Fist of guthix upgrade runescape idea

I remember that I Runescape Gold played alot of FoG in f2p/beginning of p2p, I thought it was fun tbh, you did always run to the biggest wall hiding with others and talked to each other which made it a social game too tbh. It was a great way to gain magic xp in the beginning when you couldnt afford runes for training on NPC’s. It was a funny game because the community was nice back then and you had fun while playing FoG, you used worn-out rune gauntles and rune berserkershield back then but you had to recharge them for using them, which means that you had to play it but it went fast because it was fun.

No one use those items anymore I believe so why dont do a requirement for comp/trimmed comp in FoG? Do specific spells for FoG like magic arena cast 1k guthix strikes. Upgrade the FoG shop/magic book with FoG spells as you need to unlock with FoG tokens