Players cannot trade in Soul Wars using the traditional method

Each base’s supply area contains bandages, barricades, and explosive potions, all of which are useful for ensuring the battle favours a particular team.

Players cannot trade in Soul Wars using the traditional method, but they may use bandages on their teammates to heal lost Lifepoints or give bones, barricades, soul fragments, and explosives to their allies by using each respective item on them. They may also use the bandages on themselves by left-clicking them healing 10% of their life total and 50% run energy. Players may carry as many bandages as they have inventory space. Players cannot take bandages when they are under attack; the message “You’re too busy to be taking bandages now” appears when attempting to do so.

Along with the bandages, players will discover that each supply area contains a table of barricades. Players can only carry one barricade at a time, and the team may only have ten barricades set up at once. They may set up a barricade in many places to hinder the opponents by simply left-clicking it in the inventory.runescape gold If a barricade is blocking a path, players on both teams cannot walk past it, but they can click manually to walk around it. They may also attack the barricade(s), or use explosives, to remove the obstacle(s). Saboteurs (see below) often set up barricades in their own team’s supply area or away from the battlefield in order to handicap their team. Barricades do not give experience to attackers.

Explosive potions can be used on the barricades to destroy them in a single blast. Players can carry as many explosive potions as they have inventory space.

It should be noted that each of the tables, excluding the barricade table, has a “take-x” option, allowing players to quickly take a certain amount of items.

Players may also use the other team’s supply area as well, which helps if there is a need to restock before fighting the avatar. This feature may be changed by Jagex in the future, similar to what was done with the bandage table in Castle Wars.