Runescape NIS bugs regarding patch notes

Awesome job on the patch notes, few problems I found though. If you click on one of the chat tabs, for ex switching from “all chat” to “clan chat”, if you’ve enabled click-through chat boxes it will click through it, which it shouldn’t if you are clicking only on the tabs. Also if you try to scroll up or down in the chat box, with click-through chat boxes enabled it will zoom in or out, which I believe shouldn’t happen if you are scrolling inside a chat box. Please try to fix that ASAP but other than that keep up the great work, Jagex!

Runescape eoc is a bit overkill

SO far, im enjoying this eoc system with the fact you can attack without spending runes-ammunition etc. and the fact exp for a certain combat skill can be obtained 3 times quicker than usual (some hate this, most likely the ones that already got 99 in everything…).
However, i have noticed that going into a pvp situation (castle wars, soul wars etc) it kinda… well, it sucks :

In my opinion it sucks due to the fact that instead of waiting on a turn to turn basis (depending on your weapon speed), im finding myself bashing the hotbar constantly and i really dont find this enjoyable at all, its more of a “whoever has the most money into their gear wins”.. if anything, eoc in pvp is more action packed play than taking your time and lets be completely honest here, runescape really isn’t a fast paced Runescape Gold game whatsoever, in fact, far from it :L!

I also noticed how this eoc has turned some weapons obsolete and rendered some ranged weapons pointless. for example, i was using various types of bows for some training (including the zaryte bow) and found that the usual bashing of the hotkeys were sending out attacks a lot quicker than what the bow can actually fire itself… and this applies for magic spells too (melee weapons are ok).
My main point here is to ask if anyone else feels like the eoc is a bit too much and that combat has turned more into punching your hotkeys than taking time to think about your next move and if the combat system is balanced at all.

Its more fun creating a character from scratch and shape it to what we want it to be than just getting a hand out account ,
the way you talk it dosent sound to me like you created that charecter yourself and if thats the case you missed out on so much fun ,specialy in pre-eoc.

Fist of guthix upgrade runescape idea

I remember that I Runescape Gold played alot of FoG in f2p/beginning of p2p, I thought it was fun tbh, you did always run to the biggest wall hiding with others and talked to each other which made it a social game too tbh. It was a great way to gain magic xp in the beginning when you couldnt afford runes for training on NPC’s. It was a funny game because the community was nice back then and you had fun while playing FoG, you used worn-out rune gauntles and rune berserkershield back then but you had to recharge them for using them, which means that you had to play it but it went fast because it was fun.

No one use those items anymore I believe so why dont do a requirement for comp/trimmed comp in FoG? Do specific spells for FoG like magic arena cast 1k guthix strikes. Upgrade the FoG shop/magic book with FoG spells as you need to unlock with FoG tokens

The one thing i want changed

With the NIS we are supposed to be able to move and customize all the panels and parts of the HUD. So far, they’ve done a good job at doing this. So why is it that the only thing I actually want to move, can’t be touched. The circles that appear at the top of the screen, showing the experience you’ve earned, always seem to get in the way, especially in the Battle of Lumbridge. So please just make us able move the circles to the other sides of the screen or something and this whole system will be better.

Runescape NIS feedback in dungeoneering

Somehow the Runescape Gold game opens the Minigames interface, where you can see your Dungeoneering team, the floor you’re on etc.
This happens every time you trade with the Smuggler, use resources to craft items (like fletching wood into shafts or smelting ores).

Actually anything that opens a new interface in Dungeoneering, opens this Minigames tab.
After a while it gets annoying, so could it please made the way that if we close it, it won’t reappear unless we open it ourselves?

Other than that, the NIS is awesome! I love the way you can design it all yourself and create your own way of playing.

This bug is driving my wife and I crazy in a floor. Even just simply clicking a door to look into the next room pops it back up. It’s utterly annoying in combat. Even locking my interface won’t stop it from spamming me. Maybe I can hide it under another box…ugh.

It’s actually worse than we thought. Even after leaving Daemonheim I had the thing popping up constantly. You have to exit your game client and log back in to get rid of it. Sadly you cannot hide it under another window- only shrink it as small as you can and move it to a corner (or somewhere else) you don’t rely on looking into. It’s rather annoying so I suppose I’ll train Divination for a while until I can level Dungeoneering again spam-free.

Best runescape skill yet

This is the most relaxing and non boring skill, I’ve been playing this for over 24 hours and i’m not bored yet! I’ve also made over 40M Selling Energies of this skill. That’s how i got my Bandos. Exp rates are good enough as they are i don’t really care about the exp rates.

Now there are the problems but they are not with the skills but with the players. We the players have been asking for a harder skill. The skills that were in before Divination were easy to level, You could get a 99 in a day if you really wanted to. Now that we get this skill people are starting to complain about the EXP rates on the stat. We asked for a harder skill and now we got it DEAL WITH IT!

The only problem with the writing is Commas aren’t in to proper areas.

Both Summoning and Dungeoneering were both game changers in the aspects of pvm and pvp. Not only that but they both brought some creativity to the table. Summoning required the collecting of resources outside of the skill itself that can fit anyones play style. Dungeoneering was just something RS Gold had never seen entirely.

I don’t know how Divination will incorporate into the next skill but on its own, it’s pretty dull. I know “..but it’s a gathering skill” but must they all be the same?

Toggle fullscreen with keybind

I would like there to be a possibilty to bind a key to the FullScreen toggle action. A lot of times messages and notifications come up while im playing in Fullscreen, and after checking them, I am forced to go back into graphics settings, and going back to full screen.

It would be better if I could just press a key and it toggles.

Official divinelocate fc

The purpose of this thread is to redirect you to the friends chat “DivineLocate”. This new friend’s chat will be focused on allowing players to find divination locations in order to gain experience more efficiently. From what we know so far divination locations can be placed once per day, but allow for xp gains based on the player’s skill level. In order to receive more xp from these plots and help out other players this fc will allow for other runescape 3 gold players to join in. To use this friend’s chat as a person looking for a divination location simply ask for the xp that u require. Then someone who is currently hosting a location will point you to their location and world.To use this fc as someone who wishes to let others know of their divination location simply state your world, location, and location type. Obviously as this skill comes out we will be working on improving our rules, our thread and our ranks in order to bring a better experience to our members.

-No excessive swearing or fowl/offensive language, keep the chat clean with appropriate conversations.
-Only advertise your divination location once every 3 minutes or when someone asks
– Feel free to ask for a divination location as much as you wish as long as you don’t spam
-Do not advertise other divination locations who are not in the friends chat.
[Ask the Divination Location Host to join the friends chat if they are not in one]
-Please refrain from asking for/mentioning donations in the friends chat.
-When saying someone’s open in the friends chat keep your message appropriate and not in favor over other hosts.
*Example of what is good. [“Chabomb” w31 grand exchange mining ]
-Advertising any website is prohibited.
-Be respectful to EVERYONE
– Please follow all of jagex’s rules while in the friends chat
-The chat is English only! Please do not type in another language as it confuses players and is considered spamming.
– Please don’t advertise other clan chats/friends chats, directing a player to another service chat is fine. (Example: Dung smith, R quark, 2flingfish, 1elitesc)
-There is no selling of plots or charging for Divination locations.

– Host your Divination Location as much as possible; make sure you’re in “Divinelocate” friends chat!
-Advertize the friends chat at the divination tent. A good advertisement example is:
“Need a **v location? Join “DivineLocate” friends chat”, but please don’t excessively spam it!
– Moderate the Friend’s chat; although you may not have a rank, it is helpful to answer questions people may have about **v location or Divination in general. If a problem is happening, feel free to pm a rank and notify them!
– Recruit new members, through telling others
– Follow all the rules!

Ranks are given out according to dedication and service within the friend’s chat. Ranks cannot be bought or sold. *Sucking up” for ranks is not tolerated, and may even hurt your chances for ranks. Asking for ranks also seriously decreases your likeliness for one. They will be granted if others see continuous work within the friend’s chat.
1. Host your divination location often!
3. Advertise the “**v Location” FC. We want to spread the service of “DivineLocate” to the entire RuneScape Gold community, and want ranks who are enthusiastic as we are.
4. Be respectful to all members and ranks. Getting kicked diminishes your chance of getting a rank.
5. Give us a friendly bump on this thread!
6. Follow all the rules within the friend’s chat.

For the runescape EOC players

Jagex has stated that Runescape EoC is here to stay. Thousands like you( I was one ) have posted a thread with the exact same complaint. Since it’s not going to revert, I would highly recommend that you think of ways that the EoC can be improved to make quality of gameplay more enjoyable for everyone that feels this way.

The only improvememnt possible jagex dont want do it and so the decline in players continues ,
in mi opinion ,runescape addiction was part of this game and eoc-wow-wana-be is effectivly helping players break away and with new games ,school and everything else .
the few players left better start buying extra spins .

Well, I think its been a good 9-10 months since eoc has came, and i see a huge decrease in the amount of players there are. When i log on to play rs 3 gold back in the day i saw world 1 and 2 full and a good 300-500 players on the other servers, now i see 300 as the most populated. i know that thats split because of old school rs, but still thats low. Im here to give jagex player feedback. I think that most players would like to see the eoc gone, bring back rs right before it was changed, keep 07scape, and add a new server like they did with 07 called eoc. this is my opinion, no hate, but i believe most players would agree with… (BTW Jagex i was hacked for a while, thats y i have 2 reports on my account.)

Hybrid weapon

Now we’ve all seen slings in-runescape gold game before, yet they were removed before the Evolution of Combat was even released! And while I was sleeping last night, I had the idea of bringing them back as hybrid weapons.

1.) Range.

Slings were first released as ranging weapons, so the mechanic/general idea of the sling would stay the same. Pick up a rock, load it up, sling it at your enemy’s head. Perhaps your “ammo” could be upgraded? Use a hammer on some runite ores to break them up into smaller rocks, and put it in the thrown slot?

-Animation: roughly the same as the old slings, maybe some minor tweaks.

2.) Melee.

The inspiration for this came from the musical Spamalot’s “Fisch Schlapping” song. How about you slap you enemy? While it doesn’t sound very… elite… at the moment, a pow right to the face would leave a horrendously large owie.

-Animation: much like the “Slice” ability for melee weapons.

3.) Magic.

This is where using a sling is a bit of a stretch, but I think it’d be fun. I thought this would be easy animation wise. See below to how the animation would work. (Yes, you’d still have to have runes.

-Animation: (mini spoiler alert) recall the Bull roarer from Legends’ Quest – aka the spinny thing that was used to summon that tribal guy. Use that spinning action and end it with some kind of forward momentum animation, such as the “Wild Magic” ability when wielding a staff. This momentum would then release the magic spell.

4.) To Switch Between Styles.

Perhaps this can be divided into three new, different “abilities”, located under the Lifepoints tab in the abilities window. Obviously, these abilities would be for range, melee, and magic. The abilities would not work as your Asphyxiate, Guthix’s Blessing, or Dazing Shot. However, they would work as the four abilities found when being an Attacker in the post-Runescape EoC Barbarian Assault (merely switching your attack style).

5.) Other factors

-Weapon Speed: I’d like to say fast since, you know, it’s a sling. So long as the Damage per Second is the same as other weapons in its tier, I’m okay with anything. However, this might make other weapons in its tier(s) obsolete. *So, maybe make it how current hybrid armour is: roughly -15 levels worth of armour rating, but in this case, accuracy.

-How many Slings?: One per lever tier seems a bit excessive. However, it could be much like the Squeal of Fortune weapons/armour that have options to ‘change the level’ of items. [Note: if this goes in-game, don’t make it Squeal, because I want one based off buying/finding/looting, not on luck.]

-How Many Hands to Wield?: Slings just cannot be dual wielded; it just doesn’t work that way. That being said, I still see it as one-handed. Perhaps you can wield with a shield.