Chat color setting won’t work

When I try to change the chat color settings, like Private Message color, Clan chat color, etc, it won’t change and it stays the same color. This is EXTREMELY aggravating as the color it chose for my PM’s currently is awful and it makes the messages get lost in the mess of everything.

Same here Aion
Colour is black (never was before RS 3 Gold) but why did they change it? I can hardly read chat now, silly.
Bank window when i open bank takes up most of my screen and I have tried to resize it but i cant.
So many many things I need to change but cannot seem to find out how to do it.
Perhaps they should make available online to download a large user manual in language that some of us oldies might understand.
HUD? what the heck is that when its at home? Come on please we are not all young and have been brought up on pc’s since birth for gods sake.

It seems to still be possible to change the colour of friends chat, clan chat, and guest clan chat messages. However, the colour change only applies to messages you receive after changing the setting (unlike before, where it would apply to all messages). However, the private message setting seems to be broken entirely…