Runescape big issus

Now im really ticked off atm so bare with me, but i have once again accidentally typed a sentence while that stupid “press enter to type” is up. Now when ever i accidentally type a sentence while this dumb Runescape Gold thing is up it will do a different thing, sometimes it opens up the loadstone map, sometimes it opens up the minimap, twice it made my client CRASH, and twice it made my hud disappear. Now when i say my hud disappears i mean i accidentally type something, a “loading…” screen pops up, and then i get back to the game and i have NOTHING no minimap no text box no ability bar no invy no options, i cant even hit the LOG OUT BUTTON! I have to close my client whenever this happens, now i am damn sick off all this crap especially the hud disappear, wtf is it and when are you going to fix all these glitches?!?