Thanks jagex

3 days ago my bank was 140m (200m after a 60m loan from my friend)

I was researching and saw most people spend 90m-180m getting an asc cross bow.
So I was like Yeah! let’s try, at worst I’ll have to make 20m extra to finish it off.

So I bought 10 Quartus Keys, killed him 9 times, got a signet.
Then I bought 20 Quint keys, killed him 20 times, got nothing
bought another 20, killed him 20 times, got nothing
bought 40 more, killed him 40 times got nothing
bought another 40, killed him 40 more times got nothing
bought 60, killed him 60 times, got nothing.
bought 100, killed him 100 times, guess what?

290 kills.
At 650k-700k each key, I went from 200m to get one single signet.

Thanks Jagex.

Now I get to camp QBD for a month to make my friend back his Runescape Money.

I probably missed the signets, there was a tread saying they blend with the floor, they are really small, and arent red dots. It’s going to be fixed though, its still stupid to gamble your whole bank. I never risk more than 20% of my bank on an item im flipping, i do rish 100% over 5 items though