Runescape big issus

Now im really ticked off atm so bare with me, but i have once again accidentally typed a sentence while that stupid “press enter to type” is up. Now when ever i accidentally type a sentence while this dumb Runescape Gold thing is up it will do a different thing, sometimes it opens up the loadstone map, sometimes it opens up the minimap, twice it made my client CRASH, and twice it made my hud disappear. Now when i say my hud disappears i mean i accidentally type something, a “loading…” screen pops up, and then i get back to the game and i have NOTHING no minimap no text box no ability bar no invy no options, i cant even hit the LOG OUT BUTTON! I have to close my client whenever this happens, now i am damn sick off all this crap especially the hud disappear, wtf is it and when are you going to fix all these glitches?!?

Runescape NIS presets suck

The NIS is awesome! The current presets? Not so much. Let’s look at some of the presets and see how we can fix them. (Main points for fix are bolded.)

1) Replace the RS 3 Gold Default preset with the Retro Preset, and delete the current RS3 Default:

As we know, the retro preset is made to look like the system before NIS. It worked out very well with little complaints, and it’s only natural that it should be the default. The current RS3 default is ok, but there’s nothing really special about it, and the positioning of the interfaces is likely unfavorable among the community. Plus, the people who hate on NIS don’t have to fret.

2)Remove synonymous presets:

Three of the presets are labeled Retro, Classic and Oldschool; They’re all closely related!! How is this helpful? This is confusing to everybody, especially new players.

We’ve taken care of Retro in the last point, and my next suggestion is to delete the Classic preset. Now don’t get me wrong, I like this preset. But it’s exactly like the Retro preset with the interfaces squeezed. If it can easily be created from Retro, there’s no need for it; all it’s doing is synonymically confuzzling people!

3)Add in the Skilling/Combat presets:

What ever happened to these? They were in the Beta, and actually served a good purpose. Not only that, but these presets showed off the capabilities and benefits of the new interface! Why are they gone?

A suggestion for the runescape NIS

I just used my bank for the first time since the implementation of the NIS. I keep m y windows mostly transparent, so I can see what’s going on behind them, but I noticed it affects the bank interface as well.

The bank interface was so transparent, I could barely see it. While “permanent” boxes (That you can’t get rid of) should probably be affected by the transparency setting, I don’t think temporary pop up ones like the bank should be – if I want to see what’s going on behind my bank, I can just close the box and look. I keep the others so transparent (about 80%) because I can’t get rid of them. Is that something that can be taken into consideration?

Runescape music options

Hopefully this is the correct spot to post this one…

I think it would be a nice idea to add a few options for the music player in the audio settings.

“Play area songs upon arrival”
Basicly a thing that means that when you enter an area, it will automaticly start playing the deticated song for the area, before it goes back to playing from your favorites/the full list.

When moving around, the songs will change with it. This is to give people the “correct” feeling, for example a dark tune when entering Wilderness, or a nice tune when entering Varrock. I doubt everyone remembers where they unlocked various songs, and they wouldn’t have to search for the correct tunes when entering an area.

Runescape NIS Suggestions

If any1 else has any suggestions, please post on this thread.Here’s my suggestion.

Dear Jagex,

Runescape 3 Gold is an awesome update in my opinion, but I had an idea to improve the NIS. As it is, you can customize what interfaces you want to access easiest, and can line up multiple interfaces along the top of a tab. You can also have multiple interfaces open on the screen at a time with separate interfaces lined along the top. This system is similar to having files in a folder.

My idea, is basically being able to put folders in folders, so you could have for example your inventory open, with whatever interfaces along the top, and also have a few interface “folders” along the bottom, for example, a social interface that has your Friend list, FC list and Clan List, all in 1 tab that you can access similarly to the interfaces lined along the top, but have these “Folders” along the bottom, so you could have (like I said a social tab) a combat tab, (with your prayers, and all combat abilities) and this could be customisable to any set of “folders” a player choses. Thanks for considering this idea

Bring back number pad

Before RuneScape 3 Gold when using the Ability Bar you could have the Number Pad set up in one of 2 ways.

With Num Lock on, it would allow you to press one of the keys and it would execute the Ability assigned to that key (provided you had them set up that way) which allowed me, and probably thousands of others, the ability to use Abilities with the Right Hand, and move the Mouse Pointer with the Left Hand.

With Num Lock off, it would allow for Camera movement – like it does at the moment.

If the functionality of the Number Pad with regards to Camera Movement is the same, then surely we should still be able to use the Number Pad for Keybinds like before as well?

I would really like to see it brought back, as would lots of other players.

Action bar and menu bar

The action bar and the menu bar are a bit stubborn, you can not adjust their size to whatever you want, only a few presets, but that’s acceptable.

What really annoys me though is that there is no way to make them the same size.

The action-bar when in single-row mode, and the menu-bar, when in double-row mode only differ 2 millimeters. Was it really that hard to make them the same size?

And on top of that, the action bar keeps jumping around. Even mid fight with Bork. Good thing Bork is a weakling or it would have gone awry.

Chat color setting won’t work

When I try to change the chat color settings, like Private Message color, Clan chat color, etc, it won’t change and it stays the same color. This is EXTREMELY aggravating as the color it chose for my PM’s currently is awful and it makes the messages get lost in the mess of everything.

Same here Aion
Colour is black (never was before RS 3 Gold) but why did they change it? I can hardly read chat now, silly.
Bank window when i open bank takes up most of my screen and I have tried to resize it but i cant.
So many many things I need to change but cannot seem to find out how to do it.
Perhaps they should make available online to download a large user manual in language that some of us oldies might understand.
HUD? what the heck is that when its at home? Come on please we are not all young and have been brought up on pc’s since birth for gods sake.

It seems to still be possible to change the colour of friends chat, clan chat, and guest clan chat messages. However, the colour change only applies to messages you receive after changing the setting (unlike before, where it would apply to all messages). However, the private message setting seems to be broken entirely…

Runescape NIS not social

We need a more appropriate ‘classic’ interface option particularly for fixed screen players that are unable to load larger windows on their computers

Also there seems to be no way to change the color of chat text which is very unhelpful

In general it is too cumbersome to navigate through so many tabs and menus without losing the one thing that Jagex seems to like supporting, the sociability of skills, how the HELL do you expect us to talk while skilling/fighting without using voice chat? Seriously, it’s not practical

Runescape Gold

Runescape NIS beta xp award update

When we opened up the NIS Beta, we mentioned that there would be XP awarded to players who helped us out by participating in the beta. Understandably, there have been a few questions as to how exactly this will work.

So, there are a few things we’d like to clarify for you: specifically when the XP is being given out, the criteria for awarding it, and how you’ll receive it.

– Firstly, the original news post said the XP would be awarded with the launch of RS3. With the scale of the RS 3 Gold release, we need a gap between the beta closing and the award being given out to allow us to collate the list of eligible players and reward them all at once. You will now receive your XP rewards one week after the RS3 release. Apologies for the delay, but we want to ensure you all get the XP you deserve.

– The XP will be awarded in the form of a lamp according to time spent in the beta, with the following criteria:
o For 0-15 minutes in the beta you receive a small XP lamp
o For 16-60 minutes in the beta you receive a medium XP lamp
o For 61 minutes+ in the beta you receive a large XP lamp

– On log-in the lamp will be added to your inventory. If that’s full, it will be added to your bank. If that’s full too, it will be added the next time you log in with space in either your inventory or bank.

– All players who have tried out the NIS, both in alpha and beta, will be eligible.

A big thank you to everyone who has taken part and provided their feedback so far. The NIS Beta will be closed when we launch RuneScape 3 gold, at which point the New Interface System will go live in the game!

We’re committed to continued improvements and additions to the New Interface System after the launch of RS3, so when launch day arrives, keep that feedback coming so we can make this a special addition to the RuneScape experience.