My final feedback important

That will hopefully be fixed soon. A lot of players complained about it.

After spending hours and days testing out the NIS, and reading the forums, i finally gathered my feedback and players feedback.So i think it’s the right time to give out my final feedback.

– Ability to bind the Function keys, i personally never play without them and i want to have them back to their own default.

– Binding any of backup/gear/prayer will remove and bring them back, i just want to switch to them.

– Ability to remove some of the prayer spells, that most likely wont need them, in-order to decrease the size of the prayer interface.

– Keep the bank/deposit interfaces separately from transparency.

– An option to right click remove items to the bank, that could be very helpful with summoning when players don’t want to remove all their inventory (only the pouches).

– Ability to re-size the action bar to make it bigger or smaller.

– Choose what goes near our mini-map (hp bar/prayer bar/money pouch/teleports/ etc).

– Ability to remove the emote interface, some of us don’t use it.

– An option to have inventory without boxes.

– Replace the dung map icon (the currently one in the live Runescape Gold game) with the world map when entering a dung floor.

– The familiar option should work for pets too.

– Locking all the interfaces should also lock the prayer spells from moving, it could be a big issue when moving it instead of clicking.

If you have more feedback feel free to write it down and i will make sure to add it to the list. I hope you understand that i’m trying my best to make every player comfortable about the NIS. You also can please help by providing more suggestions.

There is actually an option to lock all your interfaces so you don’t miss-click by moving them.