This mine is popular for players of all levels in Runescape

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The Al Kharid mining site is located north of Al Kharid, north-west of the fire altar. It is also known as the Scorpion Mine, due to the abundance of those, and the Al Kharid Quarry, because it is an open pit mine. While not necessary, a combat level of 29 will keep the scorpions from attacking while mining. They are otherwise very aggressive and can easily kill the unprepared. This mine is popular for players of all levels because of the variety of ores available.

This location is fairly effective for mining most materials, as it has every non-quest ore besides clay and runite. It is also relatively close to the furnace and the bank in Al Kharid, which allows players to smelt metal bars and further proceed with crafting or smithing. One could also mine the ore here then go to Lumbridge, use the furnace, and then use the nearby anvil found in the same building as the furnace.

Some players choose to powermine the iron ore due to its abundance. Other players use the spell Superheat Item to combine coal and mithril, adamant, or iron to create such respective bars, although the low abundance of coal usually deters players from such an approach. The nearest banks are in the Duel Arena and Al Kharid. It is the best F2P place to mine silver ore (other than the Crafting guild) and its iron rocks aren’t usually as busy as that at the Dwarven Mines, probably due to the fact that the mine is farther from a bank.

This is also one of the six possible desert locations for Shooting stars to land.One of the 12 resource dungeons is here and requires level 75 dungeoneering to enter, it has some more available ores, gem rocks, and 5 frequent impling spawns.

Before an update, the Al Kharid Mining Site was home to one of the few places in the game where 3 iron ore were available to a player without having to walk in between mining attempts. This was an especially popular place for Power Mining and competition could be fierce.

Three fire runes and four water runes spawn near the north end of the mine.It is one of the few places in the F2P game where players may find Adamantite Rocks, the others being in the Wilderness, the Mining Guild and on Crandor. It is the only safe place in the F2P game where players may mine the ore without requiring a quest to have been completed.

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