The gods runescape armies

In my biased opinion :Saradomin has the strongest army, he has a large number of human followers including the entire white knight army and the temple knights. Not to mention he still has a large human following willing to join his army. He also has an icyene army waiting for his orders on the icyene plain.A combat trained icyene is an impressive warrior in combat, and while Saradomin’s humans may struggle against Zamorak’s Vampyres, Icyene are very effective against them.You need to Buy Runescape Gold.

I have seen a lot of people say Zaros is the most powerful god, but why? So I decided to make a thread about which god has the strongest army. So I am not an expert at lore, but I have gotten very into it and learn more every day, so if I miss some stuff please let me know . I am going to break down each factions army personnel and let you decide who is the strongest at the moment.

Zamorak- Demons, Chaos Dwarves, Black Knights, Khazards army, Mahjarrat (4 possibly more), werewolves, some humans, Kril Ts*taroth, Chaos Druids, necromancers, possibly followers from daeomenheim, monks of Zamorak, gargoyles, dagon’hai, nechryael, goraks, ZMI

Saradomin – Icyene, White Knights, Temple Knights, holy order of the paladins, and most humans, Saradominist monks, Commander Zilyana, Wise old man

Zaros- Blood reavers, desert Bandits, ancient warriors, mages, and archers (humans), demons, 4 Mahjarrat, some humans, Nex, Char

Bandos- goblins, ogres, hobgoblins, orks, ourgs and Cyclopes, very little humans, general Graador

Armadyl- Aviantese, guardians of Armadyl, very little humans, Kree’arra

Godless- various anti-god supporters, dorgeshuun, guardians of guthix, 1 known Demon (Ux), most guthixians, some humans

If I made any mistakes or left any races/groups that support certain gods out please tell me, like I said earlier I am very into lore now, but am not a. Expert at it now. So now that we have a breakdown of each god and their armies, which god do you think has the strongest army?

Note- left out Seren because most likely she will only fight if someone attacks her