time to think about your next move and if the combat system is balanced at all.

Its more fun creating a character from scratch and shape it to what we want it to be than just getting a hand out account ,
the way you talk it dosent sound to me like you created that charecter yourself and if thats the case you missed out on so much fun ,specialy in pre-eoc.