These modifiers remain constant for the durations stated above in Runescape

Each game are equivalent to a story, and it is by countless branch composition. We are playing a game, is equivalent to be personally on the scene. We also became constitute a story of a factor.And Runescape Gold related transactions.We anticipate that next Tuesday will go down in RuneScape history as ‘bot-nuking day’.

To celebrate this landmark event, we’ll be running a series of one-off bonus days from Tuesday’s system update through to Friday. Over the course of these events, members will have the chance to gain triple XP in Slayer and additional points and rewards in some of our most popular D&Ds and minigames in a bot-free RuneScape:Slayer skill day: All Slayer XP earned from killing assigned targets will be tripled. Some monsters will have a faster respawn time.

Castle Wars day: Tickets earned from winning a game will be triple the usual amount.Distraction and Diversion day: Bonus rewards will be given for the following distractions:Penguin Hide & Seek: Double points.Evil Tree: Triple XP.Shooting Star: Triple XP while mining it and increased final rewards.Familiarization: Players will receive the lucky charm AND ingredient box instead of having to choose.

Penguin Hide & Seek and Familiarization will be reset on the day, so you can do them again if you have already done them that week. All other D&D limitations remain the same.Players will receive triple the usual amount of zeal points.These days will run from midnight to midnight,with the exception of Tuesday which will run from game update time until midnight.

Unlike previous Bonus XP events, these modifiers will not deteriorate and will remain constant for the durations stated above.As promised we’ll be as transparent as possible in keeping everyone updated on the status of our fight against bots and gold farmers and, equally, as before we also ask of you to continue to do your part in helping and supporting too.

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