12 years of waiting runescape 3

The secret is out and can’t be shoved back in the box: RuneScape 3 is coming. Of course, we already knew that, but there was a time not so long ago that the world was ignorant of this fact.MMO Industry , Patches , News Items , RuneScape Gold, Free-to-Play , Browser With twelve years already under its belt, and a good chunk of those years providing weekly updates, it’s understandable if new players might consider RuneScape literally too big to get into. So how do you circumvent this and continue to expand the population base? Why, you throw in a major update and rename the game to RuneScape 3, of course!

In a recent interview, Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard talked to Gamasutra about how this exact approach gives the game an all-new feel that is more likely to draw in new players who might otherwise overlook it. He stated, “We could have called it RuneScape Next Age if we wanted to, and part of my thinking was, for people who haven’t played this game in a year, it’s going to be night and day. It’s not a completely new game, but it’s certainly a new experience.” RuneScape 3 will have a more powerful audio engine, boosted visuals and a better draw distance, and upgrades to the UI, among other things.

Just like back with RuneScape 2, the plan is to maintain the RuneScape 3 moniker for a while, then drop the numeral and return to the original name again.

If you wondered how the global reveal of this title went for those who were there, then Jagex has a neat behind-the-scenes video showing how and what the press saw when the studio went live with the info.In addition to the pomp and circumstance of the event, the team also used the video to reveal the first new skill of the game: Divination. What does it do? Well, the devs were not as keen to share that. Speculate away!