Cant anyone enjoy the runescape game

I come to these forums hoping for someone to tell Jagex “thank you for spending all of your time to bring me this amazing game we can all enjoy” but all I see is people giving them crap, for furthering this amazing game and trying to make it best for everyone. everyone says that Jagex are killing Runescape, but it is you, the people who complain at every update, at every new bit of fantastic content, that just wont accept change and fight it at every turn, that are killing it. some people will look at the forums before playing a game to get a sense of what the community is like, do you know what they see? “NIS has FAILED!” “Jagex is killing the game!” “RS 3 Gold ruined Runescape!”. nobody wants to join a game that has a community that hates anything given to them, I remember being F2P, and LOVING anything I got, if I didn’t like it (or still don’t) I just didn’t play it, its simple….. is it so hard to just play a game?

You don’t like the new interface, just make it like the old one, you don’t like EOC, use momentum, just please….. don’t make the amazing people at Jagex feel like ****, when they work hard to bring you amazing updates, how would all of you feel if you worked for months on something, and the second you showed the world, they asked, no, DEMANDED you rip it apart and make it how THEY want it. just be considerate, stop being ungrateful to this amazing company, if anyone kills this game, it will be you.

The land of runescape has given me alot of fun..and alot of enjoyable moments that i’ll never forget.But after runescape eoc the time has stopped!.. eoc is just the only update in whole my rs journey that disappointed me!