Runescape 3 bug fixe

First of all, I do really like the feel to RS 3 Gold, it’s very cool, and so is the far render distance, too!

But there are multiple things that need to be buffed out before launch, so I’m going to list them here:

Optimization: Face it, you know this is way too slow. I get avg. 20fps in the game on high settings, I can play Battlefield 3 on ultra across 3 monitors @ 110FPS. I also noticed the game is using WAY too much RAM. I’ve seen it spike up to 1.4GB before! The main problem I see that lags/stutters is: “LOADING SHADERS, LOADING SHADERS, LOADING SHADERS” Whenever I switch the camera to a different position.

Flickering: This is a very minor fix.

Response times: I’ve noticed much stuttering and lag when trying to switch armours, eat food, etc.

The ‘ghost’ letter: Not sure if it’s only me, but when I press enter, and begin to type, there’s always the first letter missing, I have to type “hhi” instead of “hi” to get the message across. There is also some stuttering in typing.

The ‘F’ Keys (for windows, at least): I always used to switch my tabs with the ‘F’ keys, now they bring up those new mini-menus and are only locked to that, perhaps letting those keys be customize-able would be great.

‘Camera Smoothing’ Option: I’ve seen this in MANY other games, but with the mouse. Please add a feature in which the camera response is much more like the live game, I like to use my middle mouse button to move the camera nice and quick, I don’t like the ‘smooth’ feel to it, a simple option to toggle that would do the trick!

Slow GUI’s: Basic issue, some GUI’s take a tad longer to load, simple fix.

I’m standing and running!: I’ve noticed many have been actually running, yet their character was in a standing stance.

That’s not my combat level!: I’m walking around seeing others combat levels as their skill level.

I have much more things to be added, please post your own issues below!