The Legends Guild is the most exclusive of all quest based guilds in RuneScape

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The Legends’ Guild is the most exclusive of all quest-based guilds in RuneScape. It is located to the northeast of East Ardougne, east of Hemenster and the south of Seers’ Village. To enter the grounds of the Legends’ Guild, players must have started the Legends’ Quest.

At the gates of the Legend Guild, there are two Legends guard on duty, only letting players who have started or completed the Legends Quest go through the gates. If a player who is a member of the guild enters the gates the guards proclaim “Legends’ guild member approaching!”.

Radimus Erkle stands at the ground floor. There is also the Gold Totem which was obtained through the completion of the Legends Quest. The Skills necklace and Combat bracelet are recharged at the totem.

The guild has recently lost some of its popularity. The Cape of Legends, which once was the best in the game, has since been overshadowed by Soul Wars Capes, Skill capes, the Fire cape, the Obsidian cape and even the cloaks from the Ardougne Tasks.

On the first floor of the guild is a general store run by Fionella. She pays more for any of the player’s items than regular general stores. The eastern ladder on the first floor leads to a bank where players are able to deposit and withdraw items. The western ladder leads to Siegfried Erkle’s Shop of Useful Items.

The replacement period per mithril seed is approximately 2 minutes 50 seconds. This store used to sell Silverlight, but this sword was removed from the store’s stock. Instead, when lost, it can be reclaimed from Sir Prysin for 500 gold.

Downstairs is a dungeon that contains Giant bats, Pit Scorpions, and Shadow Warriors. The warriors are believed to drop the left half of the dragon shield more commonly than other monsters. Shadow warriors have gained popularity as a training monster since the release of Summoning, due to their frequent drops of crimson charms.

The following NPCs are members of the guild, confirmed either through conversation or being sighted insideDuring the RuneScape 2 beta, Radimus was temporarily replaced by a non-player character named Erasmus. After RuneScape 2 itself was released, Radimus once again became the starting point for the Legends’ Quest.

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