The locations of the fish differs from competition to competition in Runescape

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Isla Anglerine is an island involved in Fish Flingers, a Distraction and Diversion related to the Fishing skill. The isle lies east of Barbarian Outpost and south of the Fossegrimen’s altar south of Rellekka. It can only be visited during a Fish Flingers competition by talking to a Fisherman, who is located at most popular fishing spots, every twenty minutes.

When the Fisherman teleports players to the island, they must stay in the waiting room until the competition starts. A portal leading back to the location where you found the Fisherman is available should players wish to leave the island. Once the competition begins, the whole island will become accessible.

After the competition ends, however, players will be teleported back to the waiting room where they can claim their rewards and see who the top five best performers were.The locations of the fish differs from competition to competition.There is also a reward shop on the island (in the lobby) where players may turn in their Fish Flinger Tokens to get different rewards.

The shop is available by talking to any Fisherman.Players may purchase Tackle boxes, raw fish (though it would appear that one can only receive fish that they can catch at their Fishing level), and a Fishing outfit that increases Fishing experience (much like the Golden mining suit).

On the day of the release, if you were resting or performing an emote while the lobby closed then you would stay in the lobby.The name of the island resembles the words “Isle o’ Anglering”, hinting at its fertile fishing grounds.

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