It is a key location in the members quest Wanted in Runescape

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The Falador Park is a large, fenced-in park found in Falador. Several gardeners maintain the plants and ponds located here. It is the entrance to the lair of the Giant Mole (which can only be killed by members), and is a key location in the members quest Wanted!, as well as the free to play quest Pirate’s Treasure which requires the player to dig the ground at Falador Park. There is also a Treasure Trail clue scroll which leads you into Falador Park.

The park once was a popular location for drop parties and as a trade area. Before the release of the Grand Exchange, Falador Park was the main trading area in world 2. Here it was often set what the prices would look like for an item the next few days ahead.

Falador Park has a tree farming patch for oak, willow, maple, yew, and magic trees. Like all patches, it contains a tool leprechaun, along with the hireable gardener, Heskel. Just east of the farming spot, the Garden supplier can be found. She sells bagged plants, which can be planted in a Garden or Formal Garden, in a Player-owned house.

Directly under Falador lies a lair, which contains the fearsome level 110 Giant Mole. A player can enter the mole’s dungeon by digging up one of the mole hills with a spade, but a tinderbox and light source are always needed. The Giant Mole always drops Mole claw and Mole skins. The player can trade the claws and skins with Wyson the Gardener for birds’ nests, which can be sold for quite a lot of cash.

Before completion of While Guthix Sleeps, six broken memorials can be found around the pond. Even free players can see this. However, they are broken to the very base and are unrecognisable. It foreshadows the events of the quest.After completion of While Guthix Sleeps, the pond is surrounded by the statues of the six fallen warriors; Sloane, Ghommal, Hazelmere, Cyrisus, Duradel, and Turael.

Even though Kuradal is now the seller of the Slayer cape, Duradel’s statue is seen wearing one, due to Duradel being the cape seller at the quests release. Around the time of Christmas in 2011, the ponds in Falador park were frozen and could be walked and slid over. Drakes could be found walking on the ice, but the ducks and swans are nowhere to be seen.

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