The Age of Creation is the first era of the history of RuneScape

The First Age, also known as The Age of Creation, is the first era of the history of RuneScape.

Virtually nothing is known of the First Age, as it ended roughly 8,000 years ago. The only things that can be safely assumed is that this is the period when Guthix discovered a “blank plane” called Gielinor and shaped it how he pleased. A possible end of this age is when Guthix descended deep underground and began his long sleep until the end of the God Wars.

Year 1 – Guthix discovers the blank plane which he names Gielinor.
Guthix starts to shape Gielinor and create some wild life-forms.
TzHaar already existed during First Age; it is possible that they are the only true native creatures of Gielinor.
Seren arrives on Gielinor. She is currently the only known deity besides Guthix to be actively involved with Gielinor during the First Age.
Seren clears some of the area of northern forest of Isafdar and constructs the Tower of Voices in the middle of it, laying the foundation of Prifddinas.
World Gate is opened.
Elves arrived on Gielinor.
Construction of Prifddinas is completed.
According to Laura, “short folks of varying kinds” existed in Gielinor during that time.
The first humans stepped through the Portal of Life from their unknown plane, which Jack describes as one with “a great many people” and “far less strange…people and scientific laws.” Guthix appears before the first humans of Gielinor and tells them to use, not abuse, their new world. They are seen in Meeting History and observed by the elf Haluned.
Guthix uses the power of the Stone of Jas to create the Magic of Gielinor itself, imbuing it within Runestones which he scatters all over the land, allowing sentient races to practice the mystic arts.
Year 4000 (approx.) – Guthix descends deep underground, beginning his slumber lasting about 6000 years. This marks the end of the First Age.