Runescape NIS presets suck

The NIS is awesome! The current presets? Not so much. Let’s look at some of the presets and see how we can fix them. (Main points for fix are bolded.)

1) Replace the RS 3 Gold Default preset with the Retro Preset, and delete the current RS3 Default:

As we know, the retro preset is made to look like the system before NIS. It worked out very well with little complaints, and it’s only natural that it should be the default. The current RS3 default is ok, but there’s nothing really special about it, and the positioning of the interfaces is likely unfavorable among the community. Plus, the people who hate on NIS don’t have to fret.

2)Remove synonymous presets:

Three of the presets are labeled Retro, Classic and Oldschool; They’re all closely related!! How is this helpful? This is confusing to everybody, especially new players.

We’ve taken care of Retro in the last point, and my next suggestion is to delete the Classic preset. Now don’t get me wrong, I like this preset. But it’s exactly like the Retro preset with the interfaces squeezed. If it can easily be created from Retro, there’s no need for it; all it’s doing is synonymically confuzzling people!

3)Add in the Skilling/Combat presets:

What ever happened to these? They were in the Beta, and actually served a good purpose. Not only that, but these presets showed off the capabilities and benefits of the new interface! Why are they gone?