3 mod 3 runescapes no way

My problem with the account status of my main still isn’t solved and on my journey I’ve had weird experience. I had conversations with 3 j mods and I got 3 different responses ! How’s that even possible in such an important case ?you need to buy runescape gold.

To protect those jmods I won’t say their names ill use a b and c instead.

Mod A: We’ve investigated in that account and seen that you’ve sold your account. We’ve warned you before. .(and so on – I’ve never been warned nor have i sold my char but my thread isn’t about that)

Mod B: I’ve checked your account and I can see that you’re the real owner but our mind won’t change.
If you keep trying to contact us about your problem we will disable all contacting options for you !

Mod C (this response is against response of Mod B):
We’ve investigated in your account and i can see that you’ve bought your account. Even if you were on it in the last time the current account holder has provided more informations (impossible he has max one young pw and my security questions I guess)

I think this statement was just made because I lived once in the USA and this guy is from there too. So she just saw oh usa ip whoops the acc holder lived in the USA once he got hacked for sure – that’s what the j mod thought I guess
I’ll fight till I get my main back and until my questions are answered.

How and when was i warned about account selling?

How can 3 J Mods investigate into 1 account but give me 3 different statements?

And to my lovely community friends: did you have any similar issues?

Kind Regards,
Oggistyle / T the Boxer

PS: I’ve never experienced any issues with recovering before. .

PPS: I want this answered by a J Mod. Oh and one thing for our funny f mods. This isn’t about my account this is a criticism for the jagex team !