Best runescape skill yet

This is the most relaxing and non boring skill, I’ve been playing this for over 24 hours and i’m not bored yet! I’ve also made over 40M Selling Energies of this skill. That’s how i got my Bandos. Exp rates are good enough as they are i don’t really care about the exp rates.

Now there are the problems but they are not with the skills but with the players. We the players have been asking for a harder skill. The skills that were in before Divination were easy to level, You could get a 99 in a day if you really wanted to. Now that we get this skill people are starting to complain about the EXP rates on the stat. We asked for a harder skill and now we got it DEAL WITH IT!

The only problem with the writing is Commas aren’t in to proper areas.

Both Summoning and Dungeoneering were both game changers in the aspects of pvm and pvp. Not only that but they both brought some creativity to the table. Summoning required the collecting of resources outside of the skill itself that can fit anyones play style. Dungeoneering was just something RS Gold had never seen entirely.

I don’t know how Divination will incorporate into the next skill but on its own, it’s pretty dull. I know “..but it’s a gathering skill” but must they all be the same?