Spoilers relating to The Blood Pact quest in Runescape

The games are strung together by an event, in accordance with the development of the script, in the case of maintaining outline unchanged by the players free play.And Runescape 2007 Gold related transactions.Below are spoilers relating to The Blood Pact quest. If you don’t want anything to be spoiled then we suggest you move on.

Mourners who visit the graveyard at Lumbridge do so to pay their respects to loved ones and leave gifts for the departed. Little do they know that, underneath the graveyard, twisting catacombs teem with undead and mutilated beings.

Long ago, the necromancer Dragith Nurn took it upon himself to experiment with life and death, defiling the bodies of creatures that he could find. His experiments with death and dark magic created hideously foul monstrosities.

Corrupting the course of life and death eventually took its toll on Dragith Nurn. The realisation that he too would one day be doomed to rise from his grave when he died hit him hard. With the stark reality of his actions hitting home, he buried himself and his experiments alive beneath the graveyard, hoping to seal away his transgressions forever more, to forget what he had done…

Only scattered references to the legend of Dragith Nurn remain. For decades, his catacombs lay dormant, undisturbed and disassociated from the land above, until three Zamorakian cultists arrived at Lumbridge, intent on breaking the magic seal that has kept Dragith Nurn locked away.

Adventurers must first complete The Blood Pact quest before they can gain access to the Lumbridge Catacombs via the graveyard. A set of stairs will appear where the tomb was destroyed upon the quest’s completion. A shortcut to this location will appear inside the surface entrance.

Inside the catacombs are a series of rooms leading to tombs and crypts. The catacombs contain a progressive physical challenge – monsters become more difficult to slay the deeper adventurers go, but the rewards can also be far greater.

Brave adventurers who are confident enough to explore the twisting catacombs and meet challenges head-on will find an incredible bounty, including gold coins and beautiful bejewelled statues, which Xenia will pay adventurers handsomely for. Your adversary lies in the last chamber: the risen corpse of Dragith Nurn. Dragith Nurn is a formidable (undead) opponent, fighting with all three combat styles. Beginners beware!

The Lumbridge Catacombs provide excellent training grounds for beginners practising their melee, Ranged and Magic skills.For members, the monsters within the catacombs also fall into several low-level Slayer categories.

When defeated, the denizens of the catacombs drop many useful low-level items: bronze and iron equipment, metal bars for smithing, runes, crafting components and much more.

Be sure to grab any statuettes you find while delving into the catacombs. Xenia will pay you for their retrieval, so keep an eye out.Finally, you may occasionally find pieces of Dragith Nurn’s burial mask. Retrieve all of these and you will be able to re-construct the mask for yourself.

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