My observations in runescape

Welcome to the third installment of my thread!

Around 60% of bugs/features outlined in my previous thread were fixed/implemented! Success!
Huge thanks to Mod Drebin, Mod Sushi Pi and Mod Galcian for posting on previous threads.

Here’s a list of my thoughts/issues/semi-bugs/anything I found that could be improved in the New Interface System (build 0.6a). I’ve grouped the points in two sections:

Very important (post 2)
Less important (post 3)


1. You can’t toggle sheathe/unsheathe, neither with *, nor with right-clicking the minimise button on action bar.

2. We need the text from tooltips outsourced in top-left of the screen back, like for example ” Walk here / 2 more options “. It was a characteristic feature of RuneScape Gold, and it’s gone. Pretty please?

3. Some interfaces still need reskinning. For example: trading interface, price check interface, items kept on death interface, select left-click Summoning interface, dungeoneering interfaces.

4. The entire game area flashes to black for a split second when I turn on quick prayers or equip something/de-equip something. Weird.

5. Any chances for split private chat appearing above the action bar as it used to?

6. The XP Earned/Time feature is missing from the Assist icon in chat.

7. Using the Quickchat triggers the keybinds simultaneously. Oops. Plus the “click here to chat” or “press enter to chat” thing sometimes works and sometimes does not.

LESS IMPORTANT: (but still in need of looking into)

1. Previously you could use the cursor to change the place of where you type in chat (for example point and click the middle of a word to move the cursor over there and correct something in the middle of a word). Now you can’t, why?

2. Keybinds (other than F-keys) being set by default… not a good idea! I keep suddenly opening some interfaces accidentally.

3. The deposit items to bank interface (via deposit boxes) is not affected by transparency setting.

4. The vertical divider in friends chat and clan chat reduces the column size extremely so that the names cannot be seen.

5. The “Game dialog” group of interfaces… can it take over the chat window as it used to? Like, when I speak to NPC, can it automatically fill the chat screen?

6. The buttons for changing visibility of chats aren’t exactly well though out… can they have complete lists of options in right-click menus or something? Same for “online status” diamond button.

7. Auto-retaliate could be moved out of adrenaline icon, with the old cool icon of the yellow arch restored, perhaps? It’s not a good place to hide auto-retaliate. (not sure where it would be anyway… perhaps the minimise action bar button?)

8. N, S, W, E could be added on the compass… it’s not exactly clear-looking now. Also world map button… the land should be green not yellow (lol).

9. The text that says we have to press Alt and ~ to open the Dev console, displays some weird symbols instead. Broken?