One of the most exciting and busy areas of the RuneScape

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We start the month with an almighty high-level bang, as we introduce a complete rework to one of the most exciting and busy areas of the game: the God Wars Dungeon.

To start with, we will completely overhaul all of the visual elements of the dungeon. The environment itself is being reshaped and redesigned to truly represent the freezing, hostile place the God Wars Dungeon was intended to be. Almost every NPC has received a complete makeover, with the boss monsters getting special attention.

We’re also reworking all of the music and sound effects within the dungeon, making the update a true feast for the senses!In the game,in order to highlight figures,you need to spend a lot of time and money.You will need to Get enough Runescape Gold.

It’s not just a pretty place to look at. We’ve added new drops for the boss fights, giving you new reasons to fight against the magnificent K’ril and Zilyana, who will be dropping new offensive magic robes, amulets and a new crossbow! All of the bosses including Nex will also now drop brand-new armour parts for existing sets such as Bandos, which can currently be seen on the beta servers.

For those of you interested in the lore of the dungeon, each of the bosses will also have a chance of dropping journals, expanding the background stories of the characters and mysterious entities that populate the area.

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