Be careful not to get lost in this subterranean labyrinth in Runescape

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Thank Guthix for dwarves! If it wasn’t for their mining skills, so many precious ores and rocks would still be locked away in the ground, away from the reach of humans and other races.

Long ago, dwarven prospectors found a huge reserve of minerals in the rocks between Falador and the Ice Mountain. The dwarves’ persistence and the hard work of generations since have created the Dwarven Mines that can be seen today, which the dwarves are fiercely proud of. An incredible achievement.

Dwarves are legendary throughout RuneScape for their mining prowess, so where better to hone your Mining skills than in the Dwarven Mine itself? The Dwarven Mine was created long ago after dwarven prospectors discovered an abundance of essential resources running through the rock. The dwarves are fiercely proud of the cavernous tunnels, and they are still working hard to harvest the ores that remain trapped within the rocks.

Be careful not to get lost in this subterranean labyrinth; there are plenty of creatures in here that are waiting for the chance to catch an unsuspecting adventurer. The mine is populated by dwarf miners that will put up quite a fight if you decide to attack them. The mine is also home to overgrown scorpions that skitter about amongst the mining rocks.

The Dwarven Mine is situated deep under the ground between Falador and Ice Mountain. There are several entrances to the Dwarven Mine. The mine can be accessed from the north by climbing down the ladder in the southern foothills of Ice Mountain. There are two entrances in Falador: one south of the bank and one east of the Party Room. The final entrance can only be used by those with access to the Mining Guild. Entrance to the guild requires a Mining level of 60.

There are a number of dwarf miners and scorpions to battle against, should you decide to try your luck in battle. But instead of fighting, why not improve your Mining and Crafting skills on the minerals surrounding you? The Dwarven Mines are full of tin, clay, iron, coal, gold, mithril and adamantite. Players can also practice their Smithing skills on ores that they smelt.

There is enormous scope to trade with the dwarves that reside in the Dwarven Mine. They can provide you with essential tools and powerful weapons. Those that spend a lot of time building their Mining skill up to level 60 can access the Mining Guild – a scorpion-free mining area with a massive bounty of coal and mithril to discover!

A series of caverns has recently been discovered towards the northern end of the mine. There is a rope down to it near to the mine cart tracks. Running ice water from the melting peaks of Ice Mountain has opened up these caverns, which have been closed off for so long that a strange species of living rocks has evolved down there.

The caverns offer excellent opportunities for experienced miners (and fishers). Be warned, however, that the living rocks are tough, aggressive and not fond of visitors from above.

You can use the carts in Keldagrim to travel to and from the Dwarven Mine.If you have an Agility level of 42, you can take advantage of the shortcut between the two main chambers of the Dwarven Mine.Players with level 15 or 45 Dungeoneering will be able to find mysterious entrances in the Dwarven Mines.

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