There is also a treasure chest upstairs in Runescape

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The Blue Moon Inn is the tavern and inn in South-central Varrock. The NPCs inside play a role in several quests. Johnny the beard is involved in the Shield of Arrav quest, Dr Harlow features in the Vampyre Slayer quest, and there is also a treasure chest upstairs that plays a part in Pirate’s Treasure.

When players talk to the barkeeper and ask for tips, he will refuse to give them any, saying that it would make the game too easy. If a player asks ‘What game?’ he will explain that RuneScape is nothing but a computer game, at which his or her character will say, ‘You’re mad’ and terminate the conversation.

In RuneScape Classic, before the release of RuneScape 2, it used to be a popular party room, with players holding parties there almost every night. That practice has died out now, and the inn now is of little interest to most players, holding only a few NPCs which can be trained on, as well as a place to buy beer of course.The Blue Moon Inn is featured in the Bar Crawl miniquest.

There is a range (not viewable on minimap) inside that can be used for cooking.The basement of the inn used to be a hot spot for parties in the evenings, but that ended mostly after the Party Room update.Contains personalities for Pirate’s Treasure, Shield of Arrav, and Vampyre Slayer.The Bartender tells players to go talk to the Bartender.The bar is one of the marks on the Barcrawl card.The upstairs rooms were a popular location for illegal drop trading.

Several player-made videos have been produced in which one or more “robbers” rob the Blue Moon Inn.The basement of the inn used to serve as headquarters for various clans, many conflicts between clans rose here.Gypsy Aris claims to be seven times as old as the number of legs on the stools in the inn, making her Two-hundred and twenty four years old (for the time being).

The Blue Moon Inn received a graphical update on 15 December 2009. There is a right click bug on the red rope sectioning off the area behind the bar. This glitch has since been fixed.The name may be named after the beer, Blue Moon.The name may also be named after the song sang by Frank Sinatra , Blue Moon.

The names “Blue Moon Inn” and “Jolly Boar Inn ” may have also been named after the Blue Boar Inn from Robin Hood.A glitch was found in the Blue Moon inn, player’s beer will be able to float above the locals who are drinking because they are technically classified as scenery.When looking up close to the bartender you can see him cleaning the beer glasses with a rag that is stuck to his apron and streches out while he cleans.

When you talk to the bartender and ask him “Where an adventurer could make his fortune”, He says that it would make the computer game too easy, being as it is an RPG and they don’t know they’re in a game.It is apparently the meeting location for Ex-Adventurers Anonymous.The Blue Moon Inn was once a popular spot to congregate on World 1.

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