Ranged allows players to attack enemies from a distance in Runescape

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Ranged is a combat class that allows players to attack enemies from a distance, as does Magic. Thus, the two skills are essential for fighting players who train Melee. Players who train Ranged are referred to as rangers or archers.

According to the RuneScape combat triangle, Range is effective against Magic, and weak against Melee. Ranger armour provides high defence against Magic, but is relatively weak against Melee. Ranged does however have the advantage of having high accuracy at any level.

Ranged combat, like magic, allows players to attack from a far distance. This makes it possible to avoid taking any damage by hiding behind an object that the player can shoot over but their target cannot get around. Places that this can be done are called ‘safe spots’. One common “safe spot” is in the Edgeville dungeon with the Hill Giants. Ranged is a favoured attack choice in PvP combat – it’s fast, accurate, and could kill someone in a matter of seconds. Ranged is also found to cost less than Magic depending on the arrows used.

The experience that a player earns for doing damage to an opponent is calculated before their character raises their bow, fires an arrow, and deals damage. This effect can be seen by hovering the mouse over the Ranged icon in the skills panel while attacking an enemy, or watching the XP counter. This is similar to the other styles of combat, although more noticeable with magic, as the experience is given before any damage is done.

The current minimum requirement to be ranked at approximately rank 598,457 on the hiscores for Ranged is level 15. As of 15 December 2012, there are 91,440 current members that have achieved level 99 in Ranged.

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