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Saranthium was a city that sat upon the ruins of Senntisten, a Zarosian city and temple complex that extended as far south as the Exam Centre. It was built by Saradominists for the sole purpose of covering up the remains of Senntisten. Players can aid the Varrock Museum by digging on the Dig Site, uncovering items related to Saranthium and gain experience lamps, the ability of using the Digsite Pendant, inumerous items and Kudos.

Saranthium was an explendid city of the Third Age, marked by a very strong influence of Saradomin, having his symbols scattered almost everywhere, pots, jugs, urns, jewellery and even on the coins. It’s beginnings were vibrant and sucessful, but that only prejudiced the city, it attracted too much attention, and that made Zamorak focus his armies on the city, which was destroyed easily, not long after it was built.

Before the God Wars, a Zarosian town stood where Saranthium was later built, it was the capital of the Zaros empire called Senntisten. According to Azzanadra, it was a colossal and wonderful city, being the largest ever known, extending from Kharyll in the northeast of Morytania to Lassar, in the west, and from Padewwa to the Kharidian desert, in the south. Being the most important and largest city of Gielinor and for that reason, the other Gods envied it very much. It means if you buy from us, we will get you cheap fast Runescape Gold.

It was constantly under attack during the God Wars, by the forces of Zamorak and Saradomin, in attempt to assume control over it, in which it was briefly controlled by Zamorak in the year 3740 of the Third Age, but was destroyed shortly after due to the immense resistance of the loyal Zarosians, that fiercely refused to be commanded. After that, the Saradominists erected a city above the ruins of Senntisten, creating “Saranthium”, a copy of what Senntisten was, but in Saradomin’s image.

It was a very religious city, similar to Falador, it was erected during the God Wars and was unfinished when it was destroyed, it still had some Zarosian markings under the soil and visible remnants of the Temple of Senntisten, but since it was under the ground, Saradomin decided to only cover it with earth and rubble, but in the actual days, the area where it stood is being excavated and many of the Zarosian markings are being discovered, along with more information about Saranthium.

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