Runescape NIS feedback in dungeoneering

Somehow the Runescape Gold game opens the Minigames interface, where you can see your Dungeoneering team, the floor you’re on etc.
This happens every time you trade with the Smuggler, use resources to craft items (like fletching wood into shafts or smelting ores).

Actually anything that opens a new interface in Dungeoneering, opens this Minigames tab.
After a while it gets annoying, so could it please made the way that if we close it, it won’t reappear unless we open it ourselves?

Other than that, the NIS is awesome! I love the way you can design it all yourself and create your own way of playing.

This bug is driving my wife and I crazy in a floor. Even just simply clicking a door to look into the next room pops it back up. It’s utterly annoying in combat. Even locking my interface won’t stop it from spamming me. Maybe I can hide it under another box…ugh.

It’s actually worse than we thought. Even after leaving Daemonheim I had the thing popping up constantly. You have to exit your game client and log back in to get rid of it. Sadly you cannot hide it under another window- only shrink it as small as you can and move it to a corner (or somewhere else) you don’t rely on looking into. It’s rather annoying so I suppose I’ll train Divination for a while until I can level Dungeoneering again spam-free.