Runescape NIS beta xp award update

When we opened up the NIS Beta, we mentioned that there would be XP awarded to players who helped us out by participating in the beta. Understandably, there have been a few questions as to how exactly this will work.

So, there are a few things we’d like to clarify for you: specifically when the XP is being given out, the criteria for awarding it, and how you’ll receive it.

– Firstly, the original news post said the XP would be awarded with the launch of RS3. With the scale of the RS 3 Gold release, we need a gap between the beta closing and the award being given out to allow us to collate the list of eligible players and reward them all at once. You will now receive your XP rewards one week after the RS3 release. Apologies for the delay, but we want to ensure you all get the XP you deserve.

– The XP will be awarded in the form of a lamp according to time spent in the beta, with the following criteria:
o For 0-15 minutes in the beta you receive a small XP lamp
o For 16-60 minutes in the beta you receive a medium XP lamp
o For 61 minutes+ in the beta you receive a large XP lamp

– On log-in the lamp will be added to your inventory. If that’s full, it will be added to your bank. If that’s full too, it will be added the next time you log in with space in either your inventory or bank.

– All players who have tried out the NIS, both in alpha and beta, will be eligible.

A big thank you to everyone who has taken part and provided their feedback so far. The NIS Beta will be closed when we launch RuneScape 3 gold, at which point the New Interface System will go live in the game!

We’re committed to continued improvements and additions to the New Interface System after the launch of RS3, so when launch day arrives, keep that feedback coming so we can make this a special addition to the RuneScape experience.