I had to find a way to train magic without spending money

Hello, dudes!

I reckoned I wanted to train Magic, but since I haven’t found the way to make big money (or the patience…), I had to find a way to train magic without spending money. And training it rather fast. However, the most important point for me was to also gain hitpoints experience, since staking and suchlike activies prefer higher hitpoints.

You say: “That’s not possible; fast and free magic combat training!”

I say, ‘t is. And ‘t is easy!
Requirements:-13 magic (get those early levels yourself…)
-and eventually when 59 magic:
40 mining, 40 smithing, 40 crafting.
-some fishing and cooking if you want to make food, but with decent
def this isn’t really necessary.
-5 Agility comes in handy.

Moneyrequirements: 31k (yes, that little.)

So, the start of this method is very well-known. You start off with fire striking ‘Man (level-7)’ in the barnhouse just north of Edgeville bank. Exactly the reason why you attack these mobs is because they drop enough herbs to play even, and once a bit higher magic, even to make profit (this is crucial to the method). RuneScape Gold.

You will use all runes, then sell all herbs, then buy more runes. Either fire staff or air stuff doesn’t make much difference in price, but air staff does seem to be cheaper at the moment.
This trains rather quickly, actually, and it’s a nice bonus that fire strike can 1-shot the man.

Around level 43 you stop doing this. A high level, “doesn’t that take long?”, you maybe ask. Well you can stop doing it at lvl 37, since the next step just requires fire bolt (lvl 29 Magic) and falador teleport (lvl 29 Magic).

However, we’re going to train with firebolt on ‘Blue dragon (level-111)’. This requires quite some accuracy. Therefore I advice not to start fire-bolting the dragons at lvl 37 magic.

*note:The dragons are in the Taverley-dungeon, the exclamation mark south of the Taverley on the map. It’s easy to get to the dragons, but takes some typing to explain and I can’t be arsed to that, so please google ‘How to reach blue dragons’ if you don’t know how to reach them.

When doing blue dragons, you will break even for the chaos runes, air/fire runes and teleport materials you buy, with the dragon bones, blue dragonhides and other valuables you loot.
You will kill 11 or 12 dragons on a run, depending on if you use teleportrunes or teletabs.

To maximize effectiveness I advice not to kill another dragon when you only have 1 inventory spot left.

End level 50 this kind of starts to go slow. Lucky for us, at lvl 59 Magic we can do the Family Crest quest. You will need 40 Mining (iron ores, nothing else you can do…), 40 Crafting (I preferred doing Murder Mystery to get level 13, then to just flax the rest; a slaveslabour, but it gives some profit and isn’t even that slow.) and 40 smithing (Knight’s Sword for level 29 and then buying iron ores and rings of forging, then creating iron throwing knives, and sell them with some profit also. About 1k knives should do the trick for 40 smithing, but if it’s more it’s just more profit.).RS 2007 Gold.

How to do Family Crest? I recommend a questguide on one site or another, I personally prefer RuneHQ (Is advertising sites illegal? Well stink that crap.)

Why to do Family Crest? Well, at the end of the quest you get gauntlets which you can get them enchanted as bonusgift. There are three enchantments you can choose, and you want to take the Chaos Gauntlets version; these gloves will increase max damage of all bolt attacks by 3! That’s 25% more max damage for Fire Bolt, what proves to decrease the rune usage by 20%, and since the casting speed stays the same, the time you use will also decrease by 20%. This is double profit! So, at level 59 you will start gaining exp a little bit faster and you will start making a little bit of profit.

That’s basically all there is, you might want to use a ring of wealth on the dragons, since they do have access to the rare drop table.

This is all, and this was my first guide. No pictures, sorry for that but everything rather speaks for itself.