Required to gain access to Isafdar and the Camp in Runescape

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Tyras Camp is an encampment located in the secluded, south-western part of Isafdar, the elven forest, part of the Tirannwn kingdom. Significant progress in the Regicide quest is required to gain access to Isafdar and the Camp. It is sometimes used as a point of entry to the elven lands, via the Charter ships. The camp is well-known for the shop selling every type of halberd (with the exception of the White halberd, which can only be bought in the White Knights’ Castle) in a store there, including the Dragon halberd. However, the prices here are often higher than they are on the Grand Exchange.

It is also possible to reach Tyras Camp from Lletya, the Underground Pass or the Arandar Palisade, but it would require walking through the dangerous forests of Isafdar. Note that the player cannot charter a ship to Tyras Camp until they have reached this area during Regicide.There is a 75% chance that you will get this as a destination before completing this quest, while the 25% chance you won’t until you complete the quest.

Tyras guard – These are the soldiers of King Tyras’ Forces. Some are attackable, but be prepared, as they can hit up to 150 and use halberds, meaning they have extended attack range.Quartermaster – He runs the General store of the camp. Halberds and general gear can be bought from him.King Tyras – He is the king of West Ardougne, and a part of Isafdar, and stays in his tent in the middle of the camp. It is impossible to enter the said tent and, thus, to see him. The player kills him at the end of Regicide, although it is a possibility he didn’t die.

General Hining – King Tyras’ immediate subordinate, General Hining takes command of the stranded troop of soldiers after Tyras’ death during Regicide, and the tent in the middle of the camp becomes his. He is also the leader of the entire camp after the quest for now. Tyras Camp has as a port called Port Tyras, in which you can charter ships.The Camp has a Furnace, more than likely to prevent side-trips for making quicklime (during Regicide)

Even after Regicide, the tent in which King Tyras stayed remains intact. Possibly because a new tent was erected in the place where King Tyras’s tent was destroyed. It’s also possible that he didn’t die and he escaped before it started to burn, somehow survived via a ring of life, hid in something (possibly the barrel of swords) and escaped within the woods, or sailed off from Port Tyras.

Though it is implied that General Hining and his guards are stranded in Tirannwn, they could easily charter a ship to another land at any time. This was likely an oversight by Jagex, because when the camp and Regicide were first added to the game, there were no charter ships.

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