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The Raptor looms over all who would dare approach him. His reputation precedes him – he always appears to be in the midst of a fight, battling only the strongest opponents and the toughest challenges. No-one knows his origins. He’s constantly clad in extraordinarily heavy armor, lugging weapons that no ordinary man could ever hope to lift.

Despite his imposing demeanour, The Raptor is a powerful being who commands respect, and will only engage in conversation with those he deems worthy. Getting his attention means taking up arms and slaughtering something large and powerful…

The Raptor is shrouded in mystery. A silent, lumbering brute who’s incredibly skilled in most forms of combat, it’s better making friends with him than getting on his wrong side. During the Do No Evil quest, adventurers will come across Eruni and her two sisters, Leeuni and Ayuni. All three are bosses, ape-like in stature, with each having their own abilities and personalities.

Eruni herself was created by Amascut, by virtue of stealing Apmeken’s hearing. Eruni’s power lies not only in strength and attack, but in her ability to use the magic of the Ruins of Uzer to summon demons. As soon as the demons enter the battle, Eruni becomes completely impervious to damage, meaning players have no option but to defeat the demon horde before they can continue their battle.

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The lower her health, the more lesser demons she summons. She is also a mistress of ranged magic, and uses her incredible speed to attack adventurers twice in one go. Slaying the lesser demons, though, causes her blue shield mask to fade, making her open to attack.

Few people have survived as many adventures as Xenia. She’s a true veteran, a pioneer from generation’s past who has known some of history’s greatest heroes: Radimus Erkle, Shanomi, Harrallak, and the Wise Old Man, to name but a few. Only now is she growing weary of adventure and battle. She’s desperate to help uncover the latest generation of heroes to take up the mantle of protecting the world from unseen evils.

Not much is known about Xenia, but even a passing observer would acknowledge that she must have incredible power and instincts to have survived so many battles and wars. Xenia helped found the Champions’, Heroes’ and Legends’ Guilds with the aim of cultivating Gielinor’s natural talents, and will quest alongside heroes of all shapes and sizes in order to find those worthy of protecting the world from harm.

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